John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls Help interprete
Good morning Sir.

1.In a place after doing some ministrations in the church saw a lady infront of small water in a container praying then suddenly the power of God touched her and she was shivering then i said that was how it happened to us when we did that ministration in church too.
I then went to wash my hair in a saloon myself but there was no shampoo nor hair conditioner.i went to report to the man incharge and he asked me to go to the lady in the opposite salon for it.when i got thwre that one said the man didnt pay her and her charges is #500 so i went back angrily with my wet hair to meet the man and asked for all my money back or else Gof would strike him he had no choice than to give me and i left there for church.Our G.o was around and i saw a fine traveling box silvery white in colour in fromt of me and a woman beside me was asking me if she can sleep in a customers house or so forgot the rest
It wasn't easy but you've paid the price for the deliverance and restoration of your glory. Hence, from now on I see that power cheating your glory, you of it benefits,right and blessing confronted and defeated. Indeed, I see deliverance of the head and total recovery of all your glory had been cheated, robbed of.


Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Sir

1.asleep subconsciously then a hand was on my neck and my head.I was pushing the hand away then I commanded the hand to wither and it stopped

2.I was with some people in a place a woman did operation for me and I was telling someone she flushed my whole body system with water and my toe nails were also cut very short I felt pains but I was told I would soon be okay.I left there and went to meet some church members an elderly woman in the church a remembrance or so and she made yam and pounded yam the kids ate the yam but some church members said they are not meant to eat it because its for a dead person remembrance. I advised the woman to give old people instead so it won't waste then.I saw a lazy church member begging for food as usual but I sent her away because she had turned it into a habit and doesn't want to work.then the deacon called me to help him dish pounded yam for himself and his wife but as I went out to inform the wife the woman started to ask for food again and I was forced to give her.The deacons wife didn't want the pounded yam because there was lumps in it but then I found another nice pounded yam in containers and very hot so we took out of that for her and my kids too.Then I went to change my cloth I was wearing gele on English wear before saw I removed the gele and used something more appropriate for my dressing and I was ready to travel back to the place I came from.Saw the woman who flushed my body with water she was packing rice from the sack.
I woke up without any body pains again
1. Times without number the powers, kingdom of darkness,house enemies wish you were dead but they shall continue to fail woefully because he that's in you is greater than them. For, ye shall not die but live to declare the glory of God.


2. It's called " spiritual surgery,cleansing and deliverance over night caterers and evil deposits ".

Congratulations! As I see the power of God performed spiritual cleansing, surgery on you and delivered from every infliction, spiritually and physically.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Sir a place with my church members and our GO we were wrapping a yam or bread not sure.they were all standing to go and pick it to wrap but I was told not to bother so I sat down to do mine. second and evil sisters kept on bringing their pink flashing old purses for me to use but I said no I don't want anything from them. Told them in the presence of my mum my colours are cool and my purses are new.then I dressed up in brown coloured clothes with something in my bag I can't remember but I was guiding it seriously such that at the bus stop I was checking around for any robber then when I saw a strange looking man I quickly moved away to a safe place with the bag and I also made sure my cloth was not transparent.

3.With some church members in a house we were gisting while I was hiding for a member who talks too much then an elder was telling me that he had his last born when he finished his exams in school many years ago and now she is a graduate and if one would have more children it can't be stopped but I told him no and I kept on hiding in the hall way.

4.I was with our GO in his car and another man we got to the venue of a program but I didn't go inside with them. I went to lay down in my room and my husband and his younger brother entered the husband laid on my bed but i stood up immediately and went to the toilet and I start to purge.he said am I avoiding him I told him am purging then I went out and saw our GO done and i was telljng a church member i am selling.oil of joy but she said she doesnt want anyone to disturb her i told her she sells everything in the church its only that oil i want to sell I left there again was going on a street with tall buildings.I felt like using the toilet again and a lady beside me said why I told her if its a deliverance going on then the purging should not stop till am completely delivered then I took the wrong street while looking at tall houses and saw a big ship with water and the man in charge rolled out water and the road was blocked I could not pass.I went to meet him I want to cross the road as am not meant to come here so he asked his staff to drain all the water and I was able to cross. Then I saw a woman advertising food in front of a building I paid her to buy but she gave me a wrong money in pretence so I collected my money back and a woman suddenly came to fight me that I took her sanitary pad which I took from home.I ended up disgracing her and beating her up.then I got to the toilet and I was given a potty by a lady to ease myself and I flushed then I saw my mum around too while I was flushing. I woke up in real life and started to purge. church with the building committee and some other members we were taking about the building and how much we have spent.I said I have not been able to contribute financially to it.Just then a lady came in and she was talking with all boldness about her committing abortions and all sorts and the committee were asking her questions and she was too bold and answering back.Then I saw a man dressed like a Alfa with full beards on a phone call whispering then I don't know what came over me I ran up to the lady and pulled her hair low and behold she had a wig covering her braids and she was pretending all along then I also seized the bearded man and everyone came around and they were exposed and taken away from the church once we checked there was no bomb on them.Once they left I started to vomit dirty mucus from my was very plenty.I was later done and I saw a recently dead church member sharing something I moved away from her and went to the church for the program the caterer in the church was telling me about the food and how good that one should discover her path early in life and our kids must not waste their time like we did she also said I should come and sit around her but I said I want to hear the word of God first.the GO wife came out asked for food and she was making gest with us
1. You are seen and consider a leader, a superior in the service of God in that church now.
Truly, you've come a long way in your work with God!

2. You are two worlds apart from them all.
You belong to God but they belong to the world : flashy lifestyle ' therefore, I see nothing in common between you and them indeed.

Also, the lord warned ' the precious valuables with you must be jealously protected.

3. Well, this is just an established of the reality of reality. Truly, you are a woman of little words,and you are wise because the bible say ; be quick to listen, slow to speak..

4. You were delivered once as you under go delivernce but that wasn't alone to break the yoke of anti-business-prosperity that was transfered into your life through demonic money or exchange.

But to the glory of God I see that power frustrating your business, prosperity and blessing disgraced, defeated now and conquered completely, and I see you purged out the affliction,inflictions.


5. You are a true, committed child of God, and you serve him wholehearted, faithful without any ungodly backing. But don't be deceived as many are within the house of God who seems to know it all, the alfa and omega of everything therein but far from God and back by evil powers. Yes! They are many within your church and today's church. But the lord shall surely fish them out and prove to them that he rules over all.


Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Sir

1.on a queue waiting for a big bus when the bus came in was in front and I entered with some other people.I removed the two neckchains from my neck and gave a man or my husband not clear then I also spoke to a friend who I gave a phone told him I had 5 phones.A lady was saying why did I give him the 2 chains with pendant why don't I like one on my neck but I didn't. then someone in the bus was sharing Ankara fabric for sale for his party forgot the rest.

2.walking on path with my.mum and other church members at a point I refused to follow the path my mum showed me then she also wanted me to do something for someone but I refused.we got to church and the G.o punished some people who were complaint but he told me Joseph reigned in a foreign land and I would also reign in a foreign land . my mum's place laid on the couch to sleep for. While but the girl with girl too came to put her head beside mine and I sent her away.then I saw a pot on fire looks like it has been there for long I stood up and switched it off.Then I was thinking about the winter clothes my kids would wear abroad forgot the rest.

4.went to buy some clothes on the way saw two guys carrying a square wood or so I walked past them and they held me captive later I hooked one down with the square thing in a pit and the other one left his phone in my hands so I wont leave but as he was going to the toilet I put it in his back pocket and suddenly something carried me into the air and away from the place to a busstop far from there and landed me there.Then I entered Ikeja and got to a place phones were sold. My evil sister was complaining her phone was bad I saw the connection was broken and I went into a shop to help her but I saw one of the guys who wanted to hold me captive before so I didn't help her again.I went to inform my real estate colleagues what happened and I left the place immediately. On my way saw an old friend who said she was leaving her to a place they put labels on peoples things before they pass but I passed through again and got to church very pastors daughter was eating EBA I joined her to eat a little. A member was complaining and wanted someone to follow her home. I told her I passed through a lot too and am just returning. a place some people a powerful persons did something but it didnt affect me and i walked away saying only the mercy of God would determine if my husband would leave or die.Then I saw my church G.O and told him only the mercy of God can make my husband live or die right now.he smiled and told me to go to the evil herbalists.So I left my husbands case and I went into the room they were the man and another man and I showed them something like a book or file that of they dare touch it they would be destroyed at first they thought I was joking with them but when they saw how bold and stern I was and I made them know I am an ordained minister if they try any nonsense again they would be destroyed.then a deacon came to teach me how to draw some sounds on the paper and he left.the herbalists slept off and I left them I got a padlock in my hands I took it to lock the church other entrance still under construction and I was telling my evangelism partner what happened. I got back to the herbalist room again and they were awake now and dressing up and I noticed water was sprinkled on the shoes and clothes that was there before. I went in and saw a lady who came to do jazz from the man,told her to leave immediately has I am not done with the meeting with them.
1. Your prosperity lies in holiness and despising, disposition of worldly adornment, things of the world.

Quote:..he told me Joseph reigned in a foreign land and I would also reign in a foreign land .

Below (also)define your future, where your greatness and prosperity lies :

◄ Mark 6:4 ►
Jesus said to them, "A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home."

The lord say ' I cometh soon, to take you out of among your own people, to a far away land where your glory, greatness shall burst forth and shine because among those your own people? There's nothing there for you.

3. This is the future, your future and that of your children, and another strong confirmation of your number (2) two dream,below :

Quote:..Then I was thinking about the winter clothes my kids would wear abroad forgot the rest.

Yes! There is nothing for you, and you have nothing in common among your own relation, people as your greatness lies outside and away from them.

Bible ref : Mark 6:4.

4. Indeed, you passed, went through a lot but you conquered and came out of it. You became victorious the very day you found out that your enemies are your own people, are within your own blood and relation..Therefore, you can no longer be held down nor in captivity because knowing whom your enemies are gave you an edge and true freedom within/without.


5. You've become a stony,an affliction thorn in the flesh and neck of your husband and his source of power, his evil partner(s) so that they can no longer defeat you or have their way over your life and destiny, glory, virtue ..again.
As I see you spirit man ( a powerful angel) paid a visit to the evil ones behind him, confronted her with boldness and took away it authority over you and ripped it/her off it power over your case.

You dare them and they became weak and powerless because he that's in you is mightier and stronger than them all.


Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Sir

1.there was an occasion in my fathers extended family and my cousins and uncles children would be there.My shoes were dirty and I had one that the girl with my mum.poured oil in it.My evil sister was saying something i cant remember.The party was in my uncle house I washed all my shoes forget the rest church GO was prophesying and he told me to and bring the 3 dusty and dirty shoes to be washed and I should also come with 3 new shoes as well for a ministration.I had little money on me got 1k from my mum and asked for 1k from my husband then I went to quickly bring the 3 dirty shoes and I saw a woman selling fancy rubber shoes that my money can afford and I went to her to buy.On my way back I saw our church elder close to building by the river the building foundation was been restructured and the floor level too was raised again after it had collapsed earlier.then I saw the building standing again and the river water can't pull it down.Got back to the place the GO was and the shoes were washed and I was told to walk with the new shoes I got which were my size.After than a well was opened and plenty white and bule papers were brought out for me.A woman and a man were also assisting and it was not stopped until all the content in the well was brought out and placed on something.I was telling a couple they too should come but I don't know of its the same thing they would be asked to do. a compound my mum was there and some men were anointing a place called my.fathers compound.Then I saw an occultic symbol placed on the gate and as I anointed the gate in sign of the cross I was able to remove the scorpion sign and we were anointed as well.The men of God prayed on the ground.then at night as I was sleeping on the bed a lady too was beside me then I woke up and asked my mum why she collected evil money from the lady I told her to go and check the money she gave her is making her own money turn to triple and I told her to remove the money and give it back to the lady which she did.The lady left when she was exposed.

4.In a house a senior pastor of our church resides our GO came there and he was hearing heavy sounds I went to check and it was rain that was falling.I had a fabric with me with three tailor options but I was thinking the woman to give to sew for me.The room of the pastor had satin white curtains. a foreign land with 19kids some were the real children some were adopted I was checking up on then morally and guiding themi decided not to use cane and look for a way to communicate with them so they would stop disobeying me.Then I started to play with them and they became my friends.then I was asking a man and the eldest of the kids the profession that is lucrative in that country.I told them I like reading but little calculation. the boy said he would help me,I also thought of international relations.
I left there and got to a house this looks like nigeria they were celebrating saw my mum and my evangelism leader then I went inside saw camera men and photographers too.I saw my mother in-law sitting with a woman her face was wrinkled she asked if my toe was now fine I pretend but it was just the small charcoal stain of the cooking place I passed while entering so nothing was wrong with me.She told me the house they are cooking is where my husband stays that he just borrowed here for the main time cos of the party.
1/2. Amazing!
I see a great encounter with God.
Yes, I see your reproach, shame and affliction ( the old shoes), limitation taken away and replaced with honor, glory, deliverance and redemption.

3. There is a demon, an idol and strong man that's been plaguing your father's house, lineage for many years but I don't know what you did as I see the power of God ( for your sake) uprooted along with demonic devourer that's been robbing your family.

There shall be prosperity and financial sustainability in your family now.
Thank you jesus!

4. You've been a blessing, strength to the growth and foundation of that household God, church!

5. You have so many gift, potentials in you so that there is no limit to what you can do especially overseas and thing makes you happy or give you joy when you do. And surely, I see a great future and unlimited potentials for you abroad.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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