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Scary dream
1. I know you have Big dreams and expectations even though you have your financial limitations but always remember that all that glitters is not gold,the rich also cry,and you can't take possession of these big dreams without faith or with two minds ; doubts.

2. I see the power of wisdom rescued you from the dungeon of evil men,occultic initiation. Indeed,I see the captive of the mighty taken away and the prey of the terrible delivered ; being you. Yes! I see rescued from untimely death,path of destruction .. But warn and ring it to your brother' ears to steer clear of evil ..friends.

3. You,your family were warned to steer clear,flee from that church but should you,any of you especially your mother disobeys? Will bear the huge conquences and the terrible price that comes with it.

4. You will find peace and true joy with this one.

5. There is wisdom,good judgment or discerning spirit in you.

6. The possibility of restoring the trust and foundation this relationship had is very slim.

7 . Its a call and vision aim to alert you,your spirit man that there is a serpentine agent within your territory that must be destroy before it grow bigger and become a strong hold household enemy.

Browse,check through the' prayer point ' thread against serpentine power or household enemy.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good day sir,

Thanks for your interpretations...God bless you richly.
I had the following dreams;'s like I was with people sharing oil rice(jollof rice don with oil) and a lady was saying it's for family members and I saw one with almost eating like a pot of the rice with catfish almost full...I wasn't really interested in the food and the person was saying if I don't have they will cook for me...

2. I was with my friend, who's a Pastor and there was like commotion, a certain lady that everyone looked down on and didn't feel will amount to anything came and looked really good and everyone was shocked and he was explaining to me.

3. I saw a list of names with Signatures ...Saw my name among and it seemed this list was done years ago, someone was walking around busy with the list

4.I was praying seriously and someone came and was like saying things to distract me but I wasn't interested but as I continued from the floor,water burst forth like fountain when u just drill a borehole and later I stayed at the exact spot and was filling a form and a lady was saying I should allow her to fill from there and I was not interested in her discussion cos I could see she wanted to be where I was.'s like I was in my old secondary school and I was writing exams I had written years ago and a colleague was telling everyone behind my back that I had failed and I couldn't believe it and was saying How...He was laughing at me and mocking me behind my back but it's like i could see and I was worried saying let me look at past questions and my ex gf was by my side saying the questions aren't there and I asked her as I'm like this and everyone is mocking and leaving me, will u leave me too and she answered to where, I laughed and teased her, all of a sudden they were showing something on TV and that my colleague came and was saying to me that they can make a car that has no fault be like it had fault and it dawned on me what was going now seemed i was from afar looking at the whole situation and said this is a lie now...because I had passed those exams years ago.
WHAt is puzzling to me this my colleague I have seen him in sinister moves against me too much in dreams and my ex...what is she doing in this dream..

6. I was partly asleep and awake and suddenly it's like i saw a lady walk past my window and like I could see through the blinds and suddenly a voice pressing me down saying it will silence my voice and was reaching towards my hands to retrieve what was there but I kept on saying You can't silence my voice, I felt strength come and I shook off the weight and gained consciousness.

Thanks Sir
1. At an event , celebrating with. ..

In essence , I see the table of the enemy,night caterers turned against them. Yes, night caterers attack failed.

2. ◄ 1 Samuel 2:8 ►
He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor. "For the foundations of the earth are the LORD's; on them he has set the world.

Surely, the lord will have mercy he whom he would. . He therefore warned , never, consciously or unconsciously look down on any nor on the poor or the weak.

3. The lord has opened your book and remembered for good over an year old delayed or lost opportunity.

4. Demonic attack and manipulation aim to hijack your prayers and rob you of your heaven failed. You will surely testify to one of your prayers because the enemies failed hijack this one.

5. A powerful and uncommon evil manipulation from the altar of darkness aim to instill fear and confine you and your destiny in retrogression exposed,disgraced and failed .

6. That wasn't a dream but an encounter with territorial power/demon. But to God be the glory you conquered it and overcame it attack by the reason of faith and power in the name of Jesus.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thanks Pastor, God bless you for your help.

1. I had a dream where a lady I know who's dead was looking at me from a building and I noticed her and raised an alarm that that woman is dead and ran towards the building and she leaves the place and comes downstairs and I noticed it had changed from the dead lady to someone else and I woke

2. I was walking past a field with flowers like a mix of red and purple so beautiful and I stood in the midst of the flowers and told someone to take me pictures, suddenly I saw my ex by my side trying to join me and I was playfully telling her to go out from the picture but she still stood as they took some pictures.

3. After Night Prayers, I went to bed, i had barely slept when it's like I saw a dark cloud coming toward me and a pressing force on me and I couldn't talk in my heart, I kept on saying Jesus won't leave me or forsake me and broke free from the grip and woke.

4.It's like a man came with two cheques one with a large some of money another not so large but he told me that the smaller one will come a lot of times and will be bigger in the long run,I wasn't really too happy but listened to him and took the smaller one and he was instructing me on what to pay as tithe, offering etc.

5. I was in my house and the flat on top was leaking to my house (in reality this has happened but has been remedied). so I came out and I noticed the flat up was empty like the person had left, even all his belongings outside , cars etc, were removed and I said so he left me with this problem so I went with my torch to the side of the building and saw the water marks and started praying against the marks.....another scene it was like I was still at the side of the house but I was naked, where I was, was dark and I bent down to urinate and saw the man's wife came towards there and as she heard me, went away and was like smiling or laughing. for this dream, it looked like some other flats were also empty and a certain nieighbor too,his house the blinds were in a certain way that I couldn't see inside and I was puzzled. it seemed just me and this neighbour were the occupants.

Thanks Sir,
1. What has the living got to do with the dead ? I see a wandering soul following and monitoring your life. You must cast it out now.

2. Spiritually ? She's still in the picture of your life. Meaning , there is a bond that must be broken,you must seperate her from your life , now! Perhaps this revelation is linked to the number one.

3. Of course, that wasn't a dream but a visitation of an evil spirit. Before bed, always read Ps.27. . this will limit,prevent it power and strength over you.

4. You want something big, bigger,more rewarding blessing or contract ? Then cultivate the habit if sowing and tinting sacrificially with these little contract or blessing and see if the lord won't open his window of blessing upon. Infect, the little one is aim to exmaine your vow and commitment to God before you may be consider for something bugger.

5. Hmm.. Something strange I am seeing about this building or house you are living. You'd better make more spiritual inquiring about that house and it foundation. I smell something strange and evil but I can't say much now as the lord is yet to clarify or identity what it is here.

The leakage signifies ; flood ; financial storm,shame ..
The Nudeness ; shame .
The woman laughing at you nude or leaking room; mockery if your shame or disgrace.

You must arise tonight and dismantle arrow of shame,mockery and disgrace..poverty and affliction hovering you. Hmm. My spirit keep whispering , does these not have something to do with the house. .? Well, its not clear yet as its just a question mark in my spirit.

Time will tell... Just a matter of time , son!

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thanks Sir for the interpretations,

I had this dream, Its like I was on my own and it seemed i had an urged or deceived to act in a sexual immoral way ànd i disagreed, a voice also cautioned me against...I then saw some of my siblings engaged seriously in sexual immorality and at the same times speaking in tongues and listening to gospel music and I told him what he was doing is wrong and he should desist, he was with a lady although she was backing me and I couldn't see her face, then some of my siblings came and tried to force me to also join them in their acts and I was a bit scared that they will beat me up but I had boldness and told them, I won't join them and if they like they should kill me..they now left me and went away. (I don't engage in any form of sexual immorality whether openly or in secret).

2. it's like I had a gadget that I typed my dreams and it interprets them and the interpretations were all good and was happy, pleasantly surprised.

Thanks Sir,

1. There is a divine grace connected to you staying abstinence from fornication or sex and your destiny hence the enemies,the kingdom of darkness would go to any length to bring you down. As i see a strong force of LUST from the kingdom of darkness on a mission but the lord will strengthen you to overcome.

2. This lord is referring to here. The word ' good ' means ; accurate,unpolluted,the presence of God- Where your joy,peace of mind,divine words,guidance,message and interpretations is. Surely , your spirit man would rather be here because it knows? The lord is here!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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