John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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please sir help
Good morning Sir,
1. I, my siblings and some people were standing on the varendar of a house, it was completely enclosed with glass. Two masquerades were approaching the house, i locked the door but somebody said that "Prof. is outside", i said that the door is locked already. when the masquerades got very close to the house, we ran from the varendar to enter the house only to discover that the door was wide open, we stayed on the varendar. Surprisingly,
the masquerades passed without even looking at us, a boy from the varendar ran to one of the masquerades, put something (like olive oil) on its face and showed a bunch of keys to it but it walked away.
in another scene, i was with my siblings inside the house, asked my immediate younger one when he will travel back to lagos and he said that evening. told him that i'm not happy with the way things are with him, i want to introduce him to a pastor that helped a man that had a similar problem whom now is married. asked him whether he saw what that boy did to the masquerade.

2. my fiance was sitting with a laptop on his table, he said that he could't see any thing on the screen( his eyes were wide open and the computer was on) so i told him to get up

Thanks Sir, God bless you.
1. The lord said, you are suppose to be the spiritual head of this family, a blessing, source and path of grace and deliverance to every member of this family. You are suppose to be their guidance and a path that your siblings should follow to discover grace,salvation,victory in Christ,deliverance,and know God. But you are not living up to that expectation as you are even living below your own personal prayer life,and you are spiritually fearful.

2...even to you fiancè?
This is a call to pray on behalf of your fiancè,as an evil plot to limit him potentials,frustrate and prevent him from living up to expectations : career wise, spiritually, physically,financially, and otherwise.

Bless u
Good afternoon Sir.

I walked into a place, met a woman who told me that 2 of my colleagues had informed her that i will be there, they had long expected me.
in another scene, i stood and looked round, saw good cars parked every where.

Thanks Sir.
Your movements and your privacy is known to too many that you never knew do.

In essence,the lord warned :
◄ 1 Peter 5:8 ►
Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

◄ Matthew 10:16 ►
"I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.

That is, be wary and wise among man especially in your work place as you are being monitored,and your movement is known to many.

Truly, you are spiritually and physically vulnerable.
You must pray against this and act,physically : be wise and conscious.

Bless you.
Good morning Sir.

i returned home from a boarding school only to be told that my father had brought his second wife into the house (where we grew up), packed my mum's, brothers' and my belongings out of one of the bedrooms and replaced them with a very large bed and her belongings. I met my youngest sibling in the kitchen and he gave me this information, peeped through the bedroom window to confirm it. I suggested that i and my siblings should act immediately by moving everything in the room out and then wait for our father to come back so that we tell him what we have in mind. As we were discussing, the woman's daughter (about 3 years old) returned from school. my youngest brother said that he is the person that has been opening the bedroom door for her everyday and he keeps the key but will not do it again. i pleaded with brother to help the girl for the last time since we would settle with my father that day, and besides the girl knows nothing. he took the key and went with the girl to open the door, but did not return after a long time. i went in to see what kept him only to discover that the girl had charmed him and he was running on the street mad, i ran after him but couldn't catch him, shouted and somebody helped to catch him. in another scene, i was washing mushroom in a place that looked like a kitchen, a lady (who appears to be my cousin) came in with other ladies telling them about a certain church that is very powerful. she said that my youngest brother was taken there and he has been completely set free and she is going back there. i told her that i won't go with her but as soon as i'm done washing the mushrooms i will go into that bedroom and pack out every belonging of that woman and then wait for my father to come back and face me.

2. i was outside (the same house in 1 above), in the place we planted flowers and decided to remove my soaked sanitary pad ( it was actually of tissue paper). i noticed that my neighbour was outside and could see me so i used a wrapper to cover my self while removing it. the pad cut and dropped all over the ground, i was happy that i did not remove it inside the house and proceeded to clear the ground.

Thanks Sir.
1. ◄ James 1:19 ►
My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry..

Indeed, the lord has anointed you to be a leader,guidance,blessing,mentor to your siblings. He's assigned you be their spiritual/physical leader,mentor and a source of inspiration,strength and protection. But until this 'Buts' in your life is removed your leadership anointing and grace might become a curse,source sorrow,and lead them astray-to the path of destruction instead. And these "BUTS" is the spirit of :

• Anger and/or
• Impatient.
• Spiritual foresight or wisdom.
You are not there yet and can't lead until you grow more in the lord and discover your spiritual strength : spiritually and physically.

2. The lord said, your enemies,both spiritual and physical lurks around,waylay and await you to disgrace and mock you. But the lord said, I shall cover & take away your shame and disgrace your mockers instead. They shall wait in vain for I will expose them before and cover you with my grace, and your external/internal crisis be surmounted.

Bless u
Good morning Sir.

1. I was running along a very difficult path to join a queue of those going outside the country for masters degree studies. On getting close to the queue, i realised i had followed a wrong path and must follow another difficult path to join the queue. As i was thinking of how to go about it, a woman beckoned on me to come over to where she was standing and i did. The path to where she stood was short and without difficulty, there was no queue. On getting to her, she told me that she's giving me a masters degree admission on the spot unlike the long queue i went to join which i would have been contacted after two weeks and may be would not have been offered the admission. She immediately offered me admission into an MPH (public health), registered me and gave me a book, told me she will send me lecture notes and all i need to do is read and write the exam. Asked her if i could get a masters degree in my Ist degree course but she said it's not available, i can only get it in calabar and it won't be as convenient as what she has offered me. I had a girl of about 7years standing infront of me, she appeared to be my daugther, her both hands were wrapped round my neck (like she was hugging me).

2. I was in a room with other people, saw a termite (the edible type), was surprised that they were outside and told the others that i was going out to pick them because i haven't eaten it for many years. They were many termites outside and some people were already picking. I decided to pick the ones without wings so that i won't spend time to remove the wings. Entered my kitchen to fetch water in a bowl that will be used to wash them. when i opened the tap, surprisingly water flowed very fast (that tap usually doesn't flow fast), i wondered what had happened, looked around and saw a spare part of the tap and assumed that there had been a replacement. Left the kitchen, just outside, some fulani women came and asked me where to get a nurse as one of them had a very large wound on her leg and termites attacked the wound (they had been picking termites). I showed them where to go. Entered the garden(very close to the house. Like i was in the family house in the village), saw two water pipes(closely located) that have just been broken (was told that they were broken by my youngest sibling), so i understood why the tap in the kitchen was now flowing fast, as it was controlled by these pipes. When the tap was off, water flowed into the garden as the pipes could hold water no more. I wanted to tell my grandfather about the pipes but a woman advised me not to, whenever he sees it he will take necessary action.
Like there was a family meeting, a woman walked in, greeted me but i pretended not to see her. Immediately she entered, something like an arrow hit her, she ignored, entered the corridor and came back. Another woman stood up and said that the arrow was shot by her son, it hit another person (like a small boy) and redirected back to her(the mother of the person that shot the arrow).
Thanks Sir, God bless you.
1.◄ Zechariah 4:6 ►
....: 'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty

I don't know what you've been looking up to God for. But he said, I shall surprise you, and make way for you where there is no way. At ease shall I cause your path to be smooth and your expectations fulfilled.

2. The lord shall cause his power of restoration,resurrection,deliverance,and his presence to be establish in your foundation/family so that every termite, hunter therein shall be hunted and every evil arrow shall go back to the senders. For the lord has come, and cause his over flowering river of life to be establish in your father's house so that the powers of your father's house, attackers and strongman : the hunter ' shall now be hunted. For the lord shall hand them over to you.
Truly, the power of resurrection/salvation has entered this family/house!

Praise God!!!

Bless u
God morning Sir.

1. I was walking with a secondary school class mate who told me that she was studying for a masters degree, it appeared we were in her campus, told me she needed to see the VC to lay some complains and urged me to accompany her. On getting there, it appeared like the VC's resting place, the person we met told us that he was asleep but we doubted him and peeped to confirm, truly he was lying on a bed asleep. We turned to go, I told her that I'm currently studying for a first degree in Public Health, I couldn't tell her that I already have a 1st degree in medical lab. Science but starting all over again in Public Health.

2. I was sitting on the floor of my room opening a folder containing my credentials, took out my SSCE and 1st degree certificates (there were laminated), observed that they both appeared different from what they use to be. They were torn into pieces (but the lamination was still in place). I showed them to my fiance and told him and that I submitted those credentials in an office for internship placement, I was not selected because they felt that my application was not complete but went ahead to tear my certificates.

Thanks Sir, God bless you.
1. The lord said, ' many of your mates that you finished school together are still struggling,lagging behind and under limitation while you've indeed moved forward and doing well hence the lord warned,' be wise around them,don't share your success story or how well you are doing now lest you attract envy,enmity and enemies to yourself.

2. Daughter, your credentials is under spiritual attack. Meaning, as it is now you may not be able to achieve any meaningful thing or success with these credentials. I see the hand and infliction of powers of darkness laid upon your credentials. Infact,its presently under captivity.
You break that yoke and recover that certificates/credentials lest the kingdom of darkness continue to frustrate you/it success.
Ps 119,27,8,4,23 and 42.

Bless you.