John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Ah!! Good morning Sir...i still had the dream again oo...having sex in the dream..and again my body was wet wen i woke up in the middle of the came out with urine...becos i was pressed
They have come again oo
What shld i do ooo..Pls Help
When i tot everitin is over naw am seeing did one again
Each time you have sex in the dream your virtue,destiny and every good thing in your life is being robbed--and that's way your life has been stagnant.

I say, Enough is enough in jesus!

Are you ready for your deliverance? Don't say yes if you are still living in sin, if you are not born again or ready to give your life jesus! Now, again, are you ready? Get back to me.

Bless u
Am ready for deliverance..I confess that am a sinner..Lord Jesus forgive me my sins..wash me with your blood..purge me of my sins..i recieve you as my Lord and personal saviour Amen....Sir am ready
Yes! Indeed, I can see that you are indeed ready but your Confession (here) isn't enough.
You must give me a call in an hour's time.

..You have some questions to answer

Bless u
I dont have your number....can i get it
Tomorrow at 3pm.

Check your PM now.

Bless you.
Good afternoon sir...I had a dream last night and i saw my self collecting money from a girl thats very close to me...i remembered she gave me 100.
Please help me with the meaning
Good evening Sir....there is this particular Black Bird..2 of them in particular...dat always stay on the roof of our house every night from 11pm till 3am..and will cry for the whole period without stopping....Please do you know wat dose birds mean...kos my spirit man tell me that they are agent of the devils(witchcraft) attacking us particularly my dad....and the house is not yet roofed completely....pls help me with what those evil black birds wants.....Thanks
Henceforth, always pray between or at that exact hour. I mean, powerful and fire prayers that shakes the earth---against territorial, environmental and witchcraft powers'. These is what you are dealing with nothing more.

It is written that the earth is the lord's. You must take possession of it, for he's put all things under your foot, the fowl of the land,fish of the seas...

Exhibit that authority NOW!

Ps 119,8,24.
I will be following your progress to know if need to come in.

Be still. God is on the throne and this is nothing to him.

Bless u
Sir you have nt replyed the former one