John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls Help interprete
Thank you Sir
To God be the glory
Thank you for your spiritual guidance Sir
God bless you.
Good morning Sir

1.saw a brother who just got a jeep in my church he was driving with an ear piece on one ear the other ear piece removed his one hand in his car the other one outside. He drove past me and I noticed he has also gone to dress up. a place with many hall ways I kept on hiding for something meanwhile there was a path going up.the thing which I cannot describe too was going up and down looking for me suddenly I went up the path way it followed me but it was too late as it saw me late and I got up and came out of what looks like a short half open tunnel.

3.In a building I was with my son and some other people.there was plenty of cobwebs in the building. I started to clean the ceiling where there was cobweb another person was also cleaning the place.There was a man and a woman playing together and .Then I saw them also enter the bathroom together then I became very angry and started to fight them that the lady should leave or the man should chose between us he followed her after he begged and I refused to listen then I told both of them I don't ever want to see them again.I don't know these people then I noticed the lady was dressed in a funny way and she went to tell people I said she carried a funny bag then I looked at her dressing she was not dressed well at all.I left the place and was now with some women I was telling them two things destroyed my parents marriage polygamy and adultery one of them said what am I doing about it.I was putting a solution drops on my toe nails.I said I fought them now and sent them away but before I was not bothered about them.
Forgot the rest a place my son was playing and picking vegetables he said I should cook it for him he was expecting some reality TV stars I told him not the ones by the road aide that he would eat and he doesn't need to move with such people then I discovered some good books for him to read.

5.with some church members a choir leader was causing issues in the church. I cleaned off the mucus she spat on a place she was complaining about members they were complaining about her too
1. This newly acquired property has robbed him of his inner and outer ears : spiritual consciousness.

2. I see you overcome a monitoring spirit.

3. You've learnt the hard way against polygamy or promiscuous ways of your hubby so that you'd do anything to protect your children, teach them against it, and rebuke your husband without looking back if you are left with a choice.

4. I see you teach your children especially your son in the way of the lord, in the way it should go.

5. I see a group of person(s) messing up the house of God (causing confusion) but with humility I see you cleaning the mess with humility.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Sir.

1.At home sleeping,my kids in the living room playing then I pictured my husband in the car with the strange woman's son coming home.I heard some voices and I saw some kids in the living room with my kids the whole living room him was scattered and I was scolding my son for it. I was still talking how they came in I saw some men inside too and I called my husband I wanted to talk to him when I saw him with the strange woman's son but later told him not to worry.Then the men with him greeted and shook hands with me.Then more men came in they were all going to his room some came with their girlfriends who seated outaide his room.some came with their kids but only the men entered his room and then they were all shirtless.My husband came to ask about the chicken I made I told him maybe another woman not me cos its meat we have at home and be never told me he is bringing people home for party so I called in my kids to my room and I saw my room door now has two doors one with aluminium nwt with bolt and the main door with a key which is not there in the physical so I called in my kids and locked the door and gave my kids things to play with so they won't go outside. I started to think its better to divorce him now that once he is done with all he is doing I would call him to speak with him and tell him I want a divorce.I saw two kids of a worker in my church in our house looks like their father too is part of the group the father is part of the security unit. I peeped through the door holeand saw him asking my husband if I saw him. just then I felt someone in the bathroom, I saw a lady flushing her watery poop through there and I challenged her of her dirtiness then I got clean water to flush it away and she was acting somehow but i told her i never expected any visitor and she apologised then i fetched clean water in the bathroom.
My G.Os wife then came in to meet me and I was telling her am tired and thinking of a divorce and I explained all happening to her.She took me inside the kids room and was also telling me of a lady in their area who is pregnant but her men said he is not responsible and she slept several men now she is stuck with a fatherless child.She said its a club he belongs and looks like they are initiating or doing something that's why they all came unannounced and locked themselves up in his room without any woman and also shirtless.I was thinking why did they also bring their kids and he also went to bring the son he has outside. My kids remained in my room with the door locked forgot the rest.

2.I was in a place going to get something with my husband my son ran to meet me and requested for a mix they sell in black bottles they call aporo epa ijebu that I should buy it. Then in front where we passed I saw the The spoken word of God on the floor written boldly on the white and red. My son said that's what God said.he followed me and my husband to the market.

3.forgot the beginning I saw my grandmother explaining her marital journey to us and some people and the kids she gave birth too and her husband she did some things i cant remember. Then she asked my mum to bring out the new shoes and sandals with grandma took one then I said after I gave birth I never got a new shoe.She faced and mum that why didn't she give me since then instructed her to allow me pick any one of the sandals I like.I saw 2 beautiful black sandals with gold studs one was my size one was bigger I got a leg from my mum then I was told to go and meet my evil sister and collect the other leg.I got there for the sandal the I opened a door and saw my husband seated in a room then I woke up. a house my half sister drove in busy on a phone call.I was stepping out I removed a thick black nylong covering a gadget that looks like a phone and i hwld on to the gadget.Then my brother later came also and another guy.I went inside the kitchen and saw melon in a bowl filled up but a tap of water was rushing in it and washing it away so I told the lady in the kitchen to switch off the tap so the melon would stop wasting.Then I went into a room with plenty shoes on the layers first one was for my step sister all gold and coloured designs and the middle was for my evil sister black shoes then mine was gold shoes with colours but there was other designs too there was unique and with several colourful colours.Then my brother told me to get food stuffs with the guy at the market then I told of the shoes a gold one and wore it.I was saying my step sister has been using them all before but now that have found them I would start to use the brother pointed to one which was extremely beautiful I told him I would wear that one too.I went out and overheard something happened to my step sister maybe at her place of work or she lost her job then I was saying no wonder I couldn't use the foreign language for anything as she was using it since. We got to the market but they had a program and don't open so we went to another place but before I knew it the guy with had gotten all the food stuffs we needed and he brought them to me all at once so we headed back to the house to meet my brother
1. Well, you might have exhausted your patient,be tired of your husband's evil,occult-like,wayward lifestyle and wish to divorce but be thankful at least the your children have a father to call their own.

2. The lord speaks to the boy,and his using him for his glory!

3. There was an inheritance share given to you through which you were penetrated and these battles began in your life.

4. Congratulations!
Your destiny was exchanged and given to a sister of yours but I see your destiny returned,given back to you so that all your battles,misfortune shall now be the lot of whom stole it,and fortune shall now smile on you now forever.

Prepare for a new dawn, beginning in your life.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Sir

1.dreamt I was on my bed subsciously I was putting on the light but it was not coming up and the room was dark then I told my son to get me a bulb,he brought one that was broken I told him to go bring a new bulb from the living room so we can change the bulb and light can come on in my room. a place looks like I was doing something with a church member then my husband and his friends were around in my church to pray or so forgot the rest. a place I had a paper and a pen I wrote down some things a man was standing by he corrected me and I made the right correction another man stood and was insulting me I told him I never asked for his help and I am doing well already so he should mind his business. Then I cleaned something I wrote and wrote the correct thing and thanked the other man who helped me.Then I was done and started to write down the beautiful colours of bags ladies passing were carrying on a paper.

4.In a place There was water and a floating bed somebody put it where I was then I didn't go near the water cos I don't know how to swim and the fear was there but I opened my eyes suddenly and saw I was on the floating bed in the water my glasses was there,my books and phones I woke up and was afraid how I would get out of the water with and all the things with me.The water current kept on moving the floating bed I summoned courage and as the bed was going deeper into the troubled waters I held on to a curtain fabric which looks like the one in my room firmly then gradually the floating bed came back and stopped moving to the trouble waters I came out jubilating with some ladies who came to join me and the person who made me enter the water was ashamed as I was bow no longer scared of it then I saw an insect give birth to other identical insects and I was telling a lady with me that the insect is multiplying itself. We now had a team to work with.the scene changed and I was telling a friend that she should focus on one business instead of doing multiple at the same time friend was crying she doesn't have a child she was married to an elder in my church then I was scrubbing my feet and cleaning it and also applying creams and other things.a deaconess in my church too was doing the same to her feet she told my friend that is not her prayer that why is she married to another woman's husband then I was crying with my friend but something told me when my sisters problems start I must not help or feel sorry for her I stopped telling her solutions only told her to go meet her husband in his house and live with them with the first wife when she left I told the deaconess too to mind her business and we continue to cream our feet

.6.In a house my maternal cousin came out with a wig of braids and wanted to put it on my head I don't take it cos I don't use such forgot what I did.
1. You represent the light, the presence of God in the midst of darkness in this marriage. Surely, your hubby and his ways loves darkness but the light in you is always there to shine forth.


2. Your God will prove himself in your life so that your hubby and co. may know,acknowledge, and bow before your God eventually.

3. Always be humble to take correction, learn from others but always refuse to be looked down upon or mock for your mistakes - for no one is perfect, isn't it?

4. I see your greatest fear conquered and overcome, and I see the enemy's plot to disgrace you rendered powerless, and them disgraced instead.

Praise the lord!

And now shall your confidence returns and you shall see clearer what you really want, desire and right for your life and career. And you shall take possession of your leadership annointing


5. Hmmm..
What a world!
Truly, you've learned the hard way : when to pity and when to withdraw, and know even whom to and not to pity or cry out. Your heart has been hardened. But well? This is for your safety.

6. You have nothing in common with these worldly hairstyles or lifestyles even your spirit reject it vehemently.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Sir
1.I was with some people in a place can't remember what was happening but a woman who looks like a giant with 12sons and 45 daughters was there.The people here looks like those we did secondary school together.Something happened which made the woman angry and she entered a room and was crying until she turned into water.I opened the door and saw a pool of water she turned into and we all left the place to go back home on my way one of us a guy was with my identity card or so and wanted me to idolize him before giving me but I refused.he kept on following me I told him God is greater than him and I won't beg him God would prove his greatness he should continue to hold on to it then I left and hugged the other classmate and I crossed the canal I told the lady has she heard of hallelujah challenge starting next week ologbogboro where people praise God online then we departed.
I got to another place they were issuing something that looks like identity cards but for French speakers one can use it for outside Nigeria and there was one made in Nigeria for ECOWAS and one can travel to African countries with it so I was on the queue and I needed that first identity with my former classmate just then as I was asking for the card I saw the guy there too and he said I should not worry he submitted for me I only need to sign and other to sign too so I can get it I started to speak French with a lady beside me.I saw a list of peoples I.d with their names and father's names age and the amount they are going to spend for shopping. I was on the queue waiting for my turn then I remembered when I was traveling for studies that my sister sent her bank statement and letter then I hardly have to queue at all.

2.with my evangelism partner watching a rich guy with two wives both of them struggling to do better than the other.they both have kids of the same age then they wanted to on the gen both kept on trying I tried to help the first wife but the gen don't come up.I saw the second one cooking beans with fish I advised her to fry the fish and then plantain and make the beans not watery but she don't take advise so we left them.

3.Entered a place our G.o and other workers were there a man gave us CD he said its not for kids and don't give my son and I brought it out and a song was been played then he called me and said there are three levels premium,entrance and another one that am on the second stage which means I would have been sent out or packing if I was on the first one like my sister then I remembered a time my husband wanted to send me out eevrytime .so he said I must pray alone 3.prayer points holyghost fill me with your power 3 times then Zechariah chapter 9.

4.prayed the prayer in the dream 4 and dreamt I was with some prayer points and as I was praying it I saw giant demons exploding then I was looking for the rest prayer to pray again and I went to a mountain don't find it there so I decided to go to the mountain of power in my church since the prayer point is for power.(There is no mountain for power in my church Sir) Got to the place but the steps were to high for me someone carried my kids up.I sat down and was getting weak then a church member came and carried me up through another stairs.when I got to the last phase of the step I had a vision I saw my husband with a lady she had a phone with her suddenly the phone was smashed and my husband was telling the man with the lady he needs to get two accommodation one for his main family one for his baby mama.then the baby mama went to pick a bike to get something for the boy the vision ended and I gathered strength to go to the mountain top and I forgot to remove my slippers I removed it and went to seat and pray.when I was done I got my kids and we left we saw their dad on the way and we went home together. When we got home he was watching movies on the phone and was laughing

My son's dream
5.His mum was very rich but once day his daddy went into her room and stole all her money and he saw his daddy packed the money to his own room.Then he called the police when they came he took them to his daddy's room and showed them the money he stole from his mummy and they collected everything back for his mum and the one that was in his pocket also and his daddy was charged to court. Himself and mummy were happy
1. For refusing to bow before man and tolling the path of the world and destruction the lord shall turn your struggle into prosperity,your storm into peace,your failure into success story,and cause even your enemy to bless you and be a source of your next level. Surely,favor,mercy and honor shall follow you now.

Thank you jesus!

2. There is no peace nor joy,nor laughter in polygamous home. Surely? Every woman detest.

3. I see your failure turned into a success story as I see mercy,favor all round you now. But there is something left undone? That is the prayer point as its an order from above to pray that prayer henceforth. Surely, I also see you break freed from slavery of man,your hubby.

4. Indeed, and as you can see the prayer is very effective as I see a demon troubling and attacking your home exploded/destroyed.

But listen, you shall continue with the prayer point as there is more the lord want to do for you, and to restore your home. Mind you, it's one prayer point in many therefore you shall use it as a point of contact to pray for power and fire to fill you.

5. The lord asks ' will he ever change especially when the prophesy concerning your rising and his falling finally come to pass? Surely, I see a terrible end for him if he doesn't repent now, while your latter would be better.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Sir

Continued with the prayer and had a strange dream
1.some girls are friends one is called fadeke and three others and there was a man who stays in an open field with a cap filled with food.One day a man brought cooked food that looks like semo but on his cap,fadeke took it and was playing with it but she dares not eat it.later they all wanted to give someone food and they all prepared a meal but suddenly fadeke came and carried the food to go give a man and all of them started to run after she was running looks like I was running with her but I was not fadeke she kept on running for her life then she got to the place other people gathered and she could not go further with the food again.looks like I was controlling what was happening to them from my room and i woke up the only thing I noted in this dream I can't explain is that there was a power at work in their lives from the man with the cap of food but I could also control their actions from my.mind on my bed yet I don't know these people. outside Lagos with church members then when it was time to go home I was looking for whose car to join to return home and it was getting dark,look like i dint get and had to find my way home saw my ex boyfriend on the way but ignored him.
Then looks like the dream went to the beginning we were trying to come for the event.I had picked a seat and gave a member my bag to put there while I went to care for my daughter thinking my mum also would be in the bus but by the time in was ready and came out I saw my.mum just going she said she had been sleeping and I was angry. I got to the bus they had removed my bag and the bus was filled.I told the driver but I told him he said he is sorry I should find my way and pay for transport and showed me other mum entered one.I felt really bad and decided not to enter anyone of the paid ones cos I can't afford the amount too.I was thinking what to do as our G.o is a very nice person and it won't be nice for me not to go. a house doing some things i cant remember then i had some socks and i was washing them and our G.O s wife was asking me I cook okro for my mum and also care for her she continued to ask me questions I told her have been told to stay clear from her so there is limit to what I can do for her as it stands.My daughter was doing something much higher than her age and I was laughing with the person with me

4..In a house I had a camera the flash and the point where pictures printed come out from was not there.Then I went into my brother in-laws wardrobe and found it and I was telling him about it he said its not his own my husband too said its not for him so li told both of them its mine and I took it and fixed it on my camera.The camera became complete but now heavy a woman came to patronize me as I started to take pictures with it my husband helped to take some of her pictures while I took the rest her cloth were transparent I had to tell her so she can adjust I also adjusted the camera. My mum came to seat beside her but I told her to excuse us so I can snap her.

5.a couple were having a campaign or so in was telling someone I am not interested in politics I would only go to show my respect for them.a voice was telling me I should not reject the offer and also accept a child offer if the couple doesn't want it.I got there and saw beside them a woman was crying and begging a man to sleep with her so she can conceive the man said she must make a vow with him cos the child would be for him,she has been giving him money and clothes since for it but he wants more commitment. Then woman cried to me for help but I told them to go and sort themselves out and faced my business.