John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Gud morning
1. I wanted to enter the backseat of a bus , the people sitting there said im the lastborn so they got down for me to enter and they entered too.

2. I saw my dad then he said i shuld ask him anything, i asked him about our family history. I was surprised wen He told me, then all of a sudden, he changed to a lizard and ran away. I was walking back to the house then i saw a zombie, he didnt do anything to me
1. ◄ Matthew 20:16 ►
"So the last will be first, and the first will be last."

I see the heaven of favor, annointing and mercy overwhelm you so that you( being the last) shall surpass those who were/are ahead of you, NOW.

2. Indeed, this is one among many of the mystery and strong man of your father's house therefore, pray,pray and pray without season lest these inherited,foundational powers prevail over your life and destiny.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning
1. My boyfriend and i went somewhere then he told me he lost his left arm that he went to another town to fix it. While we were leaving, he thought his phones and laptop were stolen but he found it was with him.

2. A girl i used to be close friends with came to my house. I wanted to use the bathroom but it was stained.

3. I posted a picture on instagram,many people started liking it and commenting. Among the commenters was my ex boyfriend's sister that i havent talked to in a long time.

4. I went outside school to buy lollipop. I entered a shop and bought it. My lecturer told me to come to his house to take something, i didnt go so he wont take advantage of me. I was in class now,some gunmen entered and started shooting. Some people died. I think i was with a gun and shot at them then called the police. After that, my lecturers hailed me for being brave.
1. Pray for him as I see physical injury,attack on his person --lest it come to pass.

2. Holiness within and without, behind closed doors so that your accuser or such that you have misunderstanding with when visit may find you holy and pure and plead with you or strive to be in good terms with you again. Therefore, lead holy behind closed door and pure before you judge others of what lies beneath their lives behind closed doors.

3. I see the glory of God in you, your beauty and the power of favor overwhelm your person both off and on line.

4. The lord warned : if you want to be honor/seen as holy, brave and strong portray yourself in that manner and honor and glory will speak for you,follow you. But portray yourself otherwise or as one who cherish worldliness,life like this generation and prepare to be portray as loosed and be overwhelm but men who are only after your body.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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1. I went to my friend's house. Her parents were eating and they looked younger then i saw two small tv sets in the sitting room.

2. I was with my friend while he was using his laptop. We left the room to meet two white girls, one's hair was orange while the other was pink. They introduced themselves to us. Their last names were the color of their hair.

3. I saw a married woman i knew, she catwalked into the swimming pool and three men were all over her. She was trying to remove their hands from her but it seemed like she was enjoying it
1. Even though watching more of TV in this latter days poses more danger and destruction to those generation of latter but it makes one young at heart if it's about godly programs.
in essence, I see a youthful family.

2. Be wise and wary of this friend as the lord warned that s/he may be into Internet fraud or dating sites that's not healthy for your holy life.

3. I see temptation, spirit of lust hovering you. Watch it.
In essence, the lord said, lust and fornication is addictive,an habit, a destructive one.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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1. I was on a ladder with a guy. We were trying to fix a wire or so
2. I dreamt that i was in school and they told everyone to vacate the premises. I packed my things and went to enter a bike but two boys blocked me from going. I eventually left when they werent looking. I was in my customer's shop now, a big truck was about to hit us then i started praying. This happened twice. My customer's hair was looking very fine but wen i looked at the mirror, mine looked plain.
3. My coursemate that i dont talk to anymore asked me to read with him, i told him i prefer reading in my room
1. Two is always better than one. Surely, I see you and one other person achieve an aim either for pub use or personal.

2. I see a strange force sent to frustrate your academy life,inflict/attack you,your personality and oppress you glory but the lord assures? With the name of Jesus you'll come out victorious and with a stronger you,glory.

3...even if you chose not to have anything to do with him anymore? Be wary of ungodly, unnecessary hatred, enmity towards him and unforgiving spirit.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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I dreamt that i travelled to school then i remembered i forgot my phone at home, i was praying for my parents not to see it because of the message my boyfriend sent about sex. The phone suddenly appeared in my bag. I saw male twins on a road, i looked another way and saw a matress in a taxi a pregnant woman entered. I entered a room and saw skeleton. Then i saw a line of stretchmark on my thigh.
Repent and turn a new leaf now before it's too late. The lord warned it's time to dispose these skeleton in your cupboard, repent of them and lead holy both within and without close doors.

Repent so that the guilt of sin or hiding sin will cease hunting you.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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