John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Scary dream
Good evening sir,

Thank you so much, may God continually bless and lift you and preserve you for greater works,

1)Not a dream, saw where they were threw 3 boxes(crates) of some white fruits towards my direction, later i saw more boxes(crates) being thrown forward.

and sir the interpretation of me being a beacon of hope in my family was confirmation of what i feel personally and what my childhood friend that is a pastor now told me recently as i started drawing closer to God. Thanks sir, God bless you richly.

Something big, harvest of blessing is coming your way.

Pray you don't lose this blessing and claim it with authority as it's very close by.

Bless u
Good day Prophet,

God bless you real good. Please i need some help with the following;

1)this isn't a dream, i saw like a hand holding a big stick and hitting a crab like 5-6 times and the crab struggled and like stopped moving.

2)in this dream,in my kitchen, i saw ants and cockroach on the walls of the kitchen like moving towards the bedroom, store areas, i looked and saw they were coming from the inspection chamber from the ground,also they were two other people with me i don't know that took brooms and started to kill them, i brought an insecticide and sprayed on them, so i was saying now i have to sweep them and clean the kitchen.( i don't understand this dream, although in real life, i don't like cockroaches and always want to get rid of them, don't know if it influenced the dream).

3)In this dream,it's like i got to work and i told my boss's nephew to take my printer up to the office and used the rest room, so i finished using the toilet(well spaced and very neat) and flushed, then an owner of a company estate valuers came to the door and try to come in and had 1200 Naira in his hands and gave me 1000, i wondered what it was for, if he wanted to send me on an errand but he didn't say anything and left since i told him i was still using the rest room.

4)In this dream, i went to the car park at work and wanted to go out and i saw my brother, he had one magazine called times(looked like tell magazine) and on the coverpage had our late father and it wrote all his achievements and awards and a newspaper too(like this*day) with the same things and his children and i looked for my name and saw it but the funny thing it had like pics of him and his grandchildren some that were born after he had died and i was confused.

5)in this dream, i was with colleagues and my boss was talking to my department lead and the lead was answering a phone call and my boss scolded him for doing that and he cut the call and my boss smiled. later on, my department lead told me he was going somewhere when he saw like my boss's car and the company secretary  was in the front seat and told him our boss was also in the car and going to the office so he returned, as he was telling me this, it was like i was present when the secretary was talking to him.
another scene, company staff were just standing and it was like the place some colleagues were fetching water(well) wasn't available again and i was worried for them so some said they were going somewhere else to check if they would see water in the well. i was just feeling for them.

6)this dream, i was walking with my childhood friend and we were going to the cinemas, we past a lady that looked so much like a mutual childhood friend too but the person claimed to be a woman so i asked are you our friend's sister and she replied that if i give her my number she will tell me, as we were leaving the scene, she asked for the number, i did not give her, so i met a good friend i almost dated but she traveled out of the country, so i invited her to the cinema with me, she was saying like but your gf is also coming and i remembered so i was she should come and i also tot how would my gf come to the cinema since she didn't know the town well and decided to go change to proper clothes and bring her.

7)this dream is a bit confusing because the night prior to the dream, i was at a friend's birthday party and we joked abt where one of us used to live in his uni in undergrad(i didn't attend that school)

i now dreamt that i was walking along the road around the university area and somebody came to collect my phone, i struggled with him and ran away, i was at the gate of the uni(security post) when the guy comes back and tries to collect my phone again as the guy was approaching me, a security man comes and says whats the matter let him settle it, i told him did i invite him and the guy comes and starts struggling with me, i just had a matchete which i used to cut him severally and escape again and it was like he called more people and they were looking for me, i hid somewhere changed to a white tee-shirt, then a polo shirt and escaped.

8)in this dream, it was like some people, i feel women were saying they were looking for a cheque of 25million, so i entered the place where they were *, i was bringing out things from my pocket and they saw a paper like a cheque and they asked is it the cheque,i didnt answer them, then one of the ladies looked like my mom and was saying if i have ever seen 25million   in a demeaning tone  i was annoyed and asked she was talking down to me. the *scene changed and a senior colleague that we work on a certain project was complaining to me that another engineer went and rented a house for 2.5million and a location that wasnt nice, the location of the place is st. John.


1/2 : it's called " disposition of household witchcraft agents. As I see the hand of God swept and crushed them out of your life,peace,home etc.


3. The lord warned strongly, ' do not trade your salvation, dignity and your grace for worldly gain,money at your work place.
You must not trade your conscience nor your salvation with any man at your work place no matter how highly placed. For it is written, ' the blessing of the lord adds no sorrow nor ungodly conditions.

4. Truly your father his late but the lord said, ' I shall raise the name of your family,your father to speak/find favour and honour.

5. Many are no different from slave and are object of tools whom suffers in that company while few are favoured,and are like prince and princes. You are among the few favoured,ones at the top or/and prince and princes at your work place.
But be warned, do not look down on those below you, none favoured,those whom work like elephant but earn/eat like ants, for its the lord that lift one up and bring another down.

6. I see the thirst,desire for multiple woman. You must resist the spirit lest you find yourself struggling to overcome the temptation and desire for having more than a woman.

7. It's called " encounter with spiritual/physical retrogression". You must desist from any form of gathering, discussion and lifestyles that renders your salvation and righteousness helpless and powerless.
Above all, the lord said, ' your conquered it.

8. I see an attempt to implicate you for a crime you know nothing about or another colleague/person commits.

Truly, the lord shall expose the evil doer but it will take wisdom to detect or expose the guilty.

Bless you.
Check for update for NO, 6,7 and 8.

Bless you.
Good day Prophet,

i had this dreams;

1) i was driving along a dual carriage way and my immediate elder sister was walking carrying her daughter in her front and i told her to join me lemme drop her off, she said she was close to wear she was going to. a colleague answering the same name with our younger brother, also lent his voice and opened the door for her, so as we were going, i was at the back seat with her and her little girl was saying some words that i cant remember and i was complimenting her and she now says Jesus, i said beautiful and called her Isabel( the little girl is barely a yr)

2)a friend of mine says she was walking on a bridge with her younger brothers and a truck moving, covered the entire road width and also moved towards the pedestrian area where they were walking, she and her brothers managed to maneuvre so it didnt hit them but she couldnt find her youngest brother but could see her immediate junior safe but far away

3) a colleague says she dreamt and saw me driving a nice car going somewhere dressed in a white shirt

thanks sir
1. Your elder has been keeping malice with you(unknown to you though) but your humility won her over,and has caused her to forgive you now.

2. I see arrow of death fired into this household but the lord has put the enemy to shame in the life of all except your youngest brother. You all must pray for him against arrow of death,powers that want him to vanish. Or better still take him to deliverance ground. This is urgent.

3. Congratulations.
You have a great future, this is it. I see you living your dreams, at your next level. But remind God and claim it everyday, with Ps,1,19 and Isa60.

Bless u
Goodevening Pastor,

i have the following dreams that have troubled me;

1)Had a dream where a lady I don’t know was accusing me that we were in a relationship, she brought old pictures showing me lying down on a chair and other pics as evidence, she was making a scene, I saw a lady friend that this woman called liquid, the lady friend was like looking to see the outcome of the scene. I was saying I don’t know her from anywhere and I don’t know how she managed to get pics of me. She was speaking in my local dialect and I now saw my mom in fine print (material wax) and explained to her that I didn’t know the woman, the woman threw the pics on the ground, so I picked them in my mind she didn’t have anything to use as basis to accuse me anymore, the pics looked like childhood pics.
2)Another scene, I was driving with a lady that I just became friends with, as we were driving, I told her to push out the side mirror (cos it was bent when its parked and you don’t want people to hit it). The road we were moving on was filled with vehicles and I maneuvered through vehicles coming and going saying it won’t hit us.
3)I was in the office and a Young man that worked with us for his National service was with us in the office, he gives me a foodflask with beans, I collected it and walked towards the toilet and I saw him coming out of there, I felt bad cos it was like I was taking his food to the toilet, the manager partner tells me the chairman wants to see me he tells me to sit down and I woke
4)my mom had this dream where I was holding plenty pieces of paper in one hand and a rim of paper in another hand entering the church and she tells me to drop it on the altar.
5)i had a photocopy of a cheque with a certain amount on it and I was like where is the main cheque and I was going through my things thinking how will I go back to meet the issuer and I found the cheque

1. I see implication, sin of your visit you.
You shall wage war " O arrow of implication, powers that want to visit me with the sin of my past,let me go,Die!

2. This confirmed the above dream.
The lord said, some time ago you helped or had a relationship of no benefit with a lady which almost land you trouble but the lord was on your side and spared you,your life from disaster attached to knowing or having something to do with her at all.

3. I see implication/accusation before you at your work place. But this can be prevented. As the lord warned, ' don't be afraid,shy to say NO reject what you're not comfortable and vice versa lest you refusal to follow your heart/inner man land in trouble.

4. Your credentials,certificate etc need the touch of God, power of restoration,renewal therefore if by chance your mother bring such suggestion,or not? You need to take them and present them before God.

5. I see arrow of frustration,implication hovering to attack and frustrate you at work but I see the power of come rescued you.

Praise God!

Bless u
Good day pastor,

1). I had this dream, where I was with my girlfriend and we were walking together and like I saw a convoy of a president was thinking if it was the sitting president or the president of a neighbouring country(my gf moved closer to see, I saw the back of her blouse like it wasn't zipped). I introduced her to my elder brother and he just said hello and moved on.i didn't like that. I saw another of my sibling with a friend dressed traditionally and they were like all coming from a house. Saw masquerades and other things. I passed through all this carrying a transparent keg of water and some people were saying if I my keg touches the traditional people dancing it will be contaminated and i answered and said where have they heard it done before. I entered a house to look for my girlfriend and I noticed cobwebs and I said it looks like nobody has been here and I removed them and heard like the sound of shower and I saw her bathing and said lemme join u.
2). In this dream, It was told I could go bring my father from the grave. In my heart I was also told that i could go as far as my grandfather and I was walking down I could see only a few people on this journey like it was a very large field without end sef. As I walked along a voice was shouting from behind I shouldn't go further than a certain year and I answered if I don't do dt i won't even get to the year of my father's death. I went as far as my year of birth and I was with my father and the voice said my father died sick and what will I do with him and I answered I will give him manna water to drink and he will be whole as I said this I performed what I said and he became whole.
3).this isn't a dream. I was in church and I saw like a wedding reception a man sitting as the groom on a couch and a lady walked to him bearing two brooms on her head and he walked yo her and hugged her. The lady in questuon was dressed the way northerners/Arab do a white dress covering her body to her heels and a white head tie .
4)this Isn't a dream too. I saw a well furnished table with chairs, looking really ostentatious I don't know if it's a dining or comference table with about 6 chairs.(Saw this twice) and I also saw a well furnished expensive looking sitting room.
5)in this dream. I was driving with a lady friend I really like and we were cosy in the car and I noticed they were 3 accidents in front and she said I should find another route and I answered I always look at accidents as a warning to myself that I should be careful. I noticed that I was also driving one way against traffic.