John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Scary dream
Goodevening Pastor,

Thanks for the dream interpretation but the person in question isnt a christian.
What's life without Jesus?

When we are talking about serpentine bite/attack?... Nobody, I repeat none can save the victim without jesus because it's a serious one.

It's well!

Bless u
Good day Pastor,

Have had some dreams, the past days, some are confusing:

1)like I was in the mangrove swamp with other soldiers,like I had just been drafted in the military, so a soldier was dressing me properly and wearing me items like that would reduce the impact of bullets,but it was a bit free(loose),i asked him if he did jazz to stop bullets and he said there was no need for dt, all of the soldiers were in the swamp,boats coming,going like they were deploying more troops against militants, there was a toilet and I saw a lady (a pastor in my mom's church) and she was like doing lady things,i wasn't comfortable,so I left to come back later,anothe lady was using another toilet.later I came bak and I saw her again and I saw blood streaming down her legs and she wasn't in the toilet but her foot in the swamp too. I also didn't like it
2)like I was with a group of friends and it was like a party and there was like a basin with like coconut juice(the grinded coconut was in the drink),i took like five cups of it,(when I took from d basin,the extract didn't join,only d liquid),some people were saying I shld take star lager too(I don't drink alcohol) but I asked is there anyone that took the two together,like I saw a friend Dt did and was in pain, like taking them together was poisonous.
In another scene,like it looked like England and I was in a house then a client we do a job with came with 3 other people I don't recognise,like they were chasing in the streets, had to let them in cos of him, as I closed the doors and dropped the curtain,noticed it wasn't too clean and it was like I was ashamed of d place but cause of de were in a bind had to let them in, noticed d people that were chasing them now saw me and wanted to come arrest me, I was annoyed that if they couldn't arrest this people, y would de want to see me and intimidate me, I used a big stick and attacked them and they ran away.
3)in the place I live,there,s a neighbor with a big gen that gives light to another neighbor, but my colleague came and wanted to connect light,it was like his house was by our estate but was dark,so I was u don't know the man and how will u connect armored cable to the place,I put on my gen and he says he wants to iron and brought clothes that were already folded and parked like they were drycleaned but I told him No,saying it would spoil my gen. In my bedroom, the lady m dating was there and there was like water to the ankle and I was saying,i had to remove the water and rearrange the room,there was a toilet in the room and she was going to toilet and said there's no water and it was like there was faeces on some tins(the faeces was hard and very large not watery)so there was water and the toilet could now flush,told her any of my stuff that had faeces touch it should be cleaned with dettol. My colleague now comes to the room and I give him two pillows in pillowcases(the pillows were old and dirty,one's color was orange, d oda normal pillow vitafoam style), he said the orange was his but I told him, the second is for him too and he should take it and go.
4)in this dream,like my ex and I had a child which she brought and said she was going somewhere(ex is happily married, we rarely communicate) but as I was walking with the child, I saw the hair of the child and said the hair isn't like mine or hers, that are u sure this is my child sef, she now comes later and I entered d room where d child was sleeping and it looked grown like my relation, so I was like that isn't my child and was walking along the road, saw her in a taxi and I was like why didn't she drive my car and entered a taxi,she gave one excuse,saying she wanted to buy bread,i was reluctant to spend my money and told her there's bread at a place, she was saying another place and I was like Dts her issue in my heart.
5)had this dream last week, like I was in my neighbors house and it was like his wife was coming but it felt like my late brothers wife,so I got scared a bit and I encouraged myself with God's word and started praying,speaking in tongues, I saw my self in the centre of my compound and talking to my neighbors husband, people were playing football, I played abit and continued watching, four people were walking past and there eyes were bloodshot red,like they were possessed and I slapped them on the forehead and they seemed delivered, the eyes were clear just a little red and like some other set came and attacked me later and I said they should all go mad and they did.

1. You've been admitted and considered fit for spiritual warfare soldier,military.
Congratulations,as your spiritual,prayer life and strength has increased in spiritual warfare.

2. The lord warned strongly, be wary of bad influence, ungodly friends, and don't be found with alcoholic nor be tempted because it kills ,both your inner man,without and destiny.
Flee, flee from bad,ungodly friends and do not have anything in common with them lest they bring trouble into your abode and turn you away from God.
Be warned!

3. ◄ Genesis 4:7 ►
You will be accepted if you do what is right. But if you refuse to do what is right, then watch out! Sin is crouching at the door, eager to control you. But you must subdue it and be its master."

This established your number three dream.
The lord said, obey, do what is right, and do good and you will have nothing to fear,worry about.

In essence, you must have nothing to do with ungodly friends,and wary of whom you entertain into your abode,especially ungodly people. Don't be found entertaining one into your home lest they pollute your home,heaven,grace and overwhelm you with trouble,both spiritual and physical.

4. Be grateful and thankful to God that you didn't end up with her.
She would have been unfaithful to you and turn your life upside down.
But the lord also warned strongly, steer clear off extra marital sex, affair lest you become another victim of unfaithful woman or wife.

5. ◄ Genesis 4:7 ►
You will be accepted if you do what is right. But if you refuse to do what is right, then watch out! Sin is crouching at the door, eager to control you. But you must subdue it and be its master."

Do what is good,right, the lord warned again. And obey the instructions given.
In essence, I see you overcome the spirit of fear and intimidation.


Bless u
Good evening sir,

had the following dreams recently;

1)i saw the lady i am dating and her sister, they entered an expensive restaurant and exited because of the cost and she was telling me, i told her i know its expensive(don't know if i ate there before or not) so we were moving down the road but it was like a bed that was moving like a car, her sister, she and i were in the moving bed and my lady friend and i took a picture(selfie) but as we were taking it, my friend edwin also joined us for the picture out of the blue, noticed her sister was frowning. from the scenery, it looked like we were in dubai.

2)it was like my kitchen was flooded and i was trying to escape the flood and i climbed on the sink but i was holding a  basin(plastic) of snails with long eyes(very long)

thanks sir
1. I know you've been avoiding this message even though the lord has kept insisting.. yes, the lord revealed your thoughts to me.

In essence, the lord said, your lady friend is way above you socially hence might find her a bit hard to control but overall she isn't bad. But be reminded that you might have little issues here and there controlling /correcting her.

2. It's called " storm or flood ".
I see overwhelming stagnation and set back,financially.

You must wage war against these asap before or lest it come to pass- in no time.

Bless u
Good day Prophet,

I had a dream where my cousins(way older than me) came to me and complained that a/the cook(who I don't know), refused to pump water and they wanted to see our uncle to complain and talk to him, I replied that there is now light and why did she refuse, went to the room of my uncle and checked, didn't see him, but later saw him(he was dressed in sleeping clothes)and called them to talk to him. This dream seemed like it was in the village and in reality, water is pumped centrally by the town.

You are suppose to be a leader, spiritual head,and source of inspiration and salvation to every member of your family. But you're yet to discover whom you truly are in Christ nor living up to that/it yet.

Bless you.
Good evening Sir,

Thanks so much sir for your interpretation sir, may God continually lift and bless you.

1)Not a dream: like i was standing in front of an open door leading to a bedroom, all i could see was the bed neatly arranged and dressed and gold curtains draped.

2)This is a dream; like we a reunion at my secondary school and they cooked rice at the industrial kitchen but i felt the rice wasn't enough and i wanted to take a look but i believe somebody came and i avoided being seen but the person followed me and wanted to embarrass me but i told the person off that she couldn't embarrass me, another scene they were serving potato chips and chicken, i took some of the chips and ate the way one eats groundnut, i saw a friend from university(good friend)although he didn't attend the same secondary school with me, he wanted the chips but i didn't give to him but told him they would serve jollof rice later and i would get for him, saw another friend(married lady) serving the jollof but i couldn't really get it for my friend and he wasn't too happy. This my friend used to help me out during university so i wanted to show him a board showing something i achieved while in secondary school but he said he couldn't see the board i was showing (or refused to)i felt cos i didnt get him the foodi promised. Next scene  we were talking, a lady(member of staff) that was my friend told somebody to tell me to come see her but i was wondering how she still worked there(cos it seemed she still did in the dream, in reality she doesn't).

1. I see marital honour,wedding night.

2. Any man that's not faithful to his word is consider unwise and wicked before God.
The lord warned strongly, ' if you don't want to be overwhelmed with shame,dishonour and retrogression do not make a covenant nor commit yourself to what you can't fulfill.

Bless u