John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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1. I dreamt that me n my 2frends used bike to go to a big house
2. I saw myself in my secondary school , a church was in the last floor.. So i climbed upstairs and saw ppl listening to d pastor while he preached .. The name of the church was 60. I went to the window side to know wat the man was preaching.It seemed like the church didnt believe in the bible..dey used another thing to preach, the pastor was one of my lecturers in school. I saw my friend opposite the church.. I greeted him and we laughed. Then i went downstairs.
3. Me and many people were in a class... We were waiting for a girl to come and celebrate her birthday with us, she never came and we waited for a long time. So i left and went to the church (No 2)
4. I was charging my lamp then a guy in my scul broke it into two..but the lamp was still charging... I was tellin him to go n fix it , he was laughing and said dat he was just joking.. Dunno if he fixed it or not..cant remember. I was also reading my dreams and deir interpretation on this site.
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1. I can see that you are young and full life now,and it's not a bad thing after all but be wise about it and lead a life devoid of unrighteousness.

2. Biblical number :

SIXTY - Pride.

Be warned and do away with pride while you are in the presence of God lest you provoke the lord.

3. In all you do, or want to do? Choose God first.

4. I see an attempt to provoke you. But don't give in, apply wisdom and you will overcome the trial.

Bless u
I just dreamt that i went to buy food and other things in a house , the woman sold them for me.. I was putting them in a nylon so i could dial the bikeman and go to school. But it started raining.. Then i decided to wait. The rain stopped so i was planning to go.. I didnt see the woman again..i only saw her husband and her preteen daughter. Suddenly, a man just came through the window and was saying sumtin, i noticed he was wearing a shirt that says "RIP" .. He left. Then the man told me to follow him n d child so we can mourn a girl that died. I said okay but my mind kept telling me that it might be a trap that i should not go.. I still went.. On our way, i saw 2 men treating their injuries.. I saw blood in the cotton wool they were holding. I thought maybe the injury was deep thats why the blood was much... We got to where the man was sitting..he was holding a cutlass. I was shocked, that man's child held me so i wont go anywhere.. The man holding the cutlass said 'i didn't know she was this beautiful oo' .. I woke up with full force though it was hard to.
This is serious!
Caught and tricked into the den of ritualist

But it's preventable, the lord warned ' if you don't want to end up in the den of ritualist,evil men always heed to your inner man's, holy spirit warning before you do or embark on anything, be it journey,travel, and before you board or help,follow anyone to anywhere.

Above all,you must embark on 2days fasting and prayer against blood sockers,and henceforth always read Ps 91 before you embark on journey, go out,every day. But be warned, don't travel for now until after you done with your fasting and prayer.

Ps 119,91 and 24.

Bless u
1. I dreamt i was locking d gate so one guy came and started talking then he entered d compound.. He was holding my bag den he took my phone frm it.. He wanted to go..i kept blocking him so he would give me back and holding his shirt ..den i saw that same knife i saw 2nights ago appear in his hands.. I told him dat its better he kills me now than collect the phone.. He was looking confused then i collected the phone and knife from him den he left.. So my dad came out from the car he was warming.
2. I had kids for my coursemate but i didnt see the kids.. Then my boyfriend felt sad that mayb i love my coursemate.. I told him no that its only the kids dat we have together..nothing more. Then he said no problem.. He wasnt sad anymore.
3. I went to my boyfriend's was a mansion. So i was trying to cook for him then he said another girl is there that the girl doesnt have somewhere to stay ..i said okay though i didnt see her. Then he told me other celebrities are in the house too
1. Your phone is the symbol of your heaven.
I see spiritual robber, attempt to invade and rob your heaven ( ; spiritual ability/grace to dream,hear from God, see vision, communicate with the lord, pray and cry out to God..) rebuked and aborted by the power of( your) faith.

2. I see a man who want to be with you unconditionally.

3. The lord has answered your prayer ; he will surely be the head and lead a glorious life,destiny like that of celebrity.

Bless u
1. I was playing a game so an elephant came to take it then i looked back and saw No 2
2. I was in a gathering of girls..they were preaching the gospel and praying.
3. I was getting ready to go out..i looked out the window..d sky was looking weird. Then i went out of d room. Everywhere was bright. I was walking down the road.
1. Wage war against powers that want to attack your peace.

2. Yes! You should be found among those ones and not among such that engages in unprofitable,worldly activities.

2. A very important message from God, to you,below :

◄ Ecclesiastes 11:4 ►
Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap.

Bless u
1. I dreamt my brother bought things in a very big bag then he called me and my friend to share it
2. I was supposed to cook indomie and minced beef for me and two men.. So i cooked the was very small so i threw it away then two men came inside, i told them i threw the beef away then i suddenly saw myself in a moving car with one of the men..he started saying he will commit suicide then i was begging him to stop that i'll cook for him because he was driving recklessly and we almost hit cars on the way
3. My brother was asking me if i have learnt graphic designing , app development and web designing.. I said no. In reality, i don't plan on learning them but something else.
1. Don't partake nor share in something you know little or nothing about how it was gotten.

2. Be wary of(living) wastage the lord frown at it.
Be economical and considerate.
In essence, the lord said, I shall cause your marital glory one worth dying for.

3. This might be actually your calling. Why not seek the lord? But mind you,its not by force, your choice.

Bless u