John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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My dream
You are the guardian angel,spiritual head that protects the interests and secure your father's house from internal & external invasion/attack.

Bless u
Thanks pastor .
Good morning pastor, I dream me and my daughter going some were we enter motor when will got to one place the driver was telling me today environmental sanitation that is not up to 10am he drop me and my daughter, we were passing on express road I saw police men in junction one of then was telling the other look us to hold us immediately the police men were fighting each other, me and my daughter now pass the road and go were we going.

Second dream, I dream my elder sister came to our house later I hear something making noise I move close the table I saw electric wire that was not connect very well wanted to burn the clothes close to it and I said I will tell my husband to connect it well and went to bedroom to keep my husband things ,my husband came to sitting room and my sis was tell me husband that my husband can keep secret that she will know if my husband go to big brother if can keep secret, later my sister said she want to eat suya meat she buy it and was eating it ,my sister also said she will put the suya on top stomach and be eating it there.
1. Don't break the law of the land,your country lest you find yourself having issue with law enforcement of your country.
In essence, the lord said, ' I shall protect you and your daughter(household),make your way smooth,take away every obstacles, troubles laying on your path.
What a great assurance and LOVE from God!

2. It's quite unfortunate but I must deliver the lord message as it is :
As I see your elder sister presence/visit your home...In essence, the lord said, her presence/person brings bad luck and trouble into your home. I see a trouble maker and pokenosy person here.

Bless you.
Thanks Pastor.
Good afternoon pastor, I dream they said my husband father is dead and the mother is in her mother sister place ,that the mother is coming,I saw my husband younger one ( sister) in there fathers house with her children she was cooking meat and given some to her children to eat,I told her that food she is gave one of the children is not good ,I tell the child to open the mouth and vomit it out and I remove it from the child mouth. later I now saw some people arranging things in the house like they want to do burial .

My husband's father and mother are late
I see death, burial ceremony,this will come from your husband family. Yes, I see death of one of his(extended) family member

Bless you.
Pastor thanks for the interpretation.
Good afternoon pastor, I dream I was in one place like shopping complex upstairs people going up ,I meet one woman there she said is too high she can't she is looking for some one that will help her ,I told her I will go up my self and I go upstair .

Second dream, I dream I was in my our building project one work man that is work ing there was cleaning the building and tell his boys to clear everywhere later he tell his boys to go that he will complete the rest,his friend came in (the friend look like one music artist ) later when I was to go the Friend said he should drop me and my daughter ,I was pres I said wait let me go to toilet ,when I came back his friend left with my daughter I was asking the worker why did his friend left with my daughter he said he want to buy ice cream for her,the worker said he want to go and eat in one food shop,I was waiting for my daughter later it look like is not my daughter I was waiting for because I was holding my daughter, later I saw my sister husband that is a pastor far away he was worried not comfortable and I saw people in my village gather and they were mocking someone I told them if they did not stop mocking somebody I will tell my dad. later I went to meet the worker working in our building project I saw him sleeping I told him why have he not finish the work if he want our goods to spioll because we already pay him?.

That is all I can remember
NB; if you don't want your dream neglected always endeavor to number them,take note of this message NOW. And God bless you as you obey

1. The lord has raised you up and given you good health but never you look down on those who are below health wise and financially nor give in to the spirit of pride lest you incur the wrath of the almighty and all these privilege are taken away from you.
Be warned!!

2. I will go straight to the point : if you could recognized the feature or personality of that particular worker? You'd better don't allow him work for you ever again. As the lord warned that he's lazy,careless and is of no use to your building project anymore. But if you couldn't recognized the personality among them? You'd better seek the lord to identify the personality now.

Bless u