John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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please sir help
Without doubt great things await you this year, 2017.

1. Indeed, many have mocked you,looked down on you and deemed you unfit to achieve some certain level of success, financial breakthrough and/or otherwise. But the lord said, with their eyes they shall witness your success,financial breakthrough & blessing so that they will be put to shame.


2. I see your delayed blessing, your financial breakthrough,testimony,prosperity released as I also see an overwhelming favor round about you now such that can't be stopped or hijacked by man.

Praise God!

3. Many shall look up to you in this family, as you will be a source of joy, mentor-ship and a bread winner to those little ones or family.

Amazing revelations..packed with uncommon/secured favour and blessing.

I celebrate with you!

Bless you.
I was in a room with my fiance, the door and window were locked. A man with a gun roaming outside was after us, he went from door to window looking for a way to attack us. we were hiding under a counter. when the man moved to the window, he saw us from there, out of fear my fiance shouted for help (though i told him not to, that we are safe since the door and window are locked) people from the neighbourhood came out and caught him. The door was opened and he was brought in, somebody brought in another man that was not in the scene but worked with him against us. both of them were lying on the floor, and at my mercy. I was standing (fully in control). the man who brought both of them in, entered the room again with a large bag (wide open) containing many pieces of paper and said that they were evidences against both men. i took it and said that my lawyer will make use of it since the case will be charged to court (but i did not mean it).

Thanks Sir, God bless you.
◄ John 10:10 ►
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

The strong man,spiritual robber assigned to frustrate your marital manifestation,breakthrough,and destroy your relationship/marital life financially and otherwise has just been exposed,disgraced and arrested by the lord.

Praise God!
But be on alert, pray without ceasing and learn to...sow a sacrifice of thanksgiving and for the security and establishment for (your) marital/marriage settlement.

Bless u
Account suspended for breaking the rules :
Thanks Sir, correction noted.
**Suspension lifted**

It's well.

But I want to use this opportunity to encourage you all to learn from this, and cultivate the habit of following the ministries and the forum,and explore every part,information therein lest you're left behind the scheme of things and appear like a stranger.

Let's cultivate the habit of being part of the ministries, ministries, not just come to paste dreams,read interpretations and log off as such habit even provokes God.

God bless you all as you obey.

Bless you!
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Thanks Sir for correcting me with love.

1. It appeared that my father (late) hosted an 'elderly ordination ceremony'. the event was held outside the house we (without him) resided some years ago. It was a big event, for just two hours. I and other people were in the sitting room. 2 (or 3) children came from another room into the sitting room, to go to their church, but a man (don't know him) stopped them and asked where their church was located. I spoke to the man to let them go because of their mother. She is a no nonsense woman and if she comes to look for them, there will be trouble. As i was speaking, i realised that they were gone.

2. I was watching TV in the sitting room (the same house in 1 above), the presenter was about giving steps to do a particular thing (i dont remember), turned and saw in the room what looked like a baby (more like an agent of darkness). I quickly swithed-off the TV so that it doesn't hear the steps and use them against me. Went into another room and saw the baby's mother (my maternal aunt) and another female lying down, told her to go and take her child away but she refused. I went back, picked the child and tried to drop it but its hands cutt-off and stuck to my hands. Suddenly, fire cosumed it, and its hands, detaching me from its hands.

3. I sat on a bed in a room (well organised), somebody whom i did not see spoke to me, saying that i should go to a particular website (i dont remember, it had to do with the FG) check, and do that business cos i will make much money from it, that a Prof. (in the university i attanded) makes enough money to take care of his family from that business.

4. I got to a point on the road, where i met a girl (we grew up in the same neighbourhood), she said that she doesn't know what happened the other time that we parted. I told her that she walked out on me. She said that she plans to get married this year but i advised her to further her studies and develop herself instead.

Thanks Sir, God bless you.
1. Daughter, why have you decided to follow the path of your family,father, lineage,and pay little or no attention to the things of the spirit but flesh?
The lord warned strongly that this path is the same path your father followed, and it's destructive.

It's time to dwell more on the things of the holy spirit and spend most of your time, party/outing in the house of God.
Follow the path of holiness and God today lest your life remain aback both spiritual and physical,and continue to tread the destruction.

2. This is a very powerful message. And truly, the love must love you so much to have revealed this to you.
Listen,whatever you watch on TV that depicts evil,and infact, be careful of what you watch on TV henceforth lest you invite demonic spirit into your home/life.
Yes, even though the lord assured that he's in you and his fire shall consume them ,but remember obedient is better than sacrifice.

3. I don't know what you participated on one of these gov job scheme, or whatever it is. But the lord assured that you will be favour and/or be among those the lord will bless through the power of social media : Internet.

Seek the lord, if you are not sure what It is.

4. This reminds me of this song ' Amazing grace'.

Indeed, you were once useless to many, lost and never known to add value to lives but not anymore. As your stone many builders used to reject has now become a living stone : source of inspiration, wisdom and mentor to many.

Praise The LORD!

Bless u
1. I was in a bus along the road, two other buses were ahead but there was no movement (seem the road was blocked). my female classmates in the university, in a group came from the opposite direction, on seeing me in the bus were all very excited. what crossed my mind was: could it be that their superior officers informed them that my performance in the interview was very good. one of them said "that man wants to sleep with you". Suddenly, the road was cleared and the bus drove-off immediately in the direction that they came from.
In another scene, my fiance sat on a desk, and i sat on the floor behind him (with a space between). A male classmate (did not see us) walked up and took a seat in front of my fiance but very far away (backing us). I spoke (don't remember what i said), my classmate stood up and walked towards us feeling very excited and said that he heard and recognised my voice. Asked him if i had a unique voice and also told him that i saw the females.

2. my fiance had a tray of groundnuts, i looked at it and told him that i wanted to buy groundnuts (same as he had) for us yesterday but i had no money.
1. Wage war against any man,woman and power assigned to frustrate your path and delay your progress-through sexual advances or manipulation, maritally and otherwise.

Ps 119, 8,27,23.

2. I can see that you two have many thing in common,and the bond between you is indeed naturally blessed.
But the lord called ' create a space, financial space for yourself so that you won't become a liability to him in the future,but supporter, his helper.

Bless u