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Scary dream
Good afternoon Sir,

I've had some very disturbing dreams that has left me perpl3xed.
1) it's like i was in a race with 11 other people and I was in front and commandeering a strange boat on the sea, the part of the boat in water I could see a tiger in front and at the back and I got to a let concrete slab on the water and stood leaving the boat. the water there was clear and I could see inside. a friend called me from somewhere and told me to dive in the water. we learnt how to swim together years ago and I dived in and I noticed there was faeces floating so I dived deeper so they don't touch me and I saw a relation of mine almost at shore at a place where there was refuse floating on the water and came out there. It seemed like my village and I walked along a path, saw my assembly pastor who looked at me somehow. Next scene I see Him, pleading with someone to take care of his son and I look in a direction and saw a blind woman walking in front of a house(it felt like my mother's ancestral home and I have never been there). the scene changes and I feel like urinating but I was bothered about people tampering with the ground I urinate on and someone offered to allow me urinate in his compound and give me sand to pour on top which I declined , I thought of into the river but also decided against it. I now walk in a direction like towards my fathers house in the village and I saw a lady with a carving of a man like an idol but she was like controlling the carving to urinate across the path and on the other side saw another carving of a man like it is in my village and I was I shouldn't pass there or allow this urine to touch me and I started saying I cover myself with the blood of Jesus and some voices where saying they don't want any swearing here o and as I walked in another direction still saying the blood of Jesus, I saw a group of people saying echoing the blood of Jesus anytime I say it.

2) I saw my girlfriend in the living room in her house, it seemed like she just put to birth and was carrying a baby boy and I asked her where are u and she replies and sent me a picture and I appear at the scene and see her carrying the child and a new water dispenser on her left by the door leading to her bedroom.

3)it's like I was lying down somewhere and a lady was with two of her children and was telling the first child that the father that just died wasn't her father and it's like the younger child was telling me to leave and I asked her to where? my uncle now comes in and gives me and the lady coins of different colours and shape and I was like in my heart that this shillings isn't up to a dollar and as he was leaving he whispered sth

4)it was raining but not so heavy met a colleague at a tee junction and collected sth from him in a flash, it's like he was saying it wasn't working well so I told him to do it again and collected it. the scene now changes it's like under a big tree some people were talking about resembling there dead father I wasn't paying attention really. I was picking socks that were littered around, the one that was soaked from the rain used by me and some other people discarded and I now noticed my socks that wasn't soaked was within the roots. the people were sitting on the roots and I told one of them to help me bring the socks(this socks looked like one of the ones I have in waking life). he wanted to bring a socks that looked like it but the colour was dull like faded but I told him that isn't mine and he brought the correct one and the scene changes again. I was walking with one of the guys along a swamp and some like militants came but they didn't want to be overly aggressive because they were afraid soldiers would come and they directed me to go somewhere and I went there and a woman in front said I should pay and I refused telling her I was instructed to go there and as the man that told me came and told her to allow me it's like it was a lift that went into the ground and I saw some people very dirty some looked like they had matchete cuts across there face, like condemned criminals and my hand was together like cuffs although they were no cuffs and one of the men that had deep cuts along the face said I should help him up so I had difficulty helping him but finally did and he sat up although he still complained at first, I noticed my hands had like wounds on it and I was wondering how. we left the lift and went out and this man with cuts that couldn't walk and was dragging himself on the floor now dragged himself into the river and I was worried he had died but some moments later he got up and sat up on his own like he now had strength and I was saying Thank God Thank God. the man that told me to go to the gate now directs me and someother people to take our clothes they were like with hangers on a tree. I collected my things and started leaving and it felt like I could see my village across the river and there was a path leading to it.

5) it's like a man was driving me and someone I couldn't recognise somewhere. He(driver) didn't look happy like he was angry set and took us somewhere and it felt like the country Denmark and it was like a luxury hotel/hostel and we were staying all expense paid and I saw another friend and was asking him did he come with a friend that I was expecting to be there. I was surprised he was there and they were excited happy and shouting and he received a call and it was on speaker phone. so I now said let me go and look at the town at the highway that leads to Germany. the same driver now took me again and I was looking at the well tarred highways with signage and was happy.

5) I was with my girlfriend and it seemed I helped her to locate some lost keys and we entered into the house and the people in the house left except a lady and there were keys on the centre table and I told her to take it and see if they are the keys to other doors in the house that were closed to open them. she went to ease her self in the restroom and it's like that lady went there too.

6). I had this dream before dream 5 like a week. It was in front of a supermarket and a very big and tall man was scolding my girlfriend and telling her to bring some receipts and I was why is he talking to her like that and gave him the receipts since I bought the things and he went to the supermarket to like get the bonus for buying the things like on the spar card when u buy things and get points and I entered the supermarket to confront him later.

7. this isn't a dream, after I prayed I saw a farm with many ridges, mounds like a yam farm and I also saw an Hen very big and healthy, eating.

this dreams I have them after prayer sessions I have been undertaking.

Many thanks sir.

1. It will take the grace of God to visit home and come out of there alive or free without spiritual fortification as I see idolatry,filthy idols/sins and generation evil altars.

2. Be sure she's faithful to you and steer clear of fornication.

3. If you are in any way into a lady or in love work hard to and make sure you truly know her and everything about her life especially her past.

4. It takes great faith, sacrifice to help someone up,and pain. I see you come out of strong challenge,impossible task at work and salvage a co-worker, situation by divine grace.

5. I see a door to travel,explore overseas open before you.

6. You are a blessing to her life.

7. You are also her defender.

8. It's called " a devourer ".
I see devourer, a termite eaten up your harvest.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

[Image: 728x90.gif]
Good day Pastor,

I had the following dreams;

1. I was in a strange house and it was like they were harassing me with a dog but it's mouth was covered with a strap and it couldn't bark or bite...I got tired of the situation and said what is all this and stood up..somebody came said something's and also satan...I got angry and said what m I doing here and left the was a very large compound and there was a train station with a train full with people coming...people were also plenty at the station and they were saying there's only one space and as the train approached they called the person's name. I left there and moved back to another location...where a pick up vehicle(hilux) with my church logo stopped and 3 men came said I should pray against that building(the one I exited) and I started to pray..the more I prayed it felt like the sun was hitting me more...but I didn't persevere but noticed a cool breeze and weather changed like it wanted to rain...suddenly a lady came and like the situation were we couldn't move...freezes but I shook mys3lf free and rushed to attack the woman and she tried to run..I cut her hair and started giving her blows and I wokr(She felt like Wet fish something that was soaked in water).

2. it's like i saw 2 of my that was not so healthy and we were talking...the beautiful and healthy one now came and shouted in a loud voice that I will travel overseas by December.

3.I was walking along a road and it seemed the road was lin3d up with Palm trees and I was being stoned from the trees with the coconut but it wasn't getting yo me but I got anxious and went to the side of the road and a group of guys were trying to steal what was in my pocket and I broke free and ran back towards the road seeing a white van coming that I would stop it and enter...I woke up

4. it was like a lady friend of mine was resting/sleeping in a high rise govt building and she now came towards me and we talked saying she told someone how if we standinfront of each other she can't see me well or has to I moved her like 4inches away from me and she could see me better. it seemed like we were dancing the waltz and later felt like I was carrying her like you would carry a child and we were dancing...saw my very good friend on my left dancing seriously and my step mom(I grew up with her) dancing seriously too and I was telling my lady friend..look at my step mom she's dancing like someone 70yrs younger and my elder brother bosom friend looking at us and smiling. I later dropped her to sleep properly.

3. I saw like Saraki the Senate President covertly sent someone to deliver some info like invites to some people and he carri3d some soldiers to carry it out and I heard some other police peopof saying he had sent people o and how to stop them so I later saw the Saraki People and told them and he put on his radio to listen but it's like they had delivered some of the messages.

4. I wanted to go somewhere,someone told me i wasnt wearing shoes and i replied i am not going far like once i alight from the taxi its into th3 house(looked like my formwr house)and saw them selling suya and I bought 1000 naira worth and I started to eat but spat it out when I saw mold growing on it and asked for a refund saying don't u know u have to put it in fire to burn all this things and he was about refunding me and I woke.

5. Saw two branches with at least 25-50 agbalumo all very ripe.

thanks sir..
1. I see you in self inflicted captivity. it took you so long to make up your mind and walk out of this modern day slavery, captivity. But I see you walked out and out of that marine captivity, slavery now all by yourself,by divine hand of God.

2. You need your mother prayer,blessing ( if she's still live) but if not worry not you've received the blessing already.

3. ◄ Proverbs 14:12 ►
There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

A serious warning here from the lord : The road you are or considering to follow ahead and within it are dangerous and destruction therefore return and disembark on that path now before it's too late.

4. You are like a big brother to her and someone she look up to and respect therefore do not lead her astray, and should she be going astray borne of youthful exuberant do not encourage her nor support such in any way.

5. What a man with evil agendas and evil ways but God will expose him and Co. This revelation had probably come to pass as the lord whispered into my ears. But should there be another conspiracy or evil agenda? The lord will surely expose him.

6. I see that evil force,witchcraft powers that's been robbing and exchanging,trading your blessing through the power of the night and night caterers rendered powerless and expose,caught suddenly.

7. I see abundance of harvest of blessing before you. But pray it doesn't pass you by, pray to possess it now.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good day PASTOR,

1.Last week, I had a dream,I was talking with a colleague about work I was doing and it's like my boss was looking at us but I wasn't bothered about it since we were not just discussing personal things but work.the scene now changed & like a girl died in a motor accident and the whole place was filled with her body scattered with blood and I told some colleagues to clean it and looked through her belongings to ascertain the identity of the person but my colleague collected the money that was in the purse and I told the people that were removing the scattered remains to carry one they felt like her liver but wrapped in plantain leaf and they carried it...the scene changes and it was like I was sleeping in a house and I was attacked seriously like by the dead girl and it's like i was flogged on my back and it was so hot and I started praying and quoting scripture(let no man trouble me I bear in my body the marks of Christ) and then I suddenly said let the fire of the Holyghost consume and as I said it again the dead girl shouted pleading i should stop that she will take her things and go and I said quickly take ur things and leave and she took her purse that I was looking for something to identify her with and fled through the window...I left the room and saw my mother with a man I couldn't recognise and I said with all my shouting u couldn't come to help me and as I get downstairs I saw a group of women who were looking rather surprised and I came down and the marks on my body were still hot and peppery and as I placed my hands on them they were disappearing...the first lady amongst those ladies wanted to touch my body,like she wanted to help me but I scolded her and I saw my aunty among the women she looked sick like about to die but like the women were holding her together and although I was saying I hadn't seen her in years and was happy to see her,I also ignored all the women and left the house walking away...the house looked very ancient and felt like my village although I couldn't recognise anywhere when I woke.

after this dream,I prayed although not too long and slept...barely 2hours later.

2.I saw like my cheque book(2) of my bank and thought they were mine and wanted to collect them but a colleague said I should go like they weren't mine...I left and stepped outside,my bosses driver was saying he wanted to clean my car and I told him No,he came with an equipment see,saying different things but I replied I have just serviced this car last week(I did i reality) that he should leave me alone that if he wants money he should's like I had 10k in my left pocket so I was contemplating whether to give him some money or not can't remember if I gave(Not too sure). the scene changes and like a woman was trying to seduce me... unfortunately I was also receptive and my manhood looked sick and I ejaculated and woke up.. I felt twas a terrible dream attacking my finance,work and marital life and decided to dry fast against Marine spirits and banks..
N/B; Colleagues name also means Father has returned and I always see Him trying to harm me...last with my G.O warning's the last time...He's a Christian and I don't understand why I see Him always like that.

First day
3.Saw my colleague in1st dream and his brother(names mean God/father spirit & Land in from in my dialect respectively)..I don't know my colleagues brother well but he looked excited to see me...I was surprised and they were saying I should buy them wine and another of my fri3nd was encouraging but I stylishly said I had no mo3ny and ran away.

4. I saw my Uncle(traditional ruler) sitting down very well dressed regally like there wqs a ceremony.his dress very beautiful and green and I was like this is fine but blue would be better and it chanf3d to blue.

5. I was to bring some of my pictures, it's like someone was doing a portrait of me and I brought 2 photographs and one of my bosses at work said why did i bring that one and I said that's the digital one that he just n3eds to see my face. Next scene I was looking at my good friend old picture and it's like he was in front of at the back of a picket fence(knee level)'s like I missed him..although we discuss regularly in real life.

6. I left my sitting room and came back and I saw lizard male and female and other crawling things like wall gecko and it's like they were dazed cos they didn't run out of the door...they might climb high on the wall but I just stretched and plucked them down and killed...the last one tried to run but I chased after it and stepped on it...a stick appeared in my hand and I started trying to hit it's head and woke up.

Second Day.
7. its like I saw some bri3fcases like they were about to return to me and I collected more like snatched my wallet from someone(this wasn't a dream).the follow through from the snatching it back jolted me back to reality.

8. my colleague gave me a cheque of a very large sum of money(some months back,I had a dream of this same colleague wanting to give me a month suspension). I collected the cheque,the amount seemed to good to be true but it was actually true.

9. I was beating a senior Nephew of mine who's name is Thomas and he said he gave my wife a large sum of money for my wedding and I was perplexed saying why didn't she tell me but I now said but m not married..I was puzzled..

10. I was with an Architect friend that we have worked together and he was like giving me drawings of different jobs on A1 size paper.. they were plenty and he took back the ones that were not ready and the ones with me were much and I was happy proclaiming that there's a lot of money here.

Third Day

11. a colleague was showing a lady who used to be my friend (I cut all ties with her...the meaning of one of her name means Snake and at times I have had ceiling sexual dreams with her). She tried to come towards me smiling like we were still friends and I just ignored her and moved away...driving away the distance between me and her increased and was very far but its like I could see that she was in a rage and very angry as I continued going away.

12. Had another dream, it's like i was playing basketball with a lady and she attempted seducing me again sexually.i was calm and waited for her and then smote her private part with my hands and she turned to like dust/black smoke and vanished.

Early this week

13. Saw myself eating avocado pear with a spoon

14. It's like I got a text from my boss about a trip for a month with one of my colleague to supervise ..we had previously gone there...but at work it's like some of my colleagues were saying I didn't do a job well and questioned my direct lead asked me some questions that undermined my credentials but I didn't say a word but ultimately it was discovered that the work they said I did. it was other people that did I told him I know my Job very well...I left him and went to talk to the colleague that we were to travel together and it seemed like his wife just gave birth to a girl child and I was like since we are to travel on Monday..since you are just a father won't it disturb the trip..He replied me and said that the trip is already in your hand there's nothing that can stop it.

Thanks Sir...
1. Be wise in your work place and diligent on how you discuss about the secret of your life progress especially among/before family members.
In essence, I see evil arrow fired from your father's house by household enemies of your progress returned back to her...yes her!

2. You should careful with the said person indeed .
In essence, what you experienced is called 'spiritual purge'. That is,purge of the suppose attack aim at your virtue though they failed as you rebuked the person gesture or manipulation.

3 . An attempt to rob you through manipulative means aborted.

4. I see you two have nothing in common...for one man food is another poison.

5. I see a great bond,love between you two.

6. I see the power of God incapacitated and crushed household witchcraft agents; monitoring spirits.

Prophet Ebankole

[Image: 728x90.gif]
7. I see an evil attempt to rob you,your source of livelihood failed.

8. Celebrate your today's success but don't get carried away easily and don't lose your guard against tomorrow because you don't know who might turn against you tomorrow.

9. He lack endurance spirit hence would rather lie to escape his punishment than accept his wrong.

10. I see uncommon breakthrough.

11. I see spirit of marine in her.
In essence, I see marine agent (her) on a mission to destroy you exposed and aborted.

12. This confirmed your number eleven dream.
Surely, I see a great marine agent on a mission to destroy you through the power of lust exposed and disgraced.
Thank you Jesus.

13. I see a blessing before you. Its here already, right before you.

14. I see a conspiracy against your person and intellectual capacity within your work environment exposed and rendered powerless by divine grace of God .

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Goodafternoon Sir, God bless you and strengthen you continually...

I had a dream, it's like i was with a lot of other people that were trying to get somewhere...Saw some on like a rocky mountainous region and they were using speed to get somewhere but unknown to them a bus had spoilt and they had to turn back...Saw them turning and smiled to and others finally got to a point where we were trying to get through a door we were on a ledge and it was tight. I finally got through and it seemed like an interview and we were to sit enter like in tens,seat was for 5(what I saw)..I quickly sat down and there was a computer and the test started....for me it seemed I knew what to do but I was putting pressure on myself so as I decided to relax and started writing quickly...I noticed a relation (a lawyer) of mine was the invigilator.. the scene now changes to like an open floor in a company it seemed,lights were on and I was with a tray and a computer again(laptop) with like a pack of serviette..water touched 1 of the napkins and I saw my friend a seemed she was going to the rest room and I told her to come get the serviette and she took them and left...I was smiling within me...that she took all..sort of happily..then it seemed in front of me..a group of people were seating like they were waiting and two girls were saying someone scored 4.5 and 5 over 5 in a test...I woke.

thanks sir
◄ Ecclesiastes 9:11 ►
I have seen something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.

I see a divine intervention,grace to surpass others..experience divine acceleration and career growth or next level.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Goodevening Sir and thanks for Previous Interpretations,

1. I took a stroll around my house and walked along the road and continued walking to a place ...the roads were well tarred and I saw that there was empty land by the road so I was saying...this is a good place to buy property and where I'll build my house there...a thought said it will be expensive and I replied tah!!!..I was also carrying a stove that was filled with full it dripped as I was walking...arranged it better and it was still dripping and I walked through the house of a senior in my secondary school like a School Mother and her friend also from my school asked after her and I said I don't know...I am just passing through...It was like I was a floor of a building with open roof and saw two houses undergoing renovation and I said so beautiful, why didn't my landlord give us something like that ....I now see my school mother who says...the whole house(hers) is touched by kerosene(she wasn't complaining)...I replies her but can't remember what I said... She now says someone told her something's not to do so she doesn't give birth to plastic baby when she was pregnant and I replied who told you that , didn't u laugh at the person?

2. It's like I was in a dark House, they were accusing me of cauding commotion but i feignrd ignorance and said i wasn't feeling well.It now seemed i was kpet locked in a room,suddenly the doors flung open and the guards were perplexed but a voice said let him go and it seemed my elder brother was going for a meeting with like a cult group that I was captive to(can't remember if he was a member of the group or not)...i left the house and it's like i was in a bus travelling on a road.....some people were saying the people that were for the initiation were buried and it's like i saw 3 people that were initiated were buried.

3. it's like i was with my Mom and a young man I couldn't recognise and he showed a writing material of my mom like she was attended a church meeting...this church(my own church we are advised not to go there)..I could see the pastor as He was praying or prophesying he was calling a strange name openly sef before he prays(can't remember if people could hear him or not)....I asked my Mom why she was going there...and said I feel so sorry for she doesn't know what she's getting herself into.

4. I saw myself seating down with my friend(lady) on a park bench and we were looking at river front (like marina) it was very beautiful and we seemed relaxed,happy and peaceful.

5. Saw a lady sitting on a seat that was like too small for her and another where the lady was too small for the seat and I told them to change seats to fit all of them.

6. My gf(we aren't currently dating )although it seemed we were in this dream's like I escorted her home on the road but she did something and I was so angry and I told her I was leaving her and she was pleading and I said Nothing will get us back together and it's like she followed me pleading.

7. I saw a bed and a creature that looked like Snake crawling (the head area was up and the bottom part was flat on the bed as it crawled) away from a bed that had very white bedsheets and duvet.

Thanks Sir.