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Forum dream interpretation accuracy and Confirmation testimony..
The accuracy of Pastor Ebankole dream interpretation.

Posted by francoben - Today, 12:05 AM
Good Morning Pastor,

Last night I attended a programme.A prophet from Abuja located me and my family,and this were his words.....
-A short time from now he is seeing me travelling to China.. (This is the second time I have received this exact prophecy,last year and this year again)...he asked for my passport and prayed on it...This also happens to collaborate with my dreams you have interpreted concerning foreign benefits and next level..
--He also said he is seeing a baby girl in my wife womb...and my wife has been dreaming of a baby girl lately..But something strike me here..When the prophecy of my first child (Son) came I was told my baby girl coming will come with wealth..
--He also talked about seeing me presently so empty and dry,but just that am naturally a happy man,and smiles at every situation...but I should not worry that I will definitely enjoy my marriage in time to come...This also points to the dream that I saw myself having another wedding with my wife,and pointing across the road to a beautiful,greenish and well cutted land to my wife in that dream..I remembered you interpreted my dream saying that God will make my marriage heaven on earth..
Thank you Sir,you are really a CONFIRMED man of God and a blessing to me and my generation.

Also a message to everybody reading this message,hold Pastor Ebankole very tight..there is God in this forum.

Bless You Sir.

This belongs to the testimony thread.
Anyway, there is nothing more to add to all that you put up there. Just put your house in order and await the day of these covenants of blessing,next level and/or prosperity.

Above all,indeed, these prophecies were made here,your dreams and has once again been confirmed by another man of God!

And yes! It's true, I see a new born baby on the way.

Of a truth,there is God in this Forum,and thank God for all the selfless services of our dear prophet in the house.
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Thank you Jesus for confirming Your word to our brother. There's God in this forum I have no doubt about it and thank You Lord for Prophet Ebankole, Your humble and meek servant.
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