John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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My dream
Good morning pastor. I dream my husband's younger brother came to our house and meet me and my husband in dinning table and my husband was asking him he did not tell him is coming and the boy did not answer him well,I tell the boy welcome he did not answer me. later I was with my kids in the compound playing and held the boy was saying inside his mind is because of me and the brother is married they did not have opportunity to enter into his brother and devour his money and I was looking at my husband's elder sister standing far away,my husband's younger brother came and meet us in compound were me and kids were playing,my husband was aslo there.The boy na brought charms out from his pocket rub it in his face and put some on the ground that if I put my leg I will die and was pointing the charm on me to harm me I was calling Jesus and I told him u can not harm me and this my family,I told my husband to hold my kids I go to the room brought my Bible and annioting oil,I was calling on God of Elijah and God of mmf to fight for me now immediately one voice spoke to me to pour my annioting oil on him and say fire ,I pour it on him and say fire he was running mad and say fire fire all over his body ,I was still pouring it he na run out of our house, I told my husband to lock the door and he did,I na saw the boy and his friends on the road drinking later he said he want to apologize and the elder sister came and was saying what happened ,she send him.

Second dream, I dream I was telling my Father he have change because of his wife is because my mother is late that is why his he doing those things he did not give me money to write my project that I need money for my schools project,later he was picking donuts to give me his wife worn him not to my did not listen yo her she na went to pour something on top,I told my dad I don't was the donuts he should give me the money ,he give me money and I was telling him if he don't have again he should bring another money.
1. I see household enemies of your husband father's house, within his family assigned to rip him off and oppress and suppress his marriage decimated and rendered powerless for you sake.

In essence, the lord shall fight, disgrace and render powerless any person,of your husband sibling,and household enemies/powers of your husband father's house that want to attack or destroy your marriage.

2. The woman in question is a manipulator,dead or alive ' and the household enemy robbing you of your spiritual/physical inheritance of your father's house,and turning your father against you,his children but I see that chain break and her grip over him rendered powerless.

Bless u
Good morning pastor, I dream my husband tell one okada man to buy pig meat for him to do pepper soup ,the okada man brought the pig meat we put water in the pot and was puting some spices in the pot ,my husband said they also put the head and he call one man and ask if pig meat head is eatable the man said he should call the okada man to remove and return the head and we were preparing to cook before I open my eye and woke up . Second dream, I dream they told me one of my brother is died that he cut his ribs in his hand himself.
1. ' Seek knowledge and wisdom in whatever you want to or invest your money into. And embrace the spirit of consciousness and discernment in whatever you do,And lastly?trust none but God alone especially in your dealings with man-for whatever reason.

2. Is this suicide,out of frustration,depression or self inflicted evil arrow? Pray for your brother as I see death hovering him.

Bless you.
Good evening pastor, I dream some one like delivery person brought bag of apple and orange to me .
I see a blessing, gift,something wonderful,beautiful coming your way-- on the way for you.

Congratulations in advance.

Bless you.
Thanks pastor
Good morning pastor, I dream me,my husband and kids went to our building project to check it,we were inside the house checking everything round my daughter were sleeping, later I told my husband is getting late we should live ,when we were living the house I saw kitchen door open I ask my husband who open it, I follow the door l now enter another place like store were they pack something there I was now looking for were to come out and I saw were I will come out ,when I was coming out of the place I saw one man passing the road in front of the house .
This is call to keep an eye,a close eye on your building project even though the lord assures that it's not totally unsafe.

Do check around one of these days.

Bless you.
Good morning pastor, I dream I was in my father's house I saw one man enter inside the house through the back door and was coming to me ,I told the man he can not harm me later the man was handcuff and tie,I went to meet my father and my step mum I told them they are the one that open that door at back so that people in that area will enter the house so I went to the door and locked the door.