John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Removing Spiritual Blindness

Scriptures: Daniel 2
CONFESSION: Daniel 2:22, Eph 1:17,Joel 2:28



•Thank God for the Holy Spirit
•Lord, give me the spirit of revelation and wisdom in the knowledge of you.
•O Lord, remove spiritual cataract from my eyes.
•Lord, forgive me for every false motive that I have ever formed in my heart against any person, organization or system.
•Lord, deliver me from the bondage and sin of spiritual laziness
•Lord, I confess my sins of exhibiting occasional doubts.
•Let the angels of the living God roll away the stone blocking my financial physical and spiritual breakthroughs in the name of Jesus.
•I bind every spirit manipulating my beneficiaries against me in the name of Jesus.
•I remove my name from the book of seers of goodness without appropriation in the name of Jesus
•Let God arise and all the enemies of my breakthrough be scattered in Jesus name.
•Let the fire of God melt away the stones hindering my blessings in the mighty name of Jesus.
•Let the cloud blocking the sunlight of my glory and breakthrough be dispersed in the name of Jesus.
•All the secrets of the enemy in the camp of my life that are still in darkness let them be revealed to me from now in the name of Jesus.
•All evil spirits masquerading to trouble me be bound in the name of Jesus.
•Lord let me not put unprofitable and heavy load upon myself in the name of Jesus.
•All the keys to my goodness that are still in the possession of the enemy Lord give them to me.
•Open my eyes O Lord and let my ways get not darkened before me.
•All my sweats on the affairs of my life will not be in vain in the name of Jesus.
•Let the pregnancy of good things within me not be aborted by any contrary power in the name of Jesus.
•Lord, turn me to untouchable coals of fire.
•Lord, let wonderful changes begin to be my lot from today.
•Lord, remove covetousness from my eyes.
•Lord, fill the cup of my life to the brim.
•Let every power stepping on my goodness receive the arrow of fire of God now in the name of Jesus

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Oh my God removed spiritual blindness on my life in Jesus name Amen