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please kindly help interpret this dreams.
1. Uncommon and divine blessing, I see.

2. Resurrection,renewal of grace,strength and favor.

3. I see divine,uncommon grace upon you such that will cause many to wonder and ponder.

4. I see your book of remembrance opened. Yes, that abandoned,long forgotten contract or letter of employment shall receive life and breath. You've been remembered for favor,good and breakthrough.

5. It's all over you ; uncommon favor that will cause many to wonder,ponder and envy you.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good Morning Sir,

Had the following dreams.

1.I was fighting some group of enemies using grenades and bombs that i was activating and killing them in numbers... this dream,i bought a travel ticket and boarded a bus for a journey. this dream i saw myself in a market buying things and at the same time avoiding some lines that has something to do with snakes..

4.Like a celebration and dancing going on and when i checked the board i saw that i just graduated from a university with 9 A"s in all the courses..

5.Saw a brown big envelop well packaged..when i looked inside it contains my international travel document all ready and well packaged...

Bless you.
When the Lord turn again the Captivity of Zion...We are like those who dreams!!!
 Then My Mouth Shall be filled with laughter,and My tongue with Singing...Then i shall say the Lord has done a great thing!!...Psalm 126.
1. You've been killing a thousand of your enemies but now that the lord had empowered your more I see you killing and destroying ten of ten thousands of them.

2. I see you on the move, soon. In essence , I see, forward ever... Progress.

3. Surely, the lord shall continue to save you from the snare of the wicked. He shall keep your feet away from destructions and cause your path away from the arrows that flies day... Bible ref : Ps.91.

4. Success in all you do.

5. Foreign door,foreign benefit or open door to overseas.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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