John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls Help interprete
The lord is about to give you unprecedented,total dominion,victory, and completely humble your husband and his concubines but these would come to pass at/on the mountain as God await you there to meet you up. Yes! Even if it's just for the purpose of your baptism or deliverance program on the mountain, just a day or more deliverance program on the mountain? The lord said, on your way back home and within your home the victory you will witness and dominion will give you everlasting peace and testimony.

In a nutshell, the lord is waiting for you on the mountain even if it's just a day deliverance program.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole
Good morning Sir

1.forgot the begining but there was a party going on I passed and in a car sitting the driver packed and a woman came to the drivers seat and my husband ,myself and a fat guy came husband he is not going in to the party again with the car driving the car.we started strolling and gisting with the new guy with us.

2.saw a man of God and his wife driving but they were heading into a gutter the man was shouting the wife should do something but it was too late suddenly I pulled up their car and they dint fall into it.Then as I was on the Car the colour changed from black to yellow and they came out.The car had lights with siren and i was pushing it for the man to take over but instead he sat down then i pushed it to his back and left it.The man was carried away then a voice told me he has left the work he is meant to do. a shopping complex there was a shop with with goods.i was subsciously going to attend to a customer who called at the entrace as i entered i was saying the goods my second sister arranged is too close to the door and people cam steal it too.Then my evil sister came in and wore one of the clothes on the hanger.My second sister i guess owns the shop then said Ika ni e to me that my evil sister complained to her as have been treating her.Suddenly my spirit became angry and I told her she should not allow the prophetic spirit in me.Then my mood changed and i started groaning heavily and she should not see me as the youngest.David was the youngest but God choose him amd anointed him.Then i faced the evil one and said she is a witch and very evil and i started to pray in the spirit so loud that they were terrified and the evil one started to cry and shout then I woke up.

4..saw some middle aged women sophisticated a young guy said can he be sleeping with their leader?The leader also had a weapon she wanted to use to kill some men forgot the rest. a house i was cooking a lady wanted to put liquid spirit in the rice I hit her and stopped her.Meanwhile our deliverance minister was standing on a chair close to the wall of the house we were in and he told me he was killing insects with an instrument with him

the scene changed and I cooked different stews and served my husband and 2 of his friends.Jokingly I took one meat from the plate of his friend and he cut out of it saying it was too sweet to give me all. a road with my daughter some women came to see me and i was directing the road for them to take to get to alaba market.went in to get a bag or a gadget for my daughter.
1. You've let go of the worries and troubles that your husband promiscuous and wayward lifestyles brings to your life.

2. You've received the annointing of power as I see the hand of God upon you using you to rescue sinners,and even men of God that's fall short of God's glory.

3. Congratulations!
The lord said, I have instilled the annointing of power, authority,courage and fire in you so that whoever you curse is cursed, whoever you bless is blessed. And when provoke? Your enemies shall tremble and flee before you.

4. Many are in captivity,chain and fetter of sin but God has set you aside for his kingdom,purpose so that you may know that it's he that chose you and not man.

5. Hmmm..
Finally, I see that curse in your hands,whatever you lay your hand upon removed and destroyed completely now. Yes, I see reawakening of your spirit man and anger against evil invasion, pollution, manipulation on your hand and whatever you lay your hand upon. Surely, the lord said, henceforth, you and the work of your hands shall be call blessed,beautiful and wonderful so that men shall find favor with you.

Thank you jesus!

6. Hallleluyahiiii
Your hands, eyes and life has been set free now from captivity and spiritual and physical blindness and limitation against your peace and freedom in your husband's house.


Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole
Good morning Sir

1.i saw myself in infront of a big house with no doors then a man told me in french that i should go to the big chapel or so then i left there.Went to a house my mum was staying the building was weak and abit shaking.I went up stairs and saw a pile of clothes and used sponges and other dirty things under them then i packed them to throw away.later i saw the landlords son he was in a market and i gave him my mums rent or some money then he complained about his life and i wanted to invite him to church but as i was about to speak a force kept on moving me away from him and I was praying and commanding it to stop but the man too was running i went to a direction to look for him.I backed my daughter all along then i saw a big mansion infront of. a chapel i went up the stairs befors the reception and i kept on looking out for him and thought this mans case is really serious oh just then a man came out and said I should be allowed inside the big mansion.I got inside an office and saw that interviews were going on but none of them were taken.The Md told me he saw me through the cctv and i looked smart and fine even with the baby i backed amd they said can i work in their tv/radio house sky tv or so he also showed me the video.of the cctv.They had blue uniform shirts on one of them looked familiar he said they were planning to come and pick me at home before.They took my measurement for my own shirt and told me am to resume work on monday.The man said the role would really help me in career development.Saw a guy who looked familiar.I left and also saw a guy i knew in church who said he submitted my cv in his company he works and have been offered empoyment to resume on monday also.
I went to church so I could tell my mum and my pastors but the 2 job offers and I dint know the one to pick and also wanted to pick my son but when i got there i saw some peoples caps on the floor burnt.A woman said a very small part of the church collapsed and affected some people.i quickly went in to check.The accident was not really serious and i took my son.Told my.mentor i wanted to see him after the service.I kept on thinking 2 good jobs and the salary is more than 100k but i forgot to ask the time but both companies run 24hours shift but I will go for only the one the lord picks for me.The tv/radio house staffs were already calling me told them I would get back to them.I forgot the industry of the 2nd job
The lord said, for being aggressive and going to all length to spread my word, and for risking your life for me? I, the lord, I shall open my window of heaven before,upon you and pour out unprecedented breakthrough and favor on you. Yes! Aggressively you committed your life, time and resources for my kingdom therefore, aggressive I shall cause your heaven to burst forth unprecedented breakthrough,blessing and favor so that all men shall bless and honor you.

Yes, I see breakthrough here!

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole