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We Need Help

Our domain expires April 2017. But it's quite unfortunate to inform you that we've just found out that the only payment option to available to us to renew our domain via bank-to-paypal has just been confirmed blocked!

What this means is that we are left with no option as nigeria gov in it effort to curb and control dollar sky rocketing on nigeria naira forced all nigeria banks to stopped all inter bank dollar transfer within nigeria to without.

We are hereby calling on all our members outside nigeria to see how they can assist us in this unfortunate situation lest we have our domain and everything therein locked and auction out by godaddy,domain registrar.

God bless you.
It is well,may God perfect all that concerns this Ministry and send help for domain in Jesus Name.

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  • ebankole
OK no problem I will confirm from my person where we can credit PayPal.
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  • TimAnn
How can we help??
One of my beautiful daughters has volunteered.

God bless you all.

And I pray/hope that before/by next year April the ban on online dollar transaction would be lifted if not we may have to continue to solicit for support from our members without NIGERIA.

Bless you.
Just seeing this now. God bless our sister who has volunteered, you will never lack in every good thing. The good God we serve shall make His face to shine upon you forever. Amennn
Thank You Sister, may God never forget you for the help in Jesus name Amen