John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls Help interprete
1. The lord will henceforth cause you ahead of them,and beforehand expose their evil plot, plans against you so that you may overcome them or seek the lord to destroy their evil plans against you.

2. Ps 91.
Indeed, you are surrounded by roaring lions/enemies and those who wants to devor you and your children but surely, as you continue to trust in the lord and cry out to him in times of trouble? He shall protect you and your children, shut the mouth of every roaring lion roaring against you and your children just like in the days of Daniel.

3. You must and do as instructed according to the message, and especially against the message therein in your number one and fifth dreams even thou the lord had assured your victory but still pray :

• Against ritualist den, blood suckers and kidnappers.
• Against every plot of your husband and his co through the laying of trap of thunderbolt, evil plot on your path. Ofcourse, with the above bible serves,in your revelation. Read 7 times.

4. Your son is the most vulnerable now hence you must keep a close eye on him and protect him more than enough. Trust him with none not even within the house of God as I see the powers that be lurking around to attack or rob him away. You should consider him in the above prayer instructions too.

5. I see you in the hand of ritualist but surely, the lord shall spare you but this will come to sacrifice or price tag. But why wait for this to happen--even though the lord assures you will come out and overcome? Wage war against this one too, now!

6. This is another confirmation of your number four. Your son is most vulnerable now hence you must keep a very close and strict eye on him,and pray for his safety and security more than ever!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Sir
1.Dreamt I was in a place with my kids and someone spoke to my son on how to be behaving and things he should not be doing and my son started to act right. I also saw the woman cleaning up other kids that poop in potty.

2.outside on a road saw my husband while his legs are stretched out before him but black shoes on and he was saying what's happening to him and why is he feeling like this in his body. Then a man came came and was giving him reasons.I and a sister in my church who was on the road said when he was going to ask for money from a debtor he had no link with what was he thinking.

3.dreamt my husband was celebrating his birthday then I was discussing about King David and how he fell by lust with some people then I saw the strange woman's sister bring cake for my husband. I went to his quarters and his younger brother and friend were with him. The cake was no41 and he was happy told him he is 44 and 6more years to be 50years he needs to think and stop the work he is doing. (Today is his birthday and he is 34). a place a lady said the woman to act is not available she had an injury in her leg and in fact she doesn't want her again that I must be used instead of her. I was shocked because I don't act but they gave me a role to act as a security to a king or a wealthy man and I was given a big stick with fire burning at the tips and the acting started. I was able to catch up with them even though I don't do rehearsal before.

5.with some people doing something then a woman was disgraced and I told people she is pretending to be who she is and she started to cry when she was exposed. People started coming to me instead of her. An elderly woman also helped me to watch my feet with her clean water

6.At home bathed my kids and they were playing with their wets bodies while I cleaned the dirty floor with white cloth and clean water.
1. The lord will turn your son life around,cause him to be an obedient child to you. But surely, this will happen by divine work.

2. I see the judgment of God come upon your husband for being an unrepentant sinner.

3. The lord said, as your hubby add a year older today his days..of judgment beckons, are numbered now.

4. It's called " divine favor ".
The lord said, I will cause another person's fall to prosper you, people you know not and what you don't deserve shall be converted/awarded to you--even strange land/places.


5. ◄ Psalm 75:7 ►
It is God who judges: He brings one down, he exalts another.

Again, the lord said, I will exalt you,favor, honor and bless you at the fall of other(s).

Amazing! This is truly divine favor and heaven..i am seeing upon you now.

6. I see you living up to expectations in the life of your children both spiritual and physical.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Sir
1.i was given an iron tool the person called it javelin but it looks like something that can force anything to open or break

2.i was going and people were looking at me and I was checked myself if I was looking different for them to all be staring at me.

,3.I was hitting big metal on my husband's head and saying he won't use me to get traveling opportunity for the strange woman not clear
1. Congratulations!
It's called " the power to unlock all and every possibilities.

You are unstoppable now.
Praise God!

2. I see your glory,beauty burst forth and shining before man.

Thank you jesus!

3. Any evil attempt by your hubby to attack or hijack your virtue shall be met with iron of judgment.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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good morning Sir
1.Dreamt I was in a house our deliverance mimister was ministering to someone just then I saw a container with a liquid still left in it and I took it  as  people's  eyes  were closed and drank as I was about to go back to my position it turned into fire in me and I fell under anointing.Later he came to meet me in the room I was and we started  discussing. 

2.In a house I entered into the room generating power and it things on were also making noise. I started to switch off the engine one by one till it was completely off, and everythin became calm and still. Then I went out of the room and saw a woman made a cake for my child and another one in form of a house it was so beautiful  we kept on looking at the beautiful cake house green and white in colour. We continued to play and gist

3.with some women in a house a woman was selling Sandal 1 asked me to pick a particular one for me and my kids but I took a different one. a woman who was so materialistic rush to buy it. 

4.with a few church members in a house one of them used my sons car or TV and left it on the floor I took it and cleaned it up our pastor's wife said that's how they do and I arranged all my sons things in the wardrobe for him. 
Afterwards I went out and joined our G. O and his disciples praying on a road. 

5.crossed over a bridge with narrow wood I carefully passed through with a man in front of me guiding  and got home and saw my husband and his friends litter the house and also drinking alcohol. I was angry and I swept and packed their alcohol aside. they also saw the look on my face that am not in support of their lifestyle a house with several people then I wanted to go to the market and they had to leave. My husband tolde to go on Sunday so he can follow me I said no that my kids should go with those going toy mums place but I later saw they don't go now they are four in number the 2 I have now and 2 small ones too. They said they want to stay with me. So I said there dad should stay at home. 
Later he kept on shouting for me to so some chores I told him  I am his mother and he should  never shout at me again
1. The lord had chosen you,appointed and annointed you in the midst thousand/many. He's led you to his presence and his secret place where those who are called or chosen is meant for.

Congratulations. You are no longer an ordinary woman/human.

2. And ye shall be called ' peace maker, rain maker and one who restores peace and causes celebration, joy,happiness and love wherever thy might be --because the lord has chosen you and his spirit is in you.

3. ◄ Mark 8:36 ►
What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?

Congratulations! ..for chosen the path of life, salvation and jesus and not the world nor worldliness.

4. You are indeed a true mother and one who strives for the things of the spirit(of God) and never forsake any of her children but protects and watches over them at the same time.

5. Indeed, managing your husband and his wayward lifestyle is like walking the narrow path that's overwhelmed with storms and requires maturity--spiritually and physically. It takes extra ordinary wisdom and patient to endure this man and stay with him till now. Weldone!

6. The day/time of reckon beckons. A time when you will finally be free from his intimidation,fear and manipulations and become the ruler and queen of this home/marriage!

It's established! It's just a matter of time now.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Sir
1.dreamt I was in a house with some people and my evil sister too just then a lady came and hugged me she is a friend but i don't her in real life.I asked her if she has gone to church because I was preparing for church.She told me about her church where they drink palm wine and they don't read bible.I saw a picture of the church too then I told her am going to church and she should not distract me.Then I saw her in front of my husband and I pushed her away but she gave him something to eat and as I was talking to him he was not answering me like before.I sent the evil friend away and went to prepare for service.

2.I was in a room and was telling a lady with me on the bed about my friend who gave my husband something to eat and his attitude changed to me. just then a pastor in my church called us out to pray and scatter the kingdom of darkness as we started to pray many birds appeared in the sky then they also came in space ships throwing down thunder and fire but it didn't affect us at all.
The scene changed and I was inside a building
Then I saw the satanic agents clearly in the corridor of the house they came with plenty loads and said they are the 6 house hold enemies they wanted to enter the room I was with the loads I started to pray in the spirit and they became powerless and changed into 2 men 3 old women and a young lady and I started to feed them the EBA they brought I stuffed it into their mouths one by one.Then I poured the hot agbo they also brought on their head and body.They said they are very close to me I told them I don't care they have to die.The young lady tried to escape told the lady with me to tie her down with her hair to the ground.Then I saw the others The others trying to run away I went after them and cut up with them and was saying holy spirit to tie them down for me then I woke up

3.In a house with my mum ,my sister and other people I wanted to eat just then I saw food stuffs,frozen chicken, powdered maggi and several things in cartoon and I asked my mum who brought all these she said my uncle or so.I started to arrange some in the fridge and some in the kitchen cabinets
1. You are a light do not walk nor have anything in common with darkness ; the people/friends of the world.

2. Praise God!
I see dominion and unprecedented power over household powers, night caterers,witchcraft powers and the powers of darkness. Infact, I see you rubbishing them and disgracing them without mercy. Do you even understand what this means? O jesus thank you for the life of your daughter. Surely, you are no longer an ordinary woman/human.

3. I see some special gifts for you.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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good morning Sir

1.There was a program in our church so the 7 prayer points started then at a point I had to go home to change my clothes on getting home saw my mum ,my son and my husband ,I quickly started to dress but I was looking for my skirt or a particular blouse I wanted to wear by the time I got to church the program had almost ended I saw our g.o packaged something in nylon for our deacons son.Our deacon had a big pack of sugar at 260naira per pack and I asked him were he bought it which he told me.I decided to also visit the mercy ground because I years they have put green leaves there.

2.Going to church again and I entered bus and got to a big estate a lady in charge calledw and took me to an apartment that was mine and I was wondering when I paid for it.I never believed I would have my own house too.she said its a one bedroom flat but the room and all was very big.she said it was 12million.I kept on looking around the apartment. I also saw it can he extended too and she told me the price if I want to turn it into 2 or 3 bedroom.It looks like a duplex.I went to church so I could testify met my evangelism leader too and they came over to the estate to see the flat.I told them I don't know who paid for it for me.The estate was not far from the church and we started going together the new apartment it has been extended into 2bedroom and my husband came to see it with his friend.I was thinking of finally adding money to it so it can a a 3bedroom duplex.The whole duplex was there but I needed to pay so they could open the side of the stairs.But pending the time The 2 bedroom was very nice.We got out of the building u described the road for them and he dropped us by the gate where I saw my clothes and that of my son and I folded them then left for church with my son while my husband went out with his friend.

my son's dream
1.he said he was around 23years old in the dream and married then he saw a grandmother who had grandsons but sue decided to take another woman's grand son then the wicked grandma was jailed and sent into prison