John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Sir, I dreamt today, I followed some friends to a new house which he just built,then while in the car, I saw that everything I was seeing through the window Of the car is upside down,like the trees,while the car is running at a normal speed... when we got there, the guy who owns the new house said it is one rich man that built it for him, as we are about entering into the house,a woman came from no where telling the boy to let her in, the boy said she is one of those who doesn't want him to make it, so there is no way he us letting her in...then we climbed stairs going up,the last stair we are suppose to step our foot on before entering the room is not there... so we need to make our leg a step forward b4 entering inside the room... so when we entered, jollof Rice has been prepared so my friends ate... there are onions on the floor,so one of my friends picked it and slice it in his Rice I ate mine like that....
Purge it,the rice ' out by fire!

In essence, the lord said, ' don't get carried away don't envy a friend who becomes a house owner,millionaire overnight for all that glitters is not gold.

Bless u
good day Sir, I dreamt today that my mother took me to a prophet, the prophet was wearing a white garment like these celestial people...I was expecting him to pray for me but he didn't, he ordered for a bowl of water, then I saw two women sitting on a chair,facing each other opposite, so the prophet place the bowl of water on one of those women head, then he went out, another woman was also sitting on another chair watching the whole scene... the time the prophet place the bowl on her head was like in the afternoon, then in the night the pastor came back... he saw that the woman he placed the bowl of water on her head had put it down, and she and the one sitting opposite her were talking, the pastor came in with people who are police I think (not too sure) other words the woman the bowl was on her head was completely exposed... the other one is trying to say so what now? be continued...

in other scene, was in my secondary school,went to the classes I only saw that the ss3 students were mixed up with the ss2 students, but I tried to find the class where I will see my class mates I didn't see them so ,in one of the classes I entered, the class captain put a film in the class cos there is television in it, the film showed a boy that was running from mob, he at first fought with the little people he Can, but they letter over whelm him, then his mother came from no where and pour a pocket of water on the another scene in the film, it showed that the boy has become an artiste, he was singing hip hop music, he made a state ment in his song that he thank his mom and dad for making him coming into this world to enjoy... then I left the class, as I was going downstairs a teacher started chasing the who students, to enter their class, there is another road which I followed, and I saw a teacher there ,in real life the teacher has left the school even before I pass out, he first looked at me with bad eyes, I was singing a foreign song which made the teacher changed his looks towards me, he then told me to pass... then I saw my principal and vice principal admin in White up and down,my principal hair was pure White in the dream, they were looking at me not too happy and not too sad... that's all i remember...the principal has retired in real life the vice has also left our school during our last days in secondary school.
You will indeed be a great success,fulfill your destiny and live up to your glory(which will be) all thanks to your mother sacrifices and supports. Yes, the lord will use her to lead you and direct your path to your destiny and where God want you to be. For the lord shall, for her sake and support establish you among the committee of blessed and great people for retrogression and your enemies shall cease behind thee.

But be warned, for this doesn't mean you should give in when you know she want to lead you astray.

Bless u
sir,i dreamt today,that i was in a place like factory,the big gate was locked,then we saw that a gun was fired through the gate,seems like four shot,cos the hole was in the gate,then people started running,we climbed the first fence,then the second,as i was about to climbed the third,i couldn't,i was another scene which i think is the continuation of the dream,we are inside a room,then a little boy came,with so much confidence,and ask that if i do something(i have forgotten what he ask)i denied,then i saw a boy that knows me,i try to drag him away from their,but d oda boy didn't allow me to,then he ask the boy,as he was asking the boy,i have already left there,so the little boy caught up with me,and say he is a general ofpolice,that i better follow him,i was proving stubborn cos he is a small boy,but he as authority,as we were on it,an elderly man came and say he should live me alone.
◄ Isaiah 49:25 ►
But thus saith the LORD, Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy children.


I see you escaped/released from captivity.

Bless u
sir, people didn't run out through the gate but were running back in the factory were we saw fence...
It doesn't changed the interpretation. As your interpretation was take from the second scene where you were freed from the boy's grip.

Bless u
SIR,i dreamt today,me sitting beside my step mother,and my dad sitting on another chair in our former house,then someone just open the net,his leg is outside ,to ask my dad something,my dad immediately started bashing the person,i wanted to rebuke my father immediately,my step mother put her hand beside my waste,trying to draw me back not wanting me to talk,i eventually got up and told my father that how will he be talking like that to somebody,he said he knows what he is doing,i went outside to apologise to the person,he is a person that if my dad didn't bash him,he might have help him...
The lord said, ' don't be like your father lest you miss your destiny helper like your dad did out of uncontrollable anger and being quick to slow to listen but quick to speak.

In essence, the lord said, your father life would have been better and glorious if he'd done away with the spirit of anger or impatient.

Bless u