John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Death knocks at her door.

But with God all things are possible.
If you truly love your mother ;

Embark on a day white fast praying for the restoration, resurrection of her soul and pleading with God to prolong her life on earth ".

Ps 24,8 ,and Proverbs 18:21,Matt 18:18,Matthew 17:20.

Bless u
Good evening Sir, Its bin long i posted here nothwithstanding
I had this dream... I was in a class,lecture room to be precise,then one guy came to tell me that their oga is calling me,i followed hin to see the Oga,when i got there,is like its a cult meeting and the boss is the leader..later on he said i should bow down for him...i knelt down and bow down to him like a god..I noticed i was not the only one bowing down,we were over 50 people worshipping him like God and i woke up
I see you being tricked or manipulated or forced into cultism and subjected to mental and emotional slavery,blackmail.

The only way you can escape this is by embarking on a full day fasting and vigil prayer with :

Ps 119,24,42,51.

Bless u
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir, I had this dream
1. I saw a hen trapped inside a block...its seems that was were she laid her egg and she has hatched them already looking for a way to come out, but the stones and blocks blocked her way, i saw it and decided to help the mother and chicks, i was scared at first, but later i reamoved it and it came out with its chicks

2. Immediately after that i saw a woman, its like she was pregnant and was trying to give birth on her own, d head of the baby came out and she was already weak she culdnt continue again. I saw her and felt pity for her, i decided to help her, finally i brought the baby out, but it was like the baby was gasping for breath, the mother was begging me not to let her baby die, i gave the baby to the mother to breastfeed dat he would nt die,she brestfeeded the baby and the baby survived, i was rilli happy
3. I saw my self with 2 known footballers Neymar and Messi... I hugged Neymar and we took pics together and people were asking me who am i to them, i said they were my brothers and i woke up
1/2 : Both the mother hen and the woman in labor pain represent one person.

Truly, you have a BIG heart and surely, I see the lord use you to save a somebody or an helpless woman in need of help. Yes, I see you save one,two more lives.

3. I see great honor before such that will cause man to wonder and amaze and ask question on how you come about it,the miracle.

Bless u
Prophet Ebankole

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Good Morning sir I had this dream just this morning around 6:15am, I saw ma self in one corner of my street,it was in the Night, i remove ma clothes and bent down to bath,i took poured the first bowl of water on my body, as i took d second,i saw a lady or girl coming closer to me,its was like she entered me,i felt it, i forced ma self to wake up,when i did it was as if she spirit entered me asin my body was shaking for like 10 seconds.

2. I have been seeking for admisson for 3 yrs, i wrote dis year and i passed, naw the admission List is out,my Name did not show,pls join me in Prayers...kos o know this is not ordinary
NOTE:Am 20yrs,wasted 3years at home due 2 academic stagnation,not that am dull, but the evil ones will not just allow me 2 progress Enough Is Enough
If it Means calling me dis is ma no. 08036015713

3. Sir, on sunday i still saw myself in the dream romancing one woman like dat, after i woke up i released and was wet....This thing does not want to stop after so much prayers....This is becoming More serious oo......Help oo..

Pls do u know any MFM in abeokuta...i dont mind going for prayers and deliverance!!
All in one of all your revelations,and the cause of your hard life and stagnation :
Listen attentively, the lord said, the mystery behind your stagnation,limitation,unusual failure,disappointment,frustration et al ,and/or all that you've been suffering in your life was or indirect demonic involvement or act.

As the lord said, you once wine and dine with the devil through a demonic prophet(in the name of seeking deliverance or solution to a problem or God) in the middle of the night through which some demons and marine spirit/wife was transferred or deposited into your life and soul hence these strange dreams,romance in the dreams,chronic stagnation and frustration all round. These is so because the powers that be has vowed to frustrate your life,enslaved you soul,and it's presently sitting on your destiny hence every effort you strive to succeed may continue to amount to nothing.

Truly? You need deliverance. Yes, I see a night bath in the name of seeking deliverance and that was what sealed your fate in the kingdom of darkness,marine. Well,whether you did it consciously,unconsciously,directly or indirectly, this is your story and this is why your destiny has been stagnated for almost a decade now.

You need deliverance now!

MFM? Well, Google might help you with some of her beaches in ogun state.

Deliverance here? Well, confession,willingness to surrender your life to Jesus(if you are yet to),Pm confession,repentance (not all who claim to be born again are..) and a PM request for your deliverance. Will be waiting if that's your choice but keep in mind? I can't help yce but keep in mind? I can't help you but jesus!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Sir,Ur Right, when i started having nightmares like eating and having sex in the dream,It became serious that i had to go to one Celestial church in my area...They did revelation and told me wah was happening to,they also told me wat to do,like going round d church with 7 candles for seven days,after d 7 days i bath with d water dat night,the water was mixed with oil candles and frankisence...after that my Problems became worse...Up till today...
Sir i need Physical deliverance...The one Pastors will pray for me physically
Happy New Year Sir,I have been having series of dreams, its just that i dont have time to Post it here kus my Prayers has been answered and i have gained admission into University after 3 years of Waiting....Lemme drop this..:...............................
1. This morning i saw my self in a bus going sumwhere,i was sitting with d driver at the front,all of a sudden the driver collapsed and the bus started going left and right,i took over the steering, i was trying 2 stop the bus but it wasnt slowing down,i mistakenly hit a police man or one of the Men of Nigeria Force,but kant remember,i tot i hv escaped next minutue i saw police van chasing me about 10 of them,.after some minutes the bus managed to stop on the road,i jumped out and went to a nearby house to hide my self,the police saw the bus and stopped and started looking for me in that was as if i have assasinated a president,Kus from my hiding position i saw hundreds of Policemen with different guns searching for me,Where i was hiding,the owner of d house helped me,after explianing to him,The policemen entered the mans house but i faked sleep,they did nt even recognize me when they saw me...They Just left and i woke up....It was like a real Life situation
I see a plot, attack of : implication, accident but surely you shall conquer and overcome them all by divine grace,intervention and wisdom.

But wage war against " every arrow of accident,implication,and evil plot against you.

Ps 91.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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