John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Thank you sir
Good morning Sir...i had a dream
1. I went to my former area to take sumtin or to see someone,,i knt remember...but it was already late..nd i must go back to abeokuta dat day..i started looking for bus to abeokuta.till 12am..and i woke up

2. My friend and i was on aeroplane or helicopter...knt remember which one...we was on top of it..not inside it...we got to my former area..and they lowered rope to the ground for us to come down..wen we got down my frnd started thanking God for safe Journey and landing safely.....
1. I see you retrieving your lost and confined blessing locked in your past, and breaking free from the shackle/room of retrogression,...

2. You I see you walked and catapulted back to your past, room of retrogression.
But is this friend of your not the source of these backwardness and why your life is being drawn aback? Do find out. But above all,you shall wage war against every evil forces,or person, flight taking you back to your past and subjecting you to retrogression. Here :

Confession : Psalm 119,102,,joel 2:28 94 and Ps 80.

1. Every force drawing my destiny backward , scatter in Jesus name
2. Every power of darkness manipulating my progress be arrested by fire in Jesus name.
3. Every visible and invisible chain of darkness holding my life down be broken in Jesus name.
4. I paralyze every activity of darkness against my life through my dreams in Jesus name
5. O Lord arise, set me free by fire from every negative attachment from my foundation in Jesus name
6. Every strange covenant from my foundation, speaking against me ,
be broken in Jesus name
7.Anything I might have consciously or unconsciously done in my childhood days, speaking against my destiny in this season, O Lord let mercy prevail over them in Jesus name.
8. Father, separate me by your mighty power from every past confessions that might be rising against me now in Jesus name.
9. Every little- little foxes disturbing my vine from bringing forth
productively, be uprooted in Jesus name.
10. Every satanic authority injecting backwardness into my life and family, be arrested and condemned in Jesus name.
11. Anything around me, in my life drawing my life backward, subjecting me to retrogression and catapulting me into my old self be expose in the name of jesus!

Bless u
Thank you sir
This afternoon i had a was not a dream..kos i was not sleeping...i was just lying down on my bed nd i saw my self sitting on a throne...and thousand of people..both young and old were bowing down and postrating for me....nd i got myself eyes naw cleared....nd i said thank you Lord
The story of Joseph in the bible.

I see a powerful glory such that men, women and nation will bow before and tremble.

That is YOU on the throne of glory, power and authority ; Your destiny.
The future is HERE!

Bless u
Thank you sir..God Bless you
Good morning Sir......
I did praise nd worship and prayed Frm 12am-1am yesterday night pertaining to the prayer points u gave me and i had this dream......
1. I was in a room and this spirit that used to come in form of a woman with different faces of people that i know to hev sex with me came again..this time with my classmate face.....b4 anytime she comes i will fall easily nd lay with her nd when i wake up i will be dis time she tot thats what will happen...when she saw i did nt heed in,she started forcing me to hv sex with was serious struggle....i almost heed in until i shouted blood of Jesus 7times before she left me and dissapeared.....nd i woke up and Thank God(this was the first time i will be able to Call Jesus in my dream,since 2 yrs ago this manipulations in my dream started)
have a grt week Sir

Indeed, the battle line has been drawn and you are winning the battle.
And just like you said " this is the first time you would shout ' blood of jesus, and rebuke the spirit ' after many years?. What a might jesus, thank you jesus.

Remember to attack it/her source tonight too.

Mind you, as I was reading your dream the lord ministered to me that you used to commit a sexual act( more like something you were addicted to), and/or some form of a terrible sin behind close door.

You must confess that too(do PM me if you are ready to) as when you do, you shall be totally free even more than you've just experienced.

Above all,i see congratulations to you.

Bless you.
Good Morning Sir
I had one funny dream yesterday
I was in a camp we were playing..cause it was fun time..some girls were playing ball and all of a sudden they mistakely played the ball to my side...i was to return the ball..instead i gave the ball to someone passing in a car..and he drove away with it...they became angry and one of the girls i presumed is my girlfriend..came and slap me...maybe we were having some misunderstanding with each oda..i slapped her back..she wnted to fight me but i knew slapping her was front of crowd..she was rilli angry and wanted to fight me..but i held her hand and told her i was sorry and was conforting her..reminded her about hw we loved each oda and more.she later agreed and forgave me and we hugged eachoda..people were jealous of us....i gave her money before i left...i was just smiling and i woke up
You offended a/some girl(s) or took advantage of her/them and this among other has been the major cause of your spiritual battles and sexual infliction. But I see that case settled now, I see you forgiven and set freed.

Ever wondered why the sexual dreams hasn't been coming as it used to?

Flee from sin and lust henceforth and it shall be well with you, your victory.


Bless you