John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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prayer request
Please remember South Africa in your prayers, that the Lord may have mercy on this country of ours. This past couple of weeks has been the worst yet in many aspects. Just today a wild fire burned a whole town to the ground. In the same province yesterday there was a massive storm that had not been seen in 3 decades. On top of that the same province was facing severe draught for over a year. The whole political atmosphere is not good, we don't know what is next. Women and children are getting killed like animals, some are found burned beyond recognition. It's really difficult to even look at the news because all they report are these unspeakable horrors done by human beings to others.
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Nonop, you'd recalled vividly, this storm/rage was foretold in two to three or more of your dreams? One was even related to your mother location among other.

Can you recall? But remember the lord assured you(in two or one) dreams that you and your household would be spare. Mind you,there is a little that prayer can do as the prophesy must be fulfilled and as concerning the latter days.

But be rest assured the lord will spare his children and keep them under his shadow. In that regard, I want you all, my members to please let's join Nonop to pray for her country so that there would be peace on her side and the children of God in that country.

Let's pray!

Bless u
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I remember very well sir.
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Father have mercy and protect Your people in South Africa in Jesus name Amen
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I need pray for breakthrough and success
I need pray for breakthrough and success

Let's join our new member in prayer. But you also have work to do, here :

Prayer for uncommon breakthrough ;

Bless u
Father favour your dear child O Lord I pray. Let lack and want be far from this day forth and for evermore. Ammmeeeennnnn