John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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please sir help
Good afternoon Sir.

I was in a large hostel room (more of a store with some things in it), stood with 2 ladies close to the door, who came in shortly before then. I told them that others who were with me in the room are gone and that what keeps me in school is my clearance for which I'm going to the office immediately and if signed I'll leave immediately. I gave them the key to the room, they were both surprised but excited.

Thanks Sir.
You've been held back and stayed too long at one spot.

The lord said, you delay is over, it's time to leave that room of delay and move forward.


No more delay/stagnation in your life's...expectation
Praise the LORD!

Bless u
Good morning Sir.
I was standing in front of my mother(late), she had a fracture on her face (but there was no wound), like it has been there for a long time. I touched it and discovered that the two bones were still apart. Told her that may be her face should have been bandaged by the doctors to keep the bones in place, but she guessed that it wasn't done because the they did not want to cover her mouth so that she can eat. She further said that even the way it is, she has lost so much weight and so covering her mouth wouldn't make any difference. The hospital she went to the previous day billed her 38,000 and a popular actress (she mentioned her name) borrowed 380,000 from her. Her salary will be paid in the next 3 days and she will send the money to them (with almost nothing left for her).

Today is the second day of my fast.

Thanks Sir, God bless you.
Your mother suffered before her demise. Meaning, whatever struggle or battles you've been encountering and struggling with in your life was inherited,its foundational. Which are as follows :

•She labored in vain.
• She suffered.
• She was denied of her rightful blessing.
• It's often one brother to another.
• I see affliction of sickness,sorrow,failure, disappointments et al.

You shall add this to your prayer : Every inherited affliction, infliction,poverty, failure (name as many as you can)..of my father's/mother's house and in my lineage, today, by the blood of the lamb, I remove my name from your lists..loose me,let me go & die.

Bless u
Good afternoon Sir.

1. I was standing in a compound (outside the building), a female primary school classmate came with a lady whom I didn't know. We got talking, she asked me to mention the States in Nigeria that I have lived in, and I did.
Next, I saw myself in a moving car, the classmate sat beside me and the strange lady sat on my laps, behaving strangely. The car was moving at very high speed on a highway, without talking to anyone I opened the door and found myself out.

2. It appeared like a large lecture hall in the university, with many students who were all complaining of hunger. It was my first day in that place, before my arrival all the students had contributed money to buy snacks that would be taken in class whenever they are hungry. When it was time to share, some elderly men brought in the snacks and asked everyone to be on the queue. I was last on the queue (I did not contribute and didn't know if I will be given). Surprisingly, the man handed a piece to the Ist person on the queue and ordered that it should be passed to the next person behind and continued in that manner so that the last person on the queue (me) was the first to get her share.
A lady got meatpie but wanted moimoi, and so went to take it but the man got angry, cut the moimoi into tiny bits and threw them away.

3. It appeared like a sitting room, I was standing. There was another person in the room and a little girl who turned to me and said that she killed 3000 of them yesterday and 2000 today. I was happy, gave her a pat on the back and called her a prophetess.

4. I was about walking out of a compound, close to the gate I remembered that my belongings were in the backyard. Went back quickly, luckily everything was intact. I took everything. Close to the gate, I met the person that accommodated me in that compound ( a classmate in the university), she asked if I was coming back and i said "yes" but I had decided not to go back, and I had another accommodation.

Thanks Sir, God bless you.
1. I see an attempt by the devil,agent of darkness to tempt,cause you to fall into temptation,& draw your life backward. But I see the grace of God come to your rescue and forcefully catapulted you out of the path of retrogression/destruction.
Congratulations! This is VICTORY!

2. The lord is displeased with you.
He said, you've been among those who hungers for my word, spiritual guidance and growth and have been enjoying my presence herein/therein without given back? For the you've done, I shall not deny you my presence, word and all the benefit the rest have been enjoying but you shall remain at the back both spiritual and physical.

3. Don't be found nor embrace those twenty first century (so called)women who believes in revenge or fighting to defend themselves against men whom they believe are their enemies, unnecessarily.
Do not pat nor embrace destructive attitude towards every challenges the world throw at you..

4. Congratulations!
I see you bidding fare ware to retrogression,failure, disappointment, setback,stagnancy...

Praise God,Praise the lord, jesus.!

Bless u
Good day Sir.

1. I was in a hurry to go to the office and sign-in for the day because I learnt that Chemical pathology dept(my specialty in Medical Lab. Science) does not tolerate lateness to work. In the corridor, close to the entrance of the office that I was going to, I saw my aunty's husband coming out of another office into the corridor, I pretended not to see him. Entered the office, the supervisor was already there with the register in front of her, I signed-in because I wasn't late. Left the office and wondered if my aunty's husband had seen me.

2. Along a street, a heavy duty vehicle drove and the tyres pressed and scattered what appeared as gas cylinder, electric poles and wires along the street fell on those that were there and got them electrocuted(it happened very fast). The wires fell on a man and i advised him to cut the fastener of his jacket and pull it off with the wires. Somebody who stood close to me said that he wants to inform his brother in the 'civil defense' but i wondered what the incident had to do with 'civil defense'. Many people lost their lives. In my house, i asked my immediate younger one where his younger brother was, and he told me to go and search among the corpses in the street, i asked if he(the brother) had actually gone to the street and he said that he went to Idy's(a childhood neighbour) house. I went outside and noticed that Idy's house was located close to mine, and both houses were far from the street. The incident occured only along the street, as nothing happened in the residential area. I decided not to go and search for him on the street because i knew that he was safe. The corpses on the street were being cleared.

Thanks Sir.
1. The lord warned to keep your secrets, rise and fall to yourself and not publicize it especially with such man or people your spirit man find it hard to trust or confine in.

2. Psalm 91:7 ►
A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you.
You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked.

In essence, the lord said, ' many shall fall before you, disaster and storm of destruction shall strike and kill but none of these shall come near you nor be your portion and that of your loved ones, family.
Praise God.

Bible ref : Ps 91,23.

Bless you.
Good morning Sir!

I was in a church(i do attend prayer meetings there) meeting, the congregation was singing and dancing. The Rev came in my direction and pointed at me, a lady close to me and others, and asked us to go to the front. We were 4 in number. I saw myself coming back from an interview, went straight to the church but the meeting had ended and there was nobody in the auditorium. I entered, went round and checked everywhere, saw the Rev in one of the rooms and he asked where i went to because he had looked for me. I told him that i'm coming from an interview. He took me to his office, asked if i came along with my certificates and i told him that i had the original copies. He gave me a sheet of paper and asked that i shoud write my qualifications and results, he will give it to somebody that will be of help. He put his hand on my right ribs, i felt pain and informed him, he said that he has taken note of that.

Thanks so much Sir.
What a mighty, merciful and loving God.
The lord said, ' you've stayed too long at the back (in grace,favour,prosperity, in his presence..) therefore, move into forefront : favour, connection, prosperity,honour,and fully into my grace and present. But child of God, ' the lord said ', this shall come with a price tag therefore do take note. That is, there will be price to pay, pain before the gain will come. Hence this quote/message,as confirmed :

Quote:i felt pain and informed him, he said that he has taken note of that.

Bless u