John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Scary dream
Good day Prophet,

May God bless u and continually strengthen you for his work. Amen.
I have the following dreams;

1)it's like i was with my brothers in their moms house and they all looked spent(thinner than they are) and I left saw my eldest brother in front of the house and walked past him and was leaving. So someone called me that my brother was calling me and I came and said I should help carry a rug and lay in a room. Next scene he gives me a white mango like it was painted and I looked to see if it was ripe and I remembered a dream I had recently of a tree with opioro mangoes that were ripe and like just needed someone to shake the tree for them to fall and I rejected his gift.

2)it's like I followed a young colleague who's from the same village like a friend. Next scene it was like his wedding(another celebration cos he just got married recently) and I saw someone that looked like his cousin and I called her name and the person turned and said she's not the person and gave me jollof rice, talked with a friend and dropped the plate where all the plates where like someone was coming to take them to wash. I no left and saw my course adviser from university and I walked to greet her and she was saying that this is how a former course mate did and he used her as referee and was disturbing her etc and I was wondering and tot that for an admission application I made; my referees are complete and I didn't use her. I explained to her that I just wanted to say hello since its been a while. So we talked and I offered to help her carry her bags and they were really heavy but I carried them and her kids(4 In number) were following her and said there mom is strong o. As we walked we saw like a small hilux with a covering over the bucket that was having difficulty moving. So they removed the covering over the bucket and it finally moved. Next scene they were in a bus that moved and stopped so she said I should help her open the door and I was the door is open but moved my hands like I was opening the door and helped her out and her things and she now decided to walk to the place she was going since it wasn't far.

3)this isn't a dream. I heard a voice saying this is your month of olives. Somedays later saw my G.O pouring big bottle of anointing oil on me as I knelt down before him. It soaked my clothes and wanted to tear my inner shirt so the oil will reach every part of my body.

4)there's a lady friend I had but we fell off because of some revelations I had. In the dream. I saw its like my mom got her gift (can't remember if it's slippers or not). I was like why is she doing this or well maybe she wants to help her repent and change.

5).I saw a younger relation of about 20yrs but he looked like a 5yr old and was holding a cigarette and like crying and I walked to him and asked why is he doing that and took it away from him. Saw him later crying and I knelt to hug him and was thinking of training him myself but remembered that I was taking care of somebody and asked him how much hisbfees are and he told me. I saw his father who was in front and was upstairs looking at us from a balcony.

Many thanks.

1. Indeed, 'all that glitters is not gold ' therefore, continue being wise and leave no room for greed.
In essence, I see your spiritual consciousness and satiable personality rebuked self affliction.

2. I see you being ridicule as a result of your marital status. You shall pray the lord to humble and silence those who silently mock,ridicule you because of your marital status and lack of cause to celebrate.

Pray the lord to give cause to celebrate too and be celebrated in the midst of many,age mates,colleagues and friends.

3. The lord has something new, uncommon for you,and surely? He will visit soon and you'll testimony to his promise and words for you this day.

4. I see your mother consciously or unconsciously connecting you to a lady and/or bring you two back again.

5. Indeed, to whom much is given? Much is expected. But wisely, diligently and strategically you must go about helping and making a vow to relation especially this one I am seeing before you : I see another financial commitment but it's not a must you give your all especially when you know you can't..

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Prophet,

Many thanks for the interpretation,

i also had some dreams that i trouble me

1)its like i was in front of a TV and i was hearing God has delivered you from  spirit wives(4 in number), saw a white lady friend of mine that i know through Facebook and that i should wait and see it manifest, i dont know if its prior that, i was looking at two women(one i could recognize discuss) and as why discussed, the bosom of one was very visible(like the shirt became loose) and a thought was saying i should rewind it and look at it again(like i was watching a television) and i almost did but i told myself should i be looking at things like that and the scene cleared.

2)Its like i was going somewhere and the road was blocked and i decided to pass through another route and passed the blocked portion to get through passed through a locked gate, stopped and the security man opened for me after i introduced myself i think. Next scene i was at a hotel called service and smiles(used to be a parish for a redeemed church as a child) saw some people sitting outside like overflow some facing the direction of the ceremony or event going on some sitting and backing the event. someone was saying i looked like somebody's son and i guess i was saying i am not the person cause that person is not my father and my friends there cracked a joke but me i was leaving the place already

3)its like at the back of the house i live in was a big river and a tractor was falling inside or drove inside and i felt my key was in a bottle on the tractor and i was thinking how do i get it back, as i was thinking this i was also in the middle of the river holding on to a stick and a thought said i should dive into the river and i felt it wasnt a good idea and wondered if my spare keys were at home and how i would enter the house. looked to the shore were my house was and it was so far and i wondered if i had the arm strength to swim that far but i tried and found i swam quickly ashore and saw my keys were on the door and decided to check if any intruder and saw two of my friends inside the visitor toilet(one was using the toilet and the other was with only boxer shorts) and i was asking why are they there at the same time.

4)its like i was at work and my boss was complaining of some bad dreams about not getting a job we are working towards and its like i was feeling some forms and he checked to look at what i did and said he would have filled them the way i filled them.

Many thanks and God bless u exceedingly,

1. Through TV, watching of immoral act or expose to such on the internet/TV spirit wives found their way into your soul and life but to God you've conquered them today and overwhelm it subconscious addiction.

2. I see you come out of the wilderness lost,confusion,indecision and no direction that's been plaguing and mocking your life.

3. I see that power evil, manipulative and filthy power holding the key of your life and valuables to ransom exposed as you recover the key.

4. If only he can key into your heaven,the God you serve and/or discerning inputs his failure/disappointment will be minimal.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good evening Prophet,

May God bless u continually and give u strength.Amen

i have the following dreams and i cant place the meanings;

1)I was with my elder brother in his mom's house and some of his friends came and i think they were about 5 or 7(i am not sure) and its like they all paid to sleep with a prostitute and the prostitute threw a green towel on one of them. i was like what they are doing i hope they are not counting me among them. scene now changed to morning and i left the house with half bag of periwinkle and it was like i was removing them from the shell and eating some and i was like in a market and some people(like hausa people) they were selling the periwinkle but there stock was all finish and they all approached me like how market people rush a potential costumer but i wasnt interested in them because them sef have nothing to sell(where i am from. we dont sell periwinkle/trade it as a business)

2)its like i was in a friend's boat(covered boat) and i was very free in it and relaxed and my friend was looking at me at how relaxed and bold i was

3)i was with my brother and other people(seemed like his friends) and it was night time and i called a prayer meeting and the others were afraid and i moved towards the door to lock it and they were still scared like something could still come in and i was like we are about to pray and you are still afraid and i started to pray and saw someone amongst us(big & dressed in material) and i commanded twice he gets out in the name of Jesus and he obeyed and left the room and i continued praying and told everyone after prayer to ask God for what they want him to do for them

4)its like someone picked me and moved towards two high rise building under construction but not finished. from outside it looked like work had stopped because there was no one outside and i stopped in front and saw my friend who has a twin and we joked and teased him and entered the building. surprisingly alot of work was going on inside and i was astounded and it looked like apartment buildings and i entered and saw the finishing of the building and it was so beautiful and saw my an old friend i havent seen in years tsola and we talked. the finishing of the wood for cupboards was very beautiful and luxurious.

1. Pray against foundational marine manipulation,attack.

2. I see peace of the lord both within and without overwhelm you.

3. Your faith has increased greatly and you've overcom the spirit of fear.

4. Never judge a book by It cover.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Goodmorning Prophet,

a friend of mine had some disturbing dreams

1)she went to see someone in her house(colleague) who has been troubling her at work and it seemed to her like the person had collected her bed sheet and other business she was doing and the person asked her what are you doing here and she replied to talk and the person says i am going out with my mother and she sees the person wearing a cross(when the person is Muslim although they are namesake).

2)she had another dream where she went to an occasion and they were serving fried plantain and chicken and she tells the person serving that she's coming back and comes back later and she was served plantain and chicken without pepper spice to eat it and she cried because of that

3)she had a dream that at her work, there is a place they normally travel to work but her boss and colleagues went there without her

4)i had adream that a friend of mine came to where i lived(town) and informed me she was at a hotel through text although at the time she was going to a bar called 22 to hang out with a friend and i should come pick her from there and i wasn't happy that she made all this plan without informing me

5)i had a dream in front of my veranda(the passage leading to my house) was covered with dead cockroaches and in the midst of it, i saw two of my friends backing me but sitting on short kitchen stools and i said its to sweep this dead cockroaches away from here.

6)i had a dream where i saw my boss weeping uncontrollably and it was like he lost some things and also land, 

7) i was eating a bread that was strong and tasteless so i spat it out of my mouth to a lawn where some people had spread their clothes on the grass to dry so i removed the bad bread from their clothes and threw it away


1. I see that person in control of your life, destiny, virtue and glory. Meaning, spiritually, even spiritually this person is holding your life and destiny to ransom.
Yes, I see your life,destiny and freedom in the hand of human, in captivity.

This is terrible this person is holding your life and destiny to ransom.

2. This confirmed her first revelation : I see her virtue exchanged hence she will be disregarded, dishonored and unfavored among many..

3. Hmm..
Yet again, another confirmation ;
I see demotion,i see you being regarded less importance even at your work place and among your bosses.

4. And yet another one ; I see being disregarded and seen less importance even among friends. Your virtue is lost, this confirmed it.

5. I see monitoring agents, spirits being destroyed around you, in your household.

6. This will come to pass perhaps similarly or as a whole. Yes, I see your boss downfall, financially.

7. Your life needs restoration. But I see you spat out unprofitable and tasteless endeavor and unfriendly benefits, friends.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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thanks Prophet, 

1.the person is a Muslim and wearing a cross what does that mean?

2. with regards my Boss, should prayer be made on his behalf?

thanks sir
1. It's called " two-faced personality. S/he's neither here nor there.

2. Yes! But what led to that should be unravel.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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