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Please help interpret
Gud day sir, I dream this last night and I wonder why,
I visited my former bank coleague to spend d weekend as it is her birthday, on reaching there others of my colleagues are there too they all welcomed me with her sister,I went to the sitting room to say hello to the children, and also asked them did they miss me as it has been months I haven't visited ,the response I got from the children was no that they did not miss me, so I went to the kitchen to see what they are cooking, I took meat and eat, then I proceed outside the building with some colleague friend to receive some fresh air as the celebrant is busy with people in her room, all of a sudden we saw guys with matched chasing us wanted to kidnap us so we all ran and scattered to separate location, so I ran into a building upstairs, I explain to the people I met that am being pursued that they should help me that if the kidnapers see me with them they will stop chasing me so they agreed, there and den I saw my house neighborhood friend I called him he came and he help me got home safe and sound.