John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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my dream
This is quite short. Pls help me here man of God.

I and my prayer leader were in a mini van and we both sat in the front seat . we drove to a height like a bridge, then the bridge caved in half way. We fell off and before we would enter into the ocean , we were then lifted high all of a sudden and then dropped on the other side of the bridge. The mini van was also retrieved from the ocean but the front glass was a bit shattered. Then we continued our journey. When I woke up from sleep after the dream I heard a still voice speak immediately nd I reechoed it "recapture your glory".
Yes! This is a strong call ; Make amend where need be in your spiritual journey, salvation and walk with God. For the kingdom of darkness rages,against you and your fellow brethen for the good work and destruction of your prayers in the kingdom of darkness. This is a must so that you may restrategize,continue to stand strong in the face of trials, rage and attacks from the kingdom of darkness against your comings, goings and soul.

Retreat no now and recover before you continue the journey, -the lord called.
For to whom much is given,much is expected!

Bless u
Thank you man of God. This is insightful...
Good morning man of God. I had a dream which really felt real as if it was physical.

I saw myself in a vicinity which I've never been to and there was this young beautiful Lady, very fair in complexion. She became so fond of me overtime . She seemed so supportive and would love to listen to my every suggestions n ideas.
She gave me gifts and lots of stuffs , and I told her about how I would love to save some personal money and she seemed supportive and suggested we save together , she gave me some cash to start with n I was with nothing.
I never asked her name. She gave me some diaries as gifts and one of the diaries she remitted was already used by her. Perhaps she was oblivious . But what I saw in it was something like a word note and every page had their own topic n scripture quotations it was as if she saw the future and she began to write down the topics that would be preached in weeks, or months time, page by page. Within my heart I said she was a good 'christian'..
I was amazed and turned to the front of the diary and I saw her full name boldly written. It was Written ' ORE'(as I prayed this morning I was able to remember this name) , that's her real name and I couldn't see the other names clearly. I actually saw the names but can't remember all now. I was taken from that dream and I felt empty in my spirit. I kept searching for her that I even said in my sleep "if I wake up, I will go look for her and be with her".

I felt angry when I realised it was just a dream. I felt cheated. Couldn't believe it wasn't real at all. Help me here man of GOD.
Indeed, I understand that feeling and how you must have felt after waking up to reality.

But cheer up, the future is here.

The word/name ORE in yoruba language means : GIFT FROM GOD

Yes! You will find her at the appointed time as the lord cometh to bless you with such godly,God fearing, supportive woman. She will give you are all and be a source of joy, happiness, blessing, honor... to your life.

Bless u
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Good day Man of God. Here is my dream...

1. I saw myself by a nearby river and when I looked towards the river side, I saw a man in the water baptising people . He deeps them under water and raises them up after few seconds. Then I jumped into the water and I began to struggle to gain balance . But I was eventually baptised.

2. I immediately saw myself with a friend I last saw 9years ago and I saw something in her. I was seeing her looking like she had aged and hideous or something as if she was possessed . But she was still looking young . I began to wonder "when did Eno(her name) become 53 when she's just 20" . Her looks were changing back and forth before my very eyes.

3. I told my friends and people around us if they are seeing what I'm seeing. They said no. I said 'Eno' is an old woman . But they don't seem to understand. I told them she is flashing both old and young looks. They thought I was mad because they were only seeing her youthful look of 20.

I was shown other dreams before I woke which I can't totally recur or understand because its hard to construct..

You've just received anointing to see vision,dream prophetically and things beyond human comprehension(according to the book of Joel 2:28) as you've just been baptized with holy spirit,but if you haven't done your physical baptism it's time to do so that the anointing of this gift may overflow and up to it full potentials.

Praise God!

I rejoice with you.

Bless u
Good evening man of God.I've been having encounters with a particular man of God, a prophet in my revelations.
1.I saw the man of God in a room and I stood there and watched him as he ministers. There was fire everywhere inside the room. The fire were small and suspended like pillars all over the room.

2.I saw myself always going places where we was and I was behind him most times. When he walk past me, I prostrate before him. Even others in this revelation laughed as I do that.

3.I saw the man of God preaching in a crusade and I walked from afar to reach the podium in order to meet him. Instantly I saw a different person as I approached him and the place transformed into a white background where I met someone sitting with me with 2 other men standing above us. This man said things about my life which I cnt recur. It was as if he knew me before. Then I smiled and said 'sir, you're a true prophet of God'. Then he turned and looked at the other men and he said to me "You will live a life more pleasant than your parents ever lived"...

4. I saw this man of God in my vision . He was ministering to the crowd. While he was prophesying, I saw him point to one of my roommate's friend, an acquaintance to me. He said some things about him and also prophesied his future. It became specific when the man of God called out his name "Maxwell" and he said yes sir. When I woke up, I saw Maxwell sleeping next to me(he sometime sleeps in my room). I told him what I saw and the prophecies I heard.

5. I saw this man of God sitting down and I knelt before him and he held me tight, and embraced me as he put his fingers in my ears and my face was down on his legs as he held them tight, and it was as if he was praying. It was intense cause he began to shake my body seriously. Then he stood up and took me by one hand and he held his microphone on the other, he was looking at me as we walked through in the church. He was calling names of people and I repeated them quietly. It was if he was showing me how to do them.. I dnt really understand..
1. The lord said, you need spiritual father, and he has or will send one to you.

2. Do not worship man but God.
In essence, the lord once again said, I shall assigned a prophet to your life.

3. This lord will be ministering to you and visiting you often and revealing his covenants with you,your future either through your dreams or a prophet whom he'd assigned to lead you.

4. This confirmed you number three dream ; you will be seeing prophetic dreams or the lord will be revealing things beyond human understanding,in the realm of the spirit either through a prophet or prophetic dreams to you, as I see seeing visions even about your environment,yourself and people around you.

5. This is the mother of all the dream above :

Yes, the lord will be visiting you, from time to time,daily, weekly or monthly in an unusual way.
Truly, you are a special one and have found favor with and before God.


What an amazing privilege.


Bless u
Thanks man of God. Amen and all Glory be to GOD.