John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Awesome God
I want to thank you lord the Ancient of days the I am that I am

The God that doesnt lie
Thank you for what you have started in my life.
Thank you for dreams interpretation coming to pass in my life.
I give all the glory because you are faithful
I want to Thank God for connecting me to God's servant Prophet Bankole and Dreams torchlight ministries because since I joined the ministry my life has had a direction.
I Thank God for using this ministry to unlock the mysteries in my dreams hereby releasing information,secrets,instructions and warnings for my life and deliverance out of wilderness of battles.
This year I have had several deliverance encounters through my dreams by the guidance of Prophet Bankole.
I can't thank God enough for restoration of my glory,stolen ,buried blessings,wealth , treasures and all.
I trust God that shortly there shall be physical manifestation of all these in Jesus name.

Praise the lord!!!
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I want to Thank God for prophecies been fulfilled in the life of my children.

.: 2. I see a sudden bond between you and your son. And I see you two on a journey.

..: 3.Once again, I see the powerful barrier barricading the potentials and growth of your children lifted. I see them launched/entered into their destinies growth.

All these came to pass yesterday to the Glory of God.
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God indeed is faithful
I want to thank God for bringing me here,early this year God told me through my dreams that there would be a very long delay over my documents but there would be a short cut.Soon my BSC results was not found by my school when I needed a transcript and there was nothing I didn't do prayed, fasted,went to mountain,sowed seed, pleaded all but nothing happened.
After series of deliverance encounters in my dream I saw my documents which were buried unearthed still no manifestation in the physical.
Today I got a call from my school my results is ready and also the transcript.
I thank God for delivering me,my certificate and my career from the stronghold of the enemies.

I also thank Prophet for his guidance,prayers and encouragement.

God bless you sir.
I want to Thank God for connecting me to this ministry and God's servant.
For some time God has been showing me how he would fight for me over a strong man in my church troubling me and all came to pass just as it was iny dreams.
I also want to thank God for delivering my son from serpentine arrows and my daughter from demonic habits through the instructions of God's servant.

Finally I bless God for revealing the strongest of my enemies and already fighting my battles for my final deliverance
I trust him soon to fight for me also in my marriage.

To God be all the glory in Jesus name.
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I want to thank God for the restoration of my marital glory and destiny,it's been a hell of war and Prophet Bankole has really been a great guide and when I thought all was finished I started to see the hand of God.
I bless God for bringing to pass some of the interpretations concerning my home.
Indeed he is God and there is nothing too difficult for him.
I want to encourage anyone passing through tough times in marriage to hold on to God if God can turn around my marriage that was so messed up and hopeless there is nothing he can't do by trusting him.
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God is much more than able. Congratulations!
Thank you.
God indeed is faithful, last week my daughter nearly lost a finger to an accident in the house, my son dreamt the finger was restored and it was interpreted.

"But God will disgrace them, God will restore and heal her, miraculously.

Bless you."

Yesterday she was taken back to the hospital and the wound was opened up again now it's healing back and not falling off all to the glory of God and shame to the devil and his agents.

Praise the lord !!!!
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