John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Ah sir.....i still had sex in the dream again oo and my body is seriously wet....this one is serious oo and has gotten out of hand
1. Sir i saw my self worshipping in a celestial church(white garment) and i was singing and praying with them

2. I saw someone telling my elder brother that he should go home dat he does not have certificate thats theres nothing he can do for him...

Sir u hv been taking time to interprete my dreams... I dnt know if ur seeing it.....Pls help me reply it on time and when ur online.....thanks
Good morning Sir.
1. In my dream we were having a family meeting..everyone was seated and they were waiting for me to arrive b4 they start.....When i arrived,i wore slippers to the meeting and i it almost fell me down....after the meeting i went to our granma yard and i did nt find anybody there...then i woke up

2. I saw myself in my former house at night..there was this beautiful neighbour of mine...married woman oo....i was lusting after her and she knew it and was ready to give herself to me,she was just laughing at me...but i did nt see her face
1. The devil is more out to make you believe there lies your deliverance and solution to your problems? I hope you haven't fall for it? Lest you are in for stronger battles and unprecedented spiritual captivity.

2. There is an inherited name(lack of good education or success) that operates in your family/lineage. It's a yoke that must be broken.

1. You were destined for greatness,to be the head and one everyone will look up to in your family and among your loved ones but your destiny has been turned upside down and overwhelmed with shame and shackled. Meaning, that position, seat of honor, glory has been hijacked from you.

2. The enemies are have succeeded over your virtue and destiny. Infact, they are using it as toothpick and toy. Meaning, you,your glory,virtue and destiny and spiritual life are vulnerable and at zero level beyond measure.

You, indeed need deliverance, urgent at that.

Bless you.
I know i need Deliverance....but wen i tell my mum about it...she will just be telling me that there is ntin wrong with me in a funny way...she will just laff it off...
But i know what am facing is not ordinary....
There is anoda problem... I am still living with my parents...but i dnt know where to go for the deliverance....where r u staying..can u do it for me....I am in abeokuta

I am tayad of this stagnant life i am living.....ntin is moving just where i am....and my parents will be making jest of me...dat my mates r out of university and am still struggling with jamb even when they know am brilliant...pls help me sir
But son, why are you your number one problem? I told you what to do few days ago or a week ago but you wouldn't get back to me.

Anyway, when you are ready, and ready, indeed to surrender your life to jesus? Send me a PM, with the topic " I am ready".

The ball is in your court now.

Bless u
1. I saw my self in my former school with all my classmates writing exam but the exam was not that serious..we were just playing....

2. I saw myself working in my former place of work working there again....i was playing with the children and they liked me and saw my self cleaning my oga shoe wen he was about going home and i woke up

3. I saw my self in my village for like sumbody died..i cant remember...the village was with few people that i know...sumbody brought the drinks..and my mum said they should put me in charge

4. I saw my mum telling me about my friend that i shld look at his face hw dis figured it is..that he will soon die passing tru afflictions...she told me dat he will soon die by hanging....and in the dream he was hanged bt he just fainted

5. I saw my self in my former area walking with my former frnd on the road at night by 12am..he removed his shirt on the road and said nothing can happen to him..i told him to escort me to my church in that area and we went there at night and got there..then i woke up..
All your dreams fall into one except one,number four.

I see affliction, infliction of retrogression overwhelmed you..hence multiple dream of retrogression.

4. It's called " false revelation ".
I don't know whom you went to for spiritual advice or what you made yourself believe over your spiritual battles but this is false and it will lead no where and to more spiritual battle and retrogression.

Bless you.
Sir what do u mean by false revelation.....u mean the dream is a lie...its nt real.....nd 2ndly what is the meaning of the 4th dream...God Bless
1. Manipulative revelation/dreams.
Meaning, your heart or communication with God isn't right or perhaps there is something you are not doing right before GOD.

2. No. 2 - 4 means and carries the same message.
Bless u