John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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The lord said he will abort every agenda of strange or visitor with evil intentions against you and whose aim is to turn your destiny upside down shall frustrated immediately.

Bless u
1. I dreamt i ate jollof rice with plantain in my house
2. I was in school so i was talking to a girl in final year.. We have never talked in real life. After talking for sometime, we went our seperate ways.
3. I was in my room in school with my boyfriend. We were just standing and talking then a man came inside and asked if my boyfriend has paid his fees, he said yes. The man asked me, i said yes too. But he said i should show him the reciept and the exam question paper i wrote the previous day to confirm. I gave him. I was pissed off so i started shouting that its not fair, dat why didn't he check my bf's reciept. My bf was laughing and saying its not like that. I told d man to check his reciept. The man was quiet and left. I went outside but i didnt see him. Then i saw a text on the air saying " i learn everyday'' or somethin like that. I felt it was from the man who left
1. Wage war (pray)against night caterers, witchcraft attack.

2. You two can only be a temporal friends or have a random communication. You have two different worlds apart.

3. You have issue with anger/emotion but you must be tried before you can overcome this weakness. Meaning, you must cultivate the habit of humility and strive to learn from every unpleasant experience else you will never grow or mature-the lord warned ".

Bless u
I dreamt i was in my hostel so me and some other people were complaining that we didn't have light in our side. I looked forward, i saw light in the first rooms. I thought maybe the electric connection was faulty. This has happened real life in my hostel.
Quote:I dreamt i was in my hostel so me and some other people were complaining that we didn't have light in our side. I looked forward, i saw light in the first rooms. I thought maybe the electric connection was faulty. This has happened real life in my hostel.

Well, the revelation, prophesy in your dream was fulfilled,came to pass.

Bless u
Thank u sir
1. I dreamt dat my boyfriend & i were in a class.. So i saw a rat and a piglet that passed under the chair. I told him den we left. We entered a place but the ground was weak and could break. People were sitting down eating. So he tried dancing with me.. I told him d floor is weak so we went downstairs.
2. Me and some other peopl were in a room. Theres this white woman dat was showing me n my frnd foreign fruits/food. So i asked her the name of one she was holding..she told me. Forgotten d name tho.
3. I was in my secondary scul but i saw my current coursemate and lecturer. My lecturer gave me raw rice and some jewelries in a box for his mom's burial. Before dis, i went late for d class..its my coursemate dat was teaching.
1. The powers against godly(non-fornicating) relationship lurks around waiting for both of you to fall, through the power of lust. Therefore watch it as the lord assured you won't fall as long as you both flee from any form of lust or sin.

2. This friendship/relationship is blessed and would go places as long as you both keep off " Lust".

3. Pray again ; ' Any power contending,and assigned against my academy success, I have no part with you, loose your hold over me and my academy and die by fire. Ps 119,19,51 and 4.

Bless u
1. My boyfriend and i were in a room so i told him i want to clean the place. I was sweeping and cleaning a showglass while he sat down
2. I was in a big bus with other people. I told the driver to drop me but he said dat he wants to drop someone first. I said no problem. Wen he dropped d person, he told me to just enter a bike. I showed him my 2luggages and ghana-must-go bag den dat scene faded off
3. I watched an Indian horror movie, i got scared and texted my boyfriend dat i want to sleep with my parents.. He laughed at me.. Told him i have to. I changed my mind and wanted to sleep with a guy in the house, i don't know him. I told him i want to sleep in his room..den he asked if i meant ''sex'' . Told him no. I still changed my mind. I went to my room. D scene faded off too
4. My roomie n i were in the room. So she was like ''why would i close d window after eating''.. I looked at d window. I was confused bcos i didnt remember closing any window..while i was goin to open it, she said ''ah neighbour'' . Den i woke up
1. The lord is please with your holiness even as you practice it before you male friend.
Keep it up and never be ashamed to be seen associating with jesus even before you male friend,the world.

2. Not aggressively but stand and fight for your right.

3. This is a strong warning ;
Daughter, don't watch, do or engage in any thing or activities that causes fear,anxieties,worries or leaves you vulnerable. Be warned lest it cause you your pride, dignity and glory as a woman,and render you vulnerable to spiritual, physical or domestic attack.

4. You possess spiritual but subconscious consciousness but you are yet to unravel it. May the lord help you to discover such rare gift.
In essence, the lord warned ' your roommate is spiritually blind but you are not. In that case, cultivate the habit of spiritual/physical and security conscious-ness.

Bless u