John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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please kindly help interpret this dreams.
I see restoration, I see your joy,peace and laughter restored,and your life moving forward again.

And I see destruction over your soul/heaven aborted.

But pray for quick & physical manifestation of these testimony.

Bless you.
Good Morning Pastor,
 I had this dream,that i could not figure out the meaning.
 I was driving on a road,then suddenly i could see a trailer(Big truck) filled with stocks on another lane,it was as if it has lost its break was really in a very high speed,it crossed its lane,as if it was coming directly to hit my vehicle because there was alot of  vehicle on that road,immediately it was coming close to me,i drived forward which made it to pass from my back into a shallow dirt/camp around my right side.In my dream i was wondering what might have happened to the people staying down there.It happened so fast that i know that this trailer(Big truck) might has caused a massive havoc in that camp it fell into.
Congratulations! As the lord has just spared you from sudden destruction/death on the road.

But still, tonight, you shall read Ps 91 3times and pray against and cancel it - just for the sake and incase of another attempt of bloodsuckers on the roads.

Bless you.
Good Morning Pastor.Hope you had a great weekend.
My wife had this dream that while she was with our baby,a man and a woman walked to her,and in that dream she was preventing any body from touching the baby forehead,this she also does physically.In the dream the lady used different kind of means to touch the baby forehead,but she refused her,while she stopped the lady,she noticed that the man went behind the baby and was repeatedly making an 8 signs with his hands to my wife,until she woked up.Please kindly interpret sir.
I see a great mother here. Whom she go to any length to protect her baby and watch over it(him/her).

But I see the work of darkness, evil agents striving, lurking around so hard to attack the glory of that child but having realized the mother wouldn't give in they are after the mother now(too).

This is a call for war.

You shall arise, two nights :
Ps 119, 19,24,27 and 8..into a bottle water and pray this prayers :

• Evil agents assigned to attack me, my child and our health, glory in the name of Jesus, wherever you are right now, catch fire & die.

• O God arise in your power & dismantle every evil altar, agents gathered to attack me and my baby be fire.

• I soak myself, my baby and his/her,family glory into the blood of jesus!

• Every evil hand assigned to attack the glory of my baby, in the name of Jesus wither.

Bless u
Good evening pastor.Hope you had a great day today.The prayer you gave us was started yesterday night and we hope to conclude it today.
My wife had this dream today afternoon.While asleep she saw herself in a room,and there was a man that came to her,and happens to be with the same face of a man of God we know.In that dream the man carried our baby and brought out a BLUE hancacif,and was about to clean the face of our baby with the hancacif and she stopped him from doing that,this made her to collect the baby from him,after collecting the baby the same man moved towards my wife to clean her face with the same hancacif,but she also stopped him,and started praying in that dream to stop that activity..This she was still doing when she waked up.Please i dont understand the dream.

This is interesting. But it seems this battle is no longer spiritual or attack but more of physical.

I see a demonic man of God who's out to attack the glory of that child along with that of mother for fame,power and to expand his ministry.

This is evil.

This is serious.
You or your wife must give me a call Now or 1pm tomorrow. But I will suggest you stop attending any church or your present church for now until the face of the evil man is unravel. This evil man seems to be operating in the dark but I know the power of God shall expose whoever it is soon.

Mind you, his/her attempt failed again but this has to stop permanently.

Continue with the procedure but this time you shall add this :

• O fire of the living God arise and expose the face of the wicked one behind these attacks.

• O God arise, holy ghost fire visit the source of this attack and the strong man aiming to attack the glory of my baby.

• Holy ghost fire, arise and locate the source of this attacker and their source of power..consume them by fire.

Bless u
Good Morning Pastor,
Thanks for all your support and prayers.As you suggested we have actually stopped attending the church,as that was a church we use to attend while she was still pregnant back then.
I will love to discuss more with you but will appreciate if you can PM me your number so i can reach you.
May God bless you richly Sir.

Do check your PM.

Bless u
Good day Pastor,
 I had a dream and in that dream is like i visited the university i graduated from to see how things are,but to my surprise every thing are looking bigger and better.Better structures,better classes and better road network,but one thing i realized was that i was seeing my course mates back then in school still in school,some where sitting in group with their friends as the use to be back then in school,i could also see some of them still going to exam hall to write exams,while i was discussing/addressing some of them while in group,they where saying something like''YOU KNOW YOU ARE NO 1 IN CLASS''and everybody will not be fast as like you.Any meaning to this Sir.


(18-02-2017, 03:34 PM)ebankole Wrote: Congratulations! As the lord has just spared you from sudden destruction/death on the road.

But still,  tonight, you shall read Ps 91 3times and pray against and cancel it - just for the sake and in case of another attempt of bloodsuckers on the roads.

Bless you.

 Thank you lord for yet another preservation and cancellation of the evil plan for accident.i have shared my testimony at the testimony section.

Regards Sir.