John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Had a dream today that a dog bite my in my stomach, I tried to hold it's head but it slipped from my hand and it bites me... But I prayed about it as I woke up
This was spiritual attack.
You, you will need this :

Be choosy there. And be quick lest a disease is diagnose,physically.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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OK sir
GOOD DAY SIR, I had many dreams today but the one I can still remember was that I was in a place that I can't describe, probably looks like a cloudy place, I now saw a person in a white garment with a golden girdle and wearing a golden crown, he now approached a horse, as he sat on the house, the man cloth now rhyme with the horse both were now as white as now seems as if the house and the person on top were moving at a full speed,
You've seen God today, the face of our lord jesus christ : you are among the few chosen ones, called by divine mercy to do so, and for the kingdom of God.

Surely, you've seen of God today because he's called you.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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GOOF MORNING SIR, I ALSO HAD THIS DREAM TODAY, THAT TWO GUYS ROBBED A PLACE, BUT THEY DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING TO TAKE, SO AS THEY WERE GOING, THEY CAME TO ME AND COLLECTED MY SLIPPERS, I BEGGED THEM TO RETURN IT BUT THEY DIDN'T, SO ONE OF THEM CLIMBED ON A BIKE AND RAN AWAY THE SECOND ONE SAT SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE, I now went to meet him, somehow we started fighting I beat him I dragged him on the floor until it seems as if Keke napep wanted to match him (it seems as if suddenly they started moving were we are), so I left him alone, as we were fighting, another one came who looks exactly like who I'm fighting with, he picked up a plank to hit on my head but I somehow collected it from him... And ran into a our former House, as I was there they couldn't come inside, so somehow it seems my dad just came back from church and was asking of me, I greeted him, I didn't ask him anything again, so the next was that an Hausa woman was living next to us, she bade me to help her buy bread and petrol, so I saw myself buying bread, I first bought 4 breads, I later returned one, I now saw one of their mayonnaise, I took it and taste it but the taste I don't like, I now left there... It now raining really hard, I now saw myself walking past a man and some people beside him, he seems to be preaching but as I moved away from him a bit it turned into a prayer such that as I was walking inside the rain home everyone was saying amen cos the prayer seems to be very powerful, even when I reached I also saw my dad saying Amen... Its like the amen was coming from every house and people around... So as I got home (our house) I saw a boy, he now told me that did I see who was praying I said yes, he said he is a very rich man "... I now went to the back of our toilet, I saw four real Madrid defender's sitting a poti to poo... But they look like children, they are in White... I now told one of them (but this one looks like a younger brother of my friend in my primary school days) that it's hard to play against people like him...
They are known as spiritual robber ".
They only came steal, ruin and destroy. But surely, he that's in you is greater for, I see them defeated by divine mercy of God and his grace upon you- through the power of amen : prayers.

Truly, I also see the hand of God upon you as, while you fight your battles it impact your environment hence you are seen a prophet : the helper of the helpless, strength to the weak and protect for the vulnerable. Indeed, directly or indirectly, whatever you do ( spiritually, physically) touches your environment : this is your annointing.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Sir, I dreamt today that I was in front of our shop, I saw some Young boys dressed like boxers ??, they were doing acrobatic, one person told me they are boxers I told him I know, because what they are doing is different from what they are trained for, so the next thing I saw many people dancing I beating drums and trumpet passing and dancing at same time, I now understood that those boxers are part of them, they were making a way for them... So as they were passing I saw that it was TOPE ALABI, Singing, she was so beautiful in the dream, I was very overwhelmed, maybe because I'm her fan, so they passed, after passing, a while later I saw a Jeep in which only TOPE ALABI and her crew àlone are inside and followed the way in which they came from before... I now saw a friend of mine, I told him she is very fresh, the guy was like "ehh ehn what should he do about it, he careless... So he told me he wants to go and eat, (during this time not a single car is on the road) I followed him we asked of Rice, there is no rice, we asked of beans, there is no beans they even show us their pot... So in another scene I was in my cousin's house, he went to bring out plenty shoes, and sleepers, the one he first gave me is oversized very big, I told him I don't want I saw saw other shoes too but didn't see the one I like... He ten took it back inside (didn't remember what happened next)... In another scene, I saw a house like a school whose compound is beautiful, but the fence is very low... I think I saw another scene, I think I rebuilt that building more beautiful and created a more high fence...

Can't really tell Sir, if this is all the dream I had... But those are the ones I remember Sir... God bless you

What does it mean to match a rat in the dream???
I see you witness a thing of joy that you won't be able to contain so much that food will become a second option or unimportant. So much that it will drive you to achieve the unachievable.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Sir please help me with the meaning of this dream I had today... I dreamt I wanted to enter into our room, as I was about to open the door, someone now knock the door (like an invincible person stood beside me and knocked) as I saw that I now prayed to God to open my eyes, I now saw like a short dark Shadow (but I can touch it) I now hold it telling it what does it want??? He told me his name (I have forgotten the name he told me) he now told me he is asking of my step Mom, so I now went in and tell her that someone is asking of her, she now said he should go, that she doesn't want to have anything to do with him... I also had other dreams after Sir... What does this mean???