John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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1.I HAD THIS DREAM A DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY...IT GOES THUS "i was sleeping in the dream,then a demon was supressing me down,i tried to talk but i couldn't,then i have the courage to hold the demon hand,not wanting it to escape,at the same time my eyes was shut,the demon uses it's fingers to tear my hand deep,with some other parts living some went it's way.(can't remember what happen next)
2.i was in another scene,me and my younger brother took a bike going home,as we were going the road at first look like the route to our house,but it got to a stage that the road look as if we are travelling to a far away town,so our bike had accident,the bike move forward,the bike man quickly went to get his bike,i held my brother's hand and we ran to meet the bike man,as we got there,we now saw that the road has ended,if you move forward again,you will fall,then as we are about to move back to start going back,a man pushed up us back,not wanting us to be cont...

then i saw people standing at the end of the road,i saw my step mom's younger sister's child,him too was standing,then i grab my brother's hand and the people never saw us...we just saw a way and went down,(the road was like it has a road down,just like a bridge but not A BRIDGE)we saw some kids that said we should pass under the gutter,so my brother started going,i also followed,then i didn't see my bro again,then one of those boys came to me,and said my bro has been caught,(then i didn't want to leave without my bro,have the urge to rescue my bro)then as i was going under the gutter,there's a place where there is no plank,then one guy saw me,i quickly ran back,then i saw a door then ran inside,i hide by the door,then guy came in,i hit a big stick on his head,he faint,i put hand in his pocket,then saw a gun...then i discover that i can now control my spirit,then i woke up.

i followed two people in a car,one man and one woman,we went to a place that is beautiful,just like a place where there are many rich people,many luxurious cars where parked,(in the dream,the place consist of place where there are senators,governors.bankers etc)...then we went into a building,they went living me to come back and meet me,then i saw a guy i know,he looked some how,he didn't want to talk to me,he looked like a person who has been suffering there since...
that's all i remember sir..
1. The rate at which the kingdom of darkness, lucifer is terrorizing the world these days has indeed reached a whole new height, level beyond comprehension. Without doubt, only the strong can stand on our world of today, and conquer the kingdom of darkness. But isn't our jesus mighty?
In essence, it's called " encounter with the devil/demon, agents of darkness ". But I must commend your level of faith and boldness in the lord now. Because it takes one who's violent and strong in spiritual battle to fight back at such demon.

I must commend your faith now as I see it increased greatly hence would call this "victory over strong man,spirit of death ".
But you must :

O God arise, empower me more, increase my faith,boldness to destroy every demon, powers, agent of darkness and it source of powers, and heal me by fire ". Ps 8, 24 ,119.

2. Path of destruction/death

And again, this dream has proven your spiritual strength and boldness. I congratulate you again.
In essence, I see a path of destruction which member, among your family members had been buried for years by the powers that be in your father's house but they strove to bury you and your brother but woefully they failed because he that's in you is greater than them all indeed. But your brother? Needs prayers asap,and truly, it's you whom God want to use to rescue him.

You must cry out to God on his behalf, to deliver him and lift him out of the pit of destruction, affliction,sorrow, limitation, death, infliction....".

Ps 8, 24 ,91 , 119. ( He can do this himself,but that's if he can because he's spiritually weak).

3. Be careful, be wise as it's not all that glitters is not : Some opportunities are a route to destruction therefore, always look deeply before you leap lest you fall, caught unaware.

In essence, the lord said, I shall lift you up, cause you to wine, dine with great men, for poverty I shall destroy over your life and your shame shall cease. And among your pairs I shall lift you up, uplift and prosper you.

Bless u
sir,thanks sir...i had this trance like 5 months ago,i was sleeping then i saw that it wasn't the way i slept,like the place i put my head is where my leg is,as in i have turn upside down...then i saw a leg walking,then i grab the leg,it supressed me down,i tried to get up,but some how i manage to get up,then i saw a replica of me,it was putting on the exact cloth i wore to bed,i tried to shout blood of jesus but my voice was seized,i even claimed on his back to atleast whispered it in his ear,but still the same,then he calm me down and said he is my spirit.

SIR,this one is no dream at happened when i was six years old...i was sleeping with my mom with my younger bro on the floor one night,can't remember the time,then i just opened my eyes a little bit,then i saw three beings like humans in white garment,1 was standing by the wall looking at me,the other two where kneeling one leg and squatting the other leg,facing each other,it's like they are talking to each other but i didn't hear their voice,then one of took out something that looks like the shape of a generator plug but it is like sky blue colour,(i was having the feeling of whether to open my eye completely or not) he put it right in front of my mouth which seized my voice,i tried to tap my mom but she is fast asleep..d nxt mrn,it has rained saw a worm in front of our room,as i bent to pick it den i rem wat happened at 9t,didn't tel any1 abt it,i 4got completely abt it,until am lyk 16yrs old,i now rem it...i learnt they are fallen angels,but their mission that 9t is wat i don't know.
This dream actually established and explained your encounter,'below' what happened some years ago back, at the age of six.

This encounter is rare but not uncommon as there are few among 10million of people whom God gives the privilege or gift to see few things that happens in the realm of the spirit.

Let me break it down :

• The strange leg that you saw and/or sleeping opposite when you slept in real life in the dream means, that there is an unusual but ungodly gift/spirit inherited through your bloodline (more spirit assigned with you from the very day you were born) whose mission is to eat,wine, dine, walk and live with you. And through which you will see thing unusual.

• Now the encounter, yes, that was the very day you were initiated or the spirit took it full course/purpose in your life hence that dream above you. Meaning, the suppose spirit or strange beings you saw at the age of six started following your life from that very day and that's exactly what you saw in the dream.

May I also remind you that there is nothing like falling angel that operate in that form nor appear in white except the agents of darkness, demon wants to manipulate or disguise in form of God's angel to inflict, monitor or follow their victim about which might be the case you have here? Falling angels were already ripped off their holiness(white garment, white wings) and are now agents of lucifer now known as demons or dark agents.

Above all, you must disassociate, renounce and purge whatever that was insert into your mouth at the age of sex lest that spirit in your form continue to follow or manifest in your life.

Above all,Ask the lord to open your eyes and unravel the mystery, source of this initiation. Ps 119,25:14, 24,8Joel 2:28.

Bless u
had this dream today...didn't remember many of the details though.
i went to visit my elder bro,(don't know where he lives in reality)i saw he live in a house that doesn't have carpet,he show me how he can edit himself,he took a picture of c.ronaldo and remove his head and put his on head in it's stead...i saw those phone used in olden days on the table we are using,those phone that always have something like bell,after that i asked him what he has at home,he said there is indomie and egg,so i eat the food.then my boss in my work place came in he said he want to eat egg,so i cut part of the egg for him,he just went away...didn't remember the full the details,but the dream is more than that... I JUST HATE THE FACT THAT I ATE INDOMIE AND EGG IN THE DREAM.

I USE TO HAVE THIS INVINCIBLE COB-WEBS ON MY's has happen like twice to me now,i don't want to be under any manipulations,pleas help me sir.
All your dreams pointed at you being under witchcraft/night caterers attack hence the food and the physical cobwebs attack.

Anywhere, there is a limit to what i can do now because of what I an presently using to minister, I am not use to it.

But I want you to visit the 'prayer points' thread, browse through it and choose what fit into your situation. Everything you need is there and I will be following your dream's progress.

Bless u
sir I had this dream on Sunday,
In the dream I saw that we have packed away from our former house (house we packed from before the one we are living now) but loads are still inside, but my step-mom and dad said they will be sleeping here for tonight, so I packed some boxers like the one we are selling in our shop in real life...i carried two white chairs, and a coloured one also two... then crossed to the other side of the road, which was the house, we lived before packing to it's opposite, saw a boy, bading him to help me arrange the boxers between the chairs so I will be able to carry it.
Don't know if this is the full details, but this is all I can remember.
There'll be no reason for us go off or rest on sundays should sundays dreams be permitted. Do take note that you are not permitted to post on sundays nor updates sundays dream lest you'll be suspending. But ofcourse, except in rare cases where such dreams are terrifying which you must inform pastor beforehand(on PM) before you update or go ahead to post

The lord is working, about to deliver your family from poverty/limitation and retrogression but your parents/family are struggling with the battles while you,the lord has finally that shackle,yoke of retrogression,limitation and poverty in your life.

Bless u
i went to a woman,the place was like my secondary school ,a two storey building,but don't know how i got up,i told the woman how i lost a schorlarship,she said something to me,but i have forgotten,she then prayed for me,i now discovered i can go down,cos there is no stair case,i was kneeling down,so i floated from up to down while kneeling which look as if i'm going to land with my head,then in another scene i saw i went to buy food,we went to buy coco and akara but,the person sold beans and garri for us,the food is irritating,i don't know how but i didn't eat...then another scene,was coming out of our house,saw that white and black people where fighting,the white people used knife to cut the black people,like using it to draw a design IN their body,after that i went to our shop,my step mom sent me to go help her supply singlet,as i was going i branched in one mallam place,saw a woman with for phones,white the menu this forum,dreamtorchlight.on her be continued.

The lord said, ' for so a long time you've been captivity and had experienced unprecedented disappointment but he cometh, to open your eyes and lead you out of these through this ministries..

Bless u