John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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My dream
Good afternoon,
I dream last night I was inside bedroom with my husband and kids,I was hearing a cry of little girl from my sitting room I ask my husband is like this child crying is inside my flat my husband said is not until i see the little girl coming to our bedroom,and I ask her what are u looking for I was bitting her and I said this girl is a witch and the baby turn to my husband sister daughter.I was seeing one woman coming holding 2 baby boy she said is her child that she left it somewhere here.I was saying I thought she is a witch.
Do not rebuke the poor at your door step,and don't be quick to judge or rebuke a stranger that you come across at your door step or otherwise,nor fight such lest you throw a stone in the market and it hit your neighbor or someone close to you and you are seeing as a bad or heartless person before God and man.

Apply wisdom when you come across a stranger,young,baby or old. And be wise before you criticize and tag a strange evil.

Bless u
Good morning pastor, I dream I went to my Father's house, In the sitting room I saw my father,my elder sister and one man political. my Father was tell the man political to rape me when I hear I run away and my father and the man was running after me I run out of my Father's house to house close to Father's house one woman there hid there and the woman told them they can not touch me and they go back. later i take my things and move out of that area.
What a world!
The lord said ' Politics is a dangerous career. It's what makes father betray his children, blood, relation, to trade, enslave and subject them sorrow.

Trust not politician or people who engage in politics even if it's your father, mother or.... ! The lord warned.

In essence, I see powers of your father's house plot to disgrace and demote your grace and virtue but to God be all the glory it's aborted.

Bless you.
Thanks pastor
Good morning pastor,
I dream last night one agent rent another house for us,and the house was in the same estate where we are living now. when the agent came around to show us the house my husband told the agent to rent it out to another family and return our 600k.

dream 2
I saw one man in the next house close to this our rented apartment, he enter our compound to fetch water with his wife and kids.The man on our generator to pump the water and the water was rushing out i call my husband to come and off the generator and he off the gene the water stop rushing out.The man was trying to on the gene again the gene refused to start, the wife was telling him we hook it inside.

The man was telling her wife we off the gene inside,the man was telling me he is a poor man he can't take care of his wife.Then i was fetching water inside our apartment and i saw another big pot of water on fire or so i take all the water inside our apartment.
1. When your rent is due or decide to renew your rent the lord warned to be wise about it before you do as I an attempt by those house agents to cheat or take advantage of you.

But the lord assured that your husband will overcome and expose this fraud through the power of wisdom.

2. Don't be deceived.
As the lord warned that a neighbour or someone will try to take advantage,manipulate your family by usng poverty/lack as excuse to rob you or waste your resources.

The lord warned, " be wise ', it's just a trick to take advantage of your family generosity/humility.

Bless you.
Good morning pastor,
I dream i was in one house my husband and his friends came there and they were standing outside, and i give him my phone and bag.I enter inside house to take my bath,and my husband was telling me he want to see someone and i told him to wait.After taking my bath i wanted to move out of the house there is no road again.Then i saw small arrow road near the wall and i pass through the arrow road and enter another road.I was looking for my husband because where i suppose to come out i did not follow it,i was looking for the house i did not see it again.Then i said my husband will call me and bring my bags and phone to meet me in the house.

Dream 2:
I dream one man from my village is death.and the place they gave me meat i vomit them out .I can really remember this dream.

Dream 3:
My husband dream he was in one area that look like abroad,he was looking for something and the things was in the ground he was passing them untill he find one .
1. Your husband seem to be losing his grip, attention for you as I see his friends,activities robbing him away from you.
He must make amend now lest there be chaos,lack of good communication,and love out of sight within you two.

2. They are called " eaters of flesh ".
Indeed, I see arrow of death being transferred to you but to God be the glory it was disposed/vomited.

Praise God!

3. I see your husband within or without the country striving to settle/find his ground abroad. The lord assured he will succeed at last.

Bless u
Thank u for the dream interpretation.