John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls Help interprete
Thank you sir for the interpretation.
Please sir I made a mistake in my dream
It was after the prayer over the land issue that I had the 5th dream but I mistakenly added the comment to the 4 dream
Please sir when you are less busy help me check it because the police are currently asking for my help and I feel the lord is warning me against it.
So sorry for the inconvenience.

Bless you Sir
Yes, it's about the police as the lord warned that you would go through alot of stress for them only to be used and dump along the way. Anyway, if you must offer any help to them make sure you do so within your means and at your own convinience,descretion,out of your own will. Also, expect that nothing good may come out of them to you as they are all for their own selfish interests and not you nor the general public.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir
1.prayed at night and laid down in few minutes had a subconscious dream.
I was in a room on the wardrobe there was a low lot of light maybe a candle not clear.Then I saw a vision of a group of people in a dark room talking together.
The vision left then I was hearing a voice speaking like a radio was on.
The voice was male and talking about glory that has almost finished but God gave a new glory in 2016 or so like he was quoting a prayer. I steared on my bed that this is 2019 and made a prayer statement I can't remember the voice was still speaking I was sleeping back but I felt a hand on my body and I body sleeping next to me asides mine and I screamed and commanded the hand to wither in Jesus name and woke up my neighbor house beside my father's house.i went there as there mum sent me to buy gari for her and I went to collect the money.she over paid me 3,000 instead of 300 naira and I left but the staircase was now so difficult to walk down and the sons wife kept on holding on to me for support but I remember the way I came earlier and I told her she needs to stand on her feet so I can go as I can't move both of us at the same time.
She can only watch and take the same step to come out.That was how I was able to leave the place.

3.dressed up and coming back from work,saw my church deacon and some people they did not know it was me . I later greeted them and passed as I did tell most people I had gotten a job.

4. started to cry for vengeance for my household enemies as enough is enough and had this dream.

in place with some people doing something and some women sewing left there shop.later I was told my husband's cousin who used to be a friend but now a for was in labour and they have done everything but she can't put to bed.
I continued to play with two guys later I went home and the lady came and knelt down Infront of my door she said she was sorry for all the evil and battles she caused me.i told her until she confesses all with her mouth I don't have any business with her.
She kept on groining in pains and injecting her self.
I sent a message to my mother in-law and husband she came to beg.
My mum came around and saw her later she said looks like it was a dream.
The dream continued the lady was still in.labour and many people have gathered yet the baby didn't come down.My.mum brought her to my father's house
My.mum and the iya ewe in my church were now there. I also saw my former boss wife hiding and watching
My mum went and brought a towel and tied it around her.i shouted no way God is fighting for me and he told me no emotions this year and why would she take my towel to help an enemy without informing me first.
Immediately the towel touched the lady she felt relieved soon she gave birth and my.mum also used one of my kids shawl to wrap the baby then I became furious.
I went to padlock the gate and requested for the shawl.i kept on saying I know the amount of evil this lady has done in and now that God is fighting for me you are standing in the way of God.
My.mum sneaked again and opened the gate with the extra key and the people could go out.i was so angry and I cried how my mum could do this.the mama ewe asked me what happened and I explained all the lady and her mum did how they almost killed me doing my son's pregnancy,how she disgraced me spoilt my image to all my former school mates and she always shows me hatred and as I continued to say what she has done the lady was laying down weak and just looking..
Sir looks like when God starts to fight for me my mum would help set my household enemy free and yet they keep disturbing me most especially my immediate sister. I don't care anyways I would continue to cry to God

5. On a bike with a man he was taking me to a company I had the address and name.we kept on searching we finally found it and entered.
Later I sent the bike man on errand while seating at a desk with a new glasses and clothes.