John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Scary dream
Thank you sir, what distractions?
There is so much going on your mind these days even while praying.

Bless u
Goodevening Pastor,

While i was in church, during the prayer session saw kitchen sink not the regular type(white in colour but not too new,a bit deep like about 600mm and walls thick) with the tap running(tap looked new), but it was empty and charcoal or black soot was being washed away by the running water down the drain.

The lord was present during the prayer session removing and washing away every filths, loopholes that the kingdom of darkness was using to operate,pollute,attack and inflict the church and her members.

It's called " cleansing,restoration or disposition of sins/filths".

That church shall experience the power of God(now) afresh,anew".

Bless u
Goodmorning Pastor,

had this dream and it seems strange to dream about the people involved.

It’s like my friend and her husband and kids came to spend holiday in my house (her husband is a soldier fighting book-haram and I have never met him before). So, like she and the kids went out and the husband was alone with me and he came to my room to ask for help with somethings, I was answering him like a soldier too, yes sir yes sir, standing at attention. So, there were two tv’s in the sitting room and the volume was loud so I was asking him if he wanted the volume reduced (he said he could still hear clearly so I said ok thinking in my heart, that in the warzone, with all the noise, they still heard). I wanted to go out but decided against since, there were dirty dishes and didn’t want my friend to come back to the house and still do any work, so her husband and I got talking and he said they had gotten newer armored tanks with longer range so I said that ok that means the war with book-haram would soon be over, he now asked if I know oculus (virtual reality equipment), after two attempts at trying to identify what it was, I got it (I remembered that I was reading like a dictionary or sth about it). His friend now comes in wearing a white tee-shirt and camouflage shorts and they started speaking Hausa, since I couldn’t understand, I left them and went back to the room. My friend’s husband now walks in fully dressed with a gun on his bank saying, his friend’s gf cheated on him (remembered that his friend’s eyes were red) and that he wanted to go back to the war-zone (seemed like they gave them a break). My friend’s husband was telling me that he is happy here and wasn’t ready to go back to the warzone (seemed his friend wanted to go back with him). In the same dream another scene, saw some children(couldn’t recognize them) about four in number like singing and dancing like a performance and I sat on a stool watching them, another child wanted to get a stool to sit by me but I cant remember what I told her.
I see you become family friend to this family. And truly, you will draw closer,know your friend family better even more than ever,eventually and they seek you for help. You will become a pillar of support morally and otherwise.

Bless u
Good afternoon sir, many thanks

There is this lady that I proposed to marry sometime back but her mother didn’t want to give blessings to the union and introduced her to a man to marry but the last I heard was she wasn’t having peace of mind going ahead with it.( I don’t know if these dreams are just my thoughts; multitude of business or I should be concerned about)

1)I had a dream that she and the supposed man where driving in a convertible and he was telling her that he doesn’t cheat o, that he doesn’t chase women etc. and was asking her if he had taken her to this and that fast-food joint, I now hear a voice like his announcing her name(the way its done in a pageant) and she walks into the backstage area where they dressed with black braids(her build a little thinner than I remember) and there was a lady sitting in front of a dresser with like hair(human hair attachment that wasn’t really grey or yellow) but this lady’s hair got sucked into an electrical socket and that my friend laughed at her.( while all this was going on, I cant really remember seeing any faces, it was like I was just in the background watching).

2)In another dream, the above lady friend was with her friend in her sitting room and its was like I could hear them over the phone, next thing I was lying on the rug by the sit she was sitting and the man her mom wants her to marry comes in and she was giving him excuses about why she didn’t return calls or text,(her friend was saying this and that she isn’t feeling fine, feigning sickness) but he said we texted yesterday but they said another thing too so they said she’s hungry and she needs to eat that he should go buy her food and he leaves but he now notices me lying on the floor but I tried to cover my eyes with my hands but he looks at my face and leaves(cant remember if he was annoyed or not). She now gets up from the chair and says her mom is around and I should try and plead with her and I asked when did the mom come in and she says she jst came in now, so I entered another room where the mom and a lady I don’t know and I tried to persuade her and like a suggestion that I should buy wrappers worth 90thousand naira but I didn’t want to pay that some at once and offered in two installments and it was like she was happy at first but wasn’t happy again later cos when I talked about allowing me and her daughter she said No and I noticed she had a smile on her face, I think I got annoyed and left the room
It's about her indeed and what she's experiencing at the moment.
Hence both dream means the same.

•The lord said, there is no love,trust and no good communication between the lady and the man forced on her by her mother.

• She wouldn't be a bad idea for you as the lord was even with you two but the force using her mother to frustrate and separate you two might be difficult to break. As she's quite bent in frustrating you hence might never change her mind as far as you and her daughter is concern.

Bless u
Good day Pastor and Happy New Year,

A friend of mine had the following dreams;

1)She was in a big house like her own house and there were two very large snakes downstairs and they were huge like they had swallowed something like a human being, she said she wasnt scared of the snakes and couldn't drive them away.

2)She was taken to a field by a little girl child and she had the feeling snakes were there and it was now a bed and she saw baby snakes but a lady came and pulled her away from there but she had bitemarks on her thighs  and she felt weak

Both dream fall into one.

It's like wining an dining with danger, serpents.

This is a bit serious.
In essence, the lord said, there is something in your life that must be dealt with through the power of repentance and deliverance. And until these are done your destiny, peace and glory may remain under captivity of serpentine/marine kingdom,powers.

Daughter? You are under serpentine attack,and as long as you are..? Your life and destiny may remain under captivity both spiritual and physical.

Seek the lord in deliverance and repentance now,and most importantly, it's time to unravel the mystery of this marine connection, serpentine powers troubling your life and attacking you at will.

Read Ps 19,Joel 2:28 and Luke 8:17 each 7 times,and Ps 119-once. Use them to pray this time.

Bless u