John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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my dream
Good morning Man of God... I had a couple of dreams this morning..

1. I saw myself and other people on a ship on the sea. It was as though we were dressed in navy uniforms, and I heard them say ''let's fight the darkness ''. We began to fight this darkness. This darkness was in the sky above so high and it was like thick smoke floating up in the sky. We all began to shoot sporadically at this darkness.

2.I heard of a family friend in the barracks whose son won a visa lottery which will take all of his nuclear family abroad. So I went to visit them. It was as if it was real cuz I began to miss them. On my way home I was escorted by two female friends and suddenly we began to race the ends of the barracks. I overtook all of them . I heard a voice say the first female is at block 26 , the second at the 28th block and I was at the 120th block. Then I saw an elderly soldier who stopped me and commanded me to come. I was scared. I saw his tribal marks that indicated he was Yoruba. so I prostrated and greeted him in Yoruba (dunno how to speak it in reality) . He smiled and we moved together..
1. Indeed, you are among the lord's soldiers, prayer warrior as I see you among the lord's soldier,angels waging war against the queen of the coast, marine kingdom. Truly, you are a child of God, a warfare soldier.

2. ◄ Proverbs 16:7 ►
When the LORD takes pleasure in anyone's way, he causes their enemies to make peace with them.

The lord said humility brings blessing,lift a man from the dust and establish them among the blessed ones but your humility and good deeds will not only bring about these but save you from destruction and cause you to find favor even among your enemies.

Bless u
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Thank you man of God....
Good day MOG.

1. I was in a gathering of people who sat like students in a sunday school meeting and we were asked to choose names we like as numerous names were written on a white board and why we like them. People were mentioning names they liked. It had not come to my turn when i abruptly stood up and mentioned 'Samuel' and every eye stared at me and i said i like the name samuel because samuel was a prophet of God whose words never fell to the ground. They laughed at me and so i left.

2. I walked outside and i saw snakes crawling every where , as i walked further i saw more and i also saw my friends who seem oblivious about the presence of the snakes. Then i stood untop of a car. immediately i did that, all the snakes died and their dead bodies were littered every where.
1. I see the Samuel of old,power and anointing upon you such that...

2...commands power and authority and can destroy the work of darkness and agents of marine,...and your(baptist)name shall be call prophet' Samuel '.


Bless u
Prophet Ebankole

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Your account has been suspended.

Bless you.
Till when? I posted before I saw the notice. If I had seen it earlier I wouldn't have posted.

pls show mercy..
It expires after tomorrow.

Bless you.

Merry Christmas to you
Prophet Ebankole

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And a happy new year in advance MOG..