John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Please Sir Ebankole help me with the meaning
In my dream i saw my self having sex and romance in the dream...when i woke body was fully wet...dis has been happening 4 d past 4 years....Please help me

2. I saw my self in a school putting children inside school bus 2 go home..the school was on top of a hill..den suddenly the bus started moving without anyone driving it..i was scared nd entered to press brake but the brake did nt work..i jumped out of the bus..then the bus rolled down the hill and caught fire with children inside....den i woke up

3. I do see animals chasing me...i killed two of them..but the rest still kept on chasing me then i woke up

4. I walking on the was like a village road where there are bushes by the 2 sides...then i saw this old woman defeacating by the bush path, well its none of my business...i passed her and kept on going..den she stood up and called me back then she said....She know wats hapenning to me....that from what she can see..she is seeing 2 heavy rock like stones on my shoulder dat am carrying my family Glory..but the enemies has placed a stone on my shoulder to weigh me down and move forward in life
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And welcome to this ministry, family in Jesus name!
Bless you.

1. Each time(in this case) you have sex in the dream your virtue,blessing and fortune is being taken away into the kingdom of darkness.

2. This is terrible!
I see arrow of death hovering you.

3. You are in bondage, under witchcraft attack and you are very weak and vulnerable that's why so far your prayers has amount to little or nothing at all.

4. Truly, right from birth, the powers of..and enemies your father's house haven realized/found that you are the glory of your family deposited and inflicted your glory with affliction.
Yes! Ever wondered while your life has always been under sorrow,struggles and attacks?-- the lord said, your glory was manipulated from birth.

Son, you need deliverance, are you ready,are you born again,or willing to surrender your life to jesus if you are not?

I will be here waiting..

Bless u
Thanks a lot for the interpretation......i am ready now... Please dis has been happening to me since 5years ago..nd i cant tell my parents cos dey dnt even understand what it means...... Please i am Ready
Glory be to jesus!
But this time there'd be no prayer without answer. But you must promise God u are not going back to the world nor it way.
But first thing first, let's find out the source of these afflictions and attacks in your life. As this will pave way for the right prayers to pray and destroy this once and for all.
Here :
Let's find out the source
Get bottle of water.
Each time you do you shall declare this into the water of fire :
• Cover the water into blood of Jesus.
• Power of resurrection..possess this water.
• Power of deliverance possess this water.
• Holy ghost fire...
• Power of resurrection.
• Power of healing and restoration.
• Power of restoration.
But before doing the above u shall read Read Ps 19,25:14,Joel 2:28 and Luke 8:17 each 7 times. Use them to pray this time.
After all done, the water : for drink, sprinkle, and lastly, add some into some pocket of water for bath.
Whatever the lord reveals? I will be here, as I'll be following your progress and whatever the lord has to say.
Play your path and leave the rest to God,me.
But before anything you shall read Ps 51, for forgiveness.,confession.
Then, Ps 150, for praise and worship.
After which the procedure must follow.
Now, this isn't your deliverance but the beginning and to unravel the mystery surrounding your life,the source of these attacks, vulnerability.
• Tell God you are sorrow, that you are ready to make amend and know the source of these attacks in your life.
• Cry out, O God have mercy on me, I want to know the origin,source and the beginning of these attacks that's overwhelmed my life,glory.
• Tell God, i'm ready to do your will,ready to change, ready to live for you,and tremble before you..tell me what I need to do I am tired.
• Lastly, Call on the blood of Jesus to cry out for you and break that barriers manipulating and stopping your prayers from reaching the throne of God.
You can add more.
I will be following you henceforth, as I await your daily updates, things unfolds.
This time? You must find out the source, that's where your deliverance lies.

Bless u
Yes i will do that as soon as possible....but b4 that i dreamt again that i was in a thick forest going 2 where i dnt know..then an angry bull came out of nowhere and pursued me for like 20 mins.... I woke up and was sweating physically like water was poured on my body.... Please help me with this interpretation
It's called ' journey of no destination '
Indeed, this has once again confirmed that you are under affliction and captivity of kingdom of darkness.

Wondered why your life has been under confusion, why you seemed to have no purpose,success and no meaningful achievement in your life all these while? You are in the dark and under captivity.

You'd better hurry up as your case require quick intervention.

Bless u
Good Morning Sir...After i did all you ask me to do..Yesternyt i Had a dream
1. In the dream i saw my self wrestling with some strong people.. It was like a battle ground.. We picked each oda it was my turn to fight my opponent..I killed him,den the next kame to face me,i killed him also..then they notice i was winning...So they attacked me was a bloody fight in the dream..It would get to a time that i was killing them,then after i will become weak,they will start beating and attacking me,i will be running away frm them..then i will be strong again nd start attacking..It got to a time that i started flying and fighting in the more groung fight again..My strength was coming and was not stable... It was rilli a serious bloody fight..den i woke up
2. I saw me and my family parking to our new house then after some months or years,we packed our load back to our former house to live again,I was the one driving the bus in which we packed our load..then i woke up
3, I slept back again and it was like someone was trying to remove something from inside my was like it was real..wen i wake up,the hand will dissapear..if i sleep again the hand will appear and try removing wat i dnt know frm my body again..then i woke up
4. I slept again and i saw myself going back to the school i worked for before,going to look for work again&saw a former teacher there,he was telling me dat he will help me find work elsewhere that i shld nt work here again..thats there is one school dat the owner went abroad nd she is back that he will take me there to work..He was talking in a pityable manner..then i woke up..
1. Amazing!!!
Truly, jesus is here,in our midst.
Just inquiry about your affliction and spiritual attacks and you are already winning the battle ??? Amazing! Thank you jesus! Thank you!

◄ Micah 5:9 ►
Your hand will be lifted up in triumph over your enemies, and all your foes will be destroyed.

In essence, I see a fierce battle between you and the kingdom of darkness, strong man troubling your destiny and peace. Truly, I see victory, I see you winning the battles as I see the angel of God lifted you above your enemies/adversaries.

Thank you jesus!

2. I see Grass to Grace, but suddenly, Grace to Grass again? There is need for spiritual intervention as I see your family as a whole overwhelmed with retrogression.

3. The enemies, having realized you've found the solution ground and being delivered from their chain have resulted to terminate you? Mind you,this is a great sign that you are winning the battles and being loosed from their chains. Amazing! You won't die this has only showed that you're having the upper hand.

4. Praise God!
I see self...arrow,infliction of retrogression fired into you but aborted.

What more can I say? Continue with the procedures for one day and let's see what God would say further to decide on next time of action as regards your case.

Congrats in advance.
Following you...

Bless u
Thank you Sir,...thanks a lot for everything...its like i need more Spiritual power to handle this forces...its rilli fun fighting this enemies.....i want to reach the levels of carrying machine gun sef.....but thanks for everything.....i will update you wat happen next..But i know the battle is not yet over..It just started...Thanks once again
Following you...

Bless u