John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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please kindly help interpret this dreams.
You will be spare along with your dream from long suspension because you are a new member. But anyway you will be suspended for breaking the rule,below :

Bless you.
**Suspension lifted**.

Note that normally suspension lasts longer and dreams are cancelled,but you are re-considered because you are new here.
Do always endeavor to read and explore the forum,especially announcements. Don't just post dream and leave be part of the ministry lest you see yourself as a stranger here. And besides, the lord consider such habit as " spiritual selfishness".

God bless you as you obey.

1. ◄ Numbers 21:8 ►
The LORD said to Moses, "Make a snake and put it up on a pole; anyone who is bitten can look at it and live."

Congratulations. As the lord said, you are among the chosen one. Hence death shall not be your portion nor spiritual or physical death, and your enemies shall fail over your case-as long as you continue to look up to jesus, the cross.


2. I can see you are a wise,diligent and patient one. But these couldn't helped you to unravel the mystery of prosperity and discover the right path to true prosperity/breakthrough, as the lord was patiently waiting for you a year ago but take you to your promise land but you missed it. But to God be the glory for his mercy and restoration as I see the mercy of God at work now,propelled you into breakthrough, the opportunity missed a year ago.

Praise the LORD!

Bless u
Morning Sir,
Thank you Sir for the interpretation and ban lifting.Now I know the rules.

Remain bless Sir.

Good Morning Pastor,
I had the following dream.
1.I was in a place like an office setting where I came with my baby,in the office there was a land line on a table,then i told the receptionist staying in that room if the phone makes an international calls,she said No,the colleague that stays on the chair has not made any international call and have not allowed anyone to make an international call,when I looked at the phone there is a button that has international on it showing a red colour,after I touched somethings I can't explain on the phone,the red coloured light turned to green,then I called a number to enquire about someone I know in that dream that was outside,and someone like a Whiteman picked the call and said the person is not around.
2.There was a yellow car in form of a sport car outside.In that dream,the car was owned by a female colleague,and real life the lady was my colleague in my formal place of work,in the dream I noticed that the car was parked and has been dented by the lady in different sides of the vehicle.I took the car key opened the vehicle and fixed somethings within the vehicle,and the vehicle started and was good for a journey.In the dream I wanted to travel out with the vehicle,but later decided not to use it,as I was not sure if the person I called was around.
3.I saw the lady that owns the car(Formal collegue)came out from a place little a place she had a brief meeting and entered the vehicle,I tried calling her to ask after her and her family but she was a kind of moody as while I was talking to her she was not looking happy talking to me.
1. I see a great connection, such that will open a door of opportunity home & abroad. But there is a barrier,
You must break that barrier.

2/3. The lord said, ' henceforth whatever you lay your hand upon shall come alive, shall prosper,breath and/or be successful. But be wary of whom you work with or render help to lest they become ungrateful after helping them up.

Bless u
Morning Pastor.
Thanks for the interpretation.Any prayer point for barrier breaking will be appreciated.
Also I had this dream last night.
1.I was like in a room with a prophet who was just sitting down in a chair,I noticed that there was a tap in the room where water was busy flowing from the tap and filling the room,I have to use bucket and Parker to be parking some of the water and pouring that outside because the water has filled the room so much.
2.I saw my self making a journey,the journey was made to be in two phase,after the first bus I have to board another to get to my actual point,but while in the first I noticed that some passengers has already paid for the second journey since the same bus is making the same journey.When we got to the first point,I noticed that there was no more space in the bus,after speaking with the driver I noticed that he removed a black leather on the NO 1 chair and asked me to sit down on the chair.
Quote:Confession :Psalm 102, 94,19 and 80.

1. Every force drawing my destiny backward , scatter in Jesus name
2. Every power of darkness manipulating my progress be arrested by fire in Jesus name.
3. Every visible and invisible chain of darkness holding my life down be broken in Jesus name.
4. I paralyze every activity of darkness against my life through my dreams in Jesus name
5. O Lord arise, set me free by fire from every negative attachment from my foundation in Jesus name
6. Every strange covenant from my foundation, speaking against me ,
be broken in Jesus name
7.Anything I might have consciously or unconsciously done in my childhood days, speaking against my destiny in this season, O Lord let mercy prevail over them in Jesus name.
8. Father, separate me by your mighty power from every past confessions that might be rising against me now in Jesus name.
9. Every little- little foxes disturbing my vine from bringing forth
productively, be uprooted in Jesus name.
10. Every satanic authority injecting backwardness into my life and family, be arrested and condemned in Jesus name.

1. You shall find overwhelming, overflowing privilege,access and grace before an anointed man of God. For the lord shall cause you to find favour through the power of your humility and service to God or the lord anointed.

2. I see two doors breakthrough before you but shall almost lose one as a result of bad/unwise decision from you but the lord in his mercy shall have mercy and cause you not to let the other one pass you bye.

Bless u
Good day pastor,
I don't know what is going on.Since I started mid night payers atleast 12am-1am,I don't seems to dream or remember my dream again.This actually started last week unlike me before I discovered this great forum.
Either active or not active in prayers I used to dream before last week.
Please kindly assist me with prayer points and action plan,as I feel the enemy now knows I have been connected to these forum,hence no more dreaming'.


If your dreams were neither terrifying nor visible while you actually pray daily it could be a good sign, victory,and that there might be nothing,no battle or spiritual attack to fight as at the time or period.

But be that as it may,let's see as you might be right or wrong, do apply this :


Scriptures: Daniel 2
CONFESSION: Daniel 2:22, Eph 1:17,Joel 2:28



•Thank God for the Holy Spirit
•Lord, give me the spirit of revelation and wisdom in the knowledge of you.
•O Lord, remove spiritual cataract from my eyes.
•Lord, forgive me for every false motive that I have ever formed in my heart against any person, organization or system.
•Lord, deliver me from the bondage and sin of spiritual laziness
•Lord, I confess my sins of exhibiting occasional doubts.
•Let the angels of the living God roll away the stone blocking my financial physical and spiritual breakthroughs in the name of Jesus.
•I bind every spirit manipulating my beneficiaries against me in the name of Jesus.
•I remove my name from the book of seers of goodness without appropriation in the name of Jesus
•Let God arise and all the enemies of my breakthrough be scattered in Jesus name.
•Let the fire of God melt away the stones hindering my blessings in the mighty name of Jesus.
•Let the cloud blocking the sunlight of my glory and breakthrough be dispersed in the name of Jesus.
•All the secrets of the enemy in the camp of my life that are still in darkness let them be revealed to me from now in the name of Jesus.
•All evil spirits masquerading to trouble me be bound in the name of Jesus.
•Lord let me not put unprofitable and heavy load upon myself in the name of Jesus.
•All the keys to my goodness that are still in the possession of the enemy Lord give them to me.
•Open my eyes O Lord and let my ways get not darkened before me.
•All my sweats on the affairs of my life will not be in vain in the name of Jesus.
•Let the pregnancy of good things within me not be aborted by any contrary power in the name of Jesus.
•Lord, turn me to untouchable coals of fire.
•Lord, let wonderful changes begin to be my lot from today.
•Lord, remove covetousness from my eyes.
•Lord, fill the cup of my life to the brim.
•Let every power stepping on my goodness receive the arrow of fire of God now in the name of Jesus

Bless you.
Morning Pastor,
Thank you for the prayer points,as i believe it is well.
I had this dream in a flash.Saw my self in a beautiful photographic studio where I went to collect/take pictures,I met a lot of people taking and collecting their pictures,and most of them smiling and admiring their collected pictures,I was patiently waiting for my turn to take/collect my before I woked up from the dream.