John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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My dream
Good evening pastor,
I am new on this forum,But i received your interpretation through my husband.

I have a dream i was in one school or place with my old friends, the boys we met there were like Hausa people.we left the classroom or also, and one of my friends said one of us is not with us. As she check the classroom she saw that the girl was kill ,and we ran away and hide in one man house and the person that kill one of my friend still follow us to where we hide then i challenge the man and collect the knife he hold and the man we hide in his place call people to join me to tired the man that hold the knife and i said i must kill him he was begging me not to kill him that i am the one that advice him to read psalm.I still insist i must kill him then he call police and the police hold some of the people that join me to tired him and i left there.But the police did not hold me.

Dream 2:
my husband dream he was going in one road in his village and he saw one girl she known then and the girl told him his younger one in law is a thief that he steal something.

Then my husband was calling the man on his phone to introduce himself to him and advice him the call disconnect and my husband call him back again and the man wife pick the call and when my husband want to advice them he did not hear clearing what the woman is saying before the call disconnect again.Then my husband said he wanted to help them well he is going then he left the village.

AS he was going he say a group of jehovah witness preaching and they stop him and they were preaching the world of God to him after preaching they gave him cap and the cap they wrote God words on it,and they told my husband to drop any amount he have and my husband was not with money then. my husband told then to wait he is coming and he enter inside church and saw a very long ladder in the altar.My husband climb the ladder as he was climbing the ladder shake and the pastor hold the ladder and my husband climb the ladder to the end and enter the next place and he pick 10 naira when he was climbing and pick another 1,000 naira note again.Then my husband said he will give the pastor 100k.

As he enter another place he saw one boy from his village and the boy ask him how much he bought his sandals 900 naira? my husband laugh waiting his mind and said sandals he bought 40k.He wanted to collect money from ATM machine and 2 people was in his front,the boy in his village said he cannot collect money the another long line will collect before he collect.My husband did not listen to him and he collect money and left there the boy was surprise.

Dream 3:
My husband dream we wanted to rent house or shop and when we get there the house was build together with UBA bank and my husband told me no i should not rent it because of the bank.If amy robber came to the bank and robb they we be shouting gun and the gun we be disturbing us and we told the man we are not renting but we like the building and the area.

Dream 4:
My husband dream he was inside room he saw some boys from his village they come to his house and he was surprise what they are doing and when he was talking to them one of them break one of his thing and he ran away and my husband was saying where is his money he kept here the boy have stole it and he wan anode with them and the rest say they we go and bring the money or the boy will pay .
Welcome to this family, mrsirebhude' DreamsTorchlight Ministries'.

1. ..Even though the lord assured your spiritual/physical security and dominion over powers, infliction of retrogression,acknowledge your spiritual strength, and victory over captivity of strong man. He warned to desist from friends that draws your life aback and cause you to live in your past, sinful lifestyle.

2. ◄ Psalm 11:3 ►
If the foundations are destroyed, What can the righteous do?"

You are indeed the only one who's found Christ, known the true way of the lord and the path of through grace and salvation. While your siblings are far from the lord and leading a worldly,sinful and destructive lifestyle. But the lord warned that any attempt you make to bring them to God, change them, and even invest in them to better their life will yield no result because it's inherited and the foundation of these is stronger than you can handle. Therefore, instead of investing in such fruitless effort why not invest your money on the altar of the lord, church and/or in the man of God God used to lift you up and take you to your heavens of breakthrough,blessing?

3. Yes, I can see you wanted to rent a place, shop or apartment but it escaped you,isnt it? Well,rejoice for the lord has done this to spare you from financial wreckages and destruction.

4. Be wary of whom you entertain into your home from the family, village lest they rob you and invade your blessing. And even though the lord assured the security of your blessing he warned that he can not secure them if you disobey or give in to them.

In essence, ' wage war against spiritual robber and for recovery of your stolen blessing".
Ps 119, 27 and 4.

NOTICE : do read the announcement thread/forum for Sunday day off!

Bless u
Good morning pastor,
My husband dream one company that look like Kongo deliver woofer,piano, and other things to us and i was calling him to come and see what they brought for us and we pack it inside our flat and the other neighbor was surprise.

dream 2.
my husband dream one of his friend send someone to bring tv for him and my husband said they man should return it he brought second hand tv for him that he need his money not tv.The person went back and he see them decided what to do.
1. Congratulations.
I see good news, abundance of blessing,testimony and favor visit this family.
Yes, your hearts shall throb with joy for the lord shall overwhelm you with uncommon blessings and cause all your expectation to come forth.

Something new,extra ordinary is on the way,such that your neighbors will see and become envious and acknowledge the faithfulness of the God you serve!

In essence, I see good news '.

2. Amazing!
I see all your hanging,delayed benefits,blessing being release to you. The lord shall cause those who owned you and denied you your benefits to locate you.

Bless u
GOd bless u pastor
Good evening pastor,
I have a dream you send my husband message that the lord said he will bless me and my husband,and disgrace the woman opposite my house.I was seeing the woman working around her compound.
Quote:Good evening pastor,
I have a dream you send my husband message that the lord said he will bless me and my husband,and disgrace the woman opposite my house.I was seeing the woman working around her compound.

Truly, the prophesy,this revelation shall be fulfilled.

For it is written :

◄ Exodus 14:14 ►
7.The LORD will fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.'

He even assured you that you will witness her shame,insanity or whatever it is.

Bless u
Good afternoon pastor. I dream I was in one area I was passing in the area I saw juju and juju priest full everywhere there I was looking for road to come out of the area,later I saw one woman was also looking for road to come out and I saw one man tell the woman to come he will show her the road and I was saying in my mind that man will show the woman wrong road. when I turn I saw wide road open I enter the road the woman also enter the road, as i was going on the road I saw one man like Rev.father wear White Cloth two men were with him, the other woman that follow the road with me said father pray for me the man pray for her,and I also said father pray for me the father point his hand to me and said it shall be well with me and no evil shall before me.that is all I can remember.

2nd dream, I dream I was in one place I saw two men bring paper for me and said is job invitation and the men went and hid and was talking I was hear what they are say,that the job is a trap from my father to push me out of my husband house,they like me they will now be the one to follow me,I open the paper and saw they wrote auchi to beinin that is the area were the job is.and i was saying I'm not interested since is not in Lagos were will my kids be,I call my husband to come and see,my husband said I should not go.that he gave me money and very soon I will see shop and have my own business.

3rd dream,I dream me and my husband was passing in one place and I was backing my baby boy I saw one boy looking at us and I told my husband see the way that guy is just looking at us,later and now hear the guy was telling other boys to follow us and collect our things and collect my baby and chain him I told my husband and we run and they now saw us,I told the boys u can not collect our things and nobody can touch my baby.they now run away,the guy that sent they come and meet us I told the guy so u are the one that sent them and I told him u can not do us anything .I told the guy I know u,u are my friend bother in my village,he said he finish school no work I was advising him to open business not this and his friend was telling him not to listen to me.
Quote:and I also said father pray for me the father point his hand to me and said it shall be well with me and no evil shall before me.that is all I can remember.

I see the power of God lifted you out and above path of destruction, deception, manipulation, evil and confusion into the path of life, grace and under the shadow of the LORD.

Truly, the lord loves and protects you!

2. It's called " manipulation, deception ".
I see the powers of your father's house, agents of darkness assigned to divert you away from the path of prosperity, blessing, and to prevent you from establishing/starting that business. But the lord shall/has exposed them before you.

But be warned, be wise among men and deceptions/manipulation of the mind.

3. Another evil agenda, waylay exposed and aborted.
For the lord shall cause the heart of your attacker or those who want waylay you to find peace with you and be at your mercy so that you,your family might be spare and save be it without,without or on the road.

What a great assurance,protection from God!

Bless u
Thank u pastor.