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Pls Help interprete
Pls sir I had these dreams in the past and someone interpreted them but am not sure if I got the real meaning.

1.I had this dream some days before my traditional wedding
I saw many people running seriously like they were flying including pastor Adeboye.They were on a plantation and were all running and planting I joined them too but I saw my husband just sitting down then I told him to get up and join us but he said he is not ready and I continued to run and plant.

2 I dreamt I was in a state outside lagos and in a compound my friend had a poultry in her house then she did her birthday and alot of people came for the party afterawhile I said I was going back that I need to go back to work.My sister n my mum and my sister husband were still there so I saw a man going too and I followed him with my son.We were going then suddenly I discovered that we were at the back of someones house.I could see the express in front but noway to pass the back of the house was filled with ditches and potholes and bushes.My son was sleeping then I told the man that I want to go and look for help.
I entered into the living room amd saw two women and I told them there is no way there.They said they is a way but I ignored them and went out of the building.
When I got out I saw across the road some guys in a shop and asked they the way one of them described how I would get back on the road that leads to the express and I thanked him amd bought a bread.
When I got back in the compound I discovered the driver and the car was were already waiting and my son was awake too.Then I got back into the car with my son amd I woke up.

3.Dreamt I was climbing a ladder then I came down and saw my son with a key then I started running along the express I found myself in an underground and I saw a woman who was with a baby shawl amd she took 500naira from me amd had something in a black nylon.Then I saw my pastor that does deliverance in our church and I took back the money frm her and I saw some thing in black nylon I returned it to her and took the shawl and she started crying.Then I left and got a way out amd someone described away to get to the station so I can travel back I got there and I had to wait to enter the last bus going to ikeja and finally the bus came and as I sat down for the bus to move I woke up.

4 I was dressed and going out then I got to a building then I changed my blouse to white then I went upstairs and I saw small black insects and I was calling my husband to come and kill them but he dint answer then I saw a man who came with fleet and killed them all then the room changed the curtains and everything became beautiful.
Then a woman was telling another one that she was the cause of everything that happened.
1. He was never the lord choice for you. As the lord said, he never get along with you nor understand whom you truly were before and after marriage.

2. ◄ Isaiah 49:25 ►
But thus saith the LORD, Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy children.

Maybe your mother, sister or one of your closest friend led you into something conscious or unconsciously which landed you into trouble,spiritual/physical captivity but the mercy of God came to your rescue.
In essence, I see you delivered from captivity.

3. What were you looking for that led you to this fetish/evil one? You lost so much as a result of your ignorance. The lord say, you were not doing bad,but maybe out of curiosity or desperation to seek a way out of your predicament at some point you were led astray hence engage in fetish act. This led you into spiritual trouble as you became a subject of ridicule and spiritual/physical captivity.

But to God be the glory you eyes were opened and you sought the lord (your pastor) which led to your deliverance and freedom from the evil one or captivity that you led yourself into.


4. I see a strange woman who'd succeeded in turning your husband against you. But cheer up the day of judgement beckons as your sorrow has lasted enough for the night and your joy cometh in no time,and the evil,demonic woman shall be disgrace and defeated.

Bless you.
Quote: gbemmyade [ 0 ]
Its well Sir

6 different men and women of God told me he was Gods choice for me and I was seeing him in my dreams too and then he was very nice and we attended the same church too.Suddenly he changed.

But They were all wrong since at first the courtship was peaceful but later everything turned sour and no peace since then

You are right about the interpretation I later discovered my mum and her mother made a vow to the diety she was serving and dedicated me to the god before I was born for the diety to fight for her.She told me the strange woman my father was involved in wanted to kill me in her womb the diety fought and the womans child died.
The woman went to join witchcraft because of that and made a vow to deal with me.
I am sure that is why my journey got mixed up with the wrong man.

God just delivered me this year from the stronghold of the diety.
It has been a very rough journey for me and my marriage and career have been filled with alot of challenges.

Thank you sir Infact the interpretation I got is completely different from what I got here.
Thank God for this ministry

More Grace...

At the bolded (black)..that's why it saddens me at the alarming rate at which many children of God has been led astray and to their early grave due to wrong message or spiritual guidance.

Well, the word of God (below) has to be fulfilled anyway :

◄ Jeremiah 23:16 ►
This is what the LORD Almighty says: "Do not listen to what the prophets are prophesying to you; they fill you with false hopes. They speak visions from their own minds, not from the mouth of the LORD.

6 pastors for that matter? And only to discover after marriage that you married to a total stranger, isn't it? O God help your children!

@ the bolded (blue) : Again, wrong message, wrong ministration?? At times I feel like crying at the rate which the children of God are being led to destruction as a a result of wrong prophesy or ministration.

This is so sad and such pastors only add more work for people like us.

Take heart the lord is restoring you back in jesus name. You will laugh last the lord assured me about your case.

You all should learn from her story.

Bless you daughter!
Good morning pastor

Pls help me interprete these dreams

1.I was going and I was putting on my secondary school uniform they I started praying againsy retrogression and stagnation,then my uniform changed to a long sleeve shirt and a skirt on my body.I saw a heap on the road and some dirt close to gutter and I was trying to avoid stepping on it some kids were standing there so then I took the other path of the road.As I was going I saw a woman bathing her baby in a well and a man were telling her its wrong for her to bath her child that way.I tried to cross with a big plank on the gutter but the plank was not resting well amd I tried to adjust it after that I had my bath and continued going

2.I dreamt of been in my fathers house with my sister my mother my children amd my husband.In front of the bangalow was a small place opened amd something was dug out of the floor.I went to bath with my children I beat my son because he was wasting my time so I bathed my daughter first.When we were done bathing I heard that robbery was takinh place in some areas in lagos state and I told my mum that she needs to get a better apartment because were we bathed the tiles is swollen and soon the floor there can break in.
Then I saw my daughters hair it was full but the back was abit low and the front too like someone cut iut of her hair then I startes to shout.That who touched her hair my mum said maybe her dad wanted to barb it I said no and I was shouting that who ever wants to use her glory will run mad .Then I started looking for her daddy when I saw him he was seated and I challenged him about the hair and he was talking but I dint hear what he was saying.

3.I was in a room with my primary school friends they brought chains with pendants and earrings big ones and small ones we were checking them.A sister in my church took some and said she would pay later.I told them even the ones my mother in law gave me I threw them away and that when I start working I would get what I need and I dropped them.Then I saw the curtains of the room had many layers and I started moving them so there would be sunlight in the room I did that till I got the window net and discovered it was torn so I left the last path of the curtain.
1. see arrow of retrogression fired at you rebuked and sent back.

2. I see an evil covenant/bond between you,your offspring and the idol of your father's house broken.
Yes,truly what I am seeing here is covenant/dedication with an idol.
Indeed, the glory of your daughter was inflicted,affected as a result of that hence was hijacked along with your glory,and as a result of your husband fetish practice but I see the glory of you daughter being fought and recovering now.

3. Truly these worldly things draws/drew your life backward and the life of those who cherish or embraces them.
Thank God for your life for you have let go of them and now it's time to await the promise of God for your life and move forward.

Bless you.
Good morning pastor
Happy sunday Sir

Pls help with these dreams

1.Dreamt I had an exam to write a foreign IT certification.So that morning I needed to get some document ready for thr exam and I left home early.I went with all the things I needed and I also branched to buy food.I later discovered I was looking for part of what I needed and went back to search for it.Later I discovered they were in the back bag I was carrying so I continued but time was already gone and I made up my mind to change the date of my exam.My brother told me I can change my exam date.When I got to the exam center n explained yhe lady incharge told her boss and I was told to pray for favour or I may have to write it next year or pay 56dollars but if am favoured I may write it next week.So I started praying and they were trying to get the certification office.

2.Someone told me in my dream that my job is the one online that goes to with my course of study completely.( The only job I applied for that goes with my course is a government job and nothing has been heard so far.)

3.Dreamt of my husband and his younger brother cleaning the walls with clothes amd I heard that his elder brother was going to America for christmas.
I was reminding God over the evil brother and that he keeps prospering with all the evil he has been doing to me that last year xmas he went to dubai for xmas now it America that God should change my story.
I took the cable of dstv in our flat and reconnected it to the room from the living room while my son was playing with his father.

4.Dreamt but forgot the part only remembered I was sweeping the passage of a house and 2 guys were inside one was trying to play with and I wad angry and insulted him and continued my sweeping.
1. I see door of breakthrough,opportunity but the lord warned that when it manifests in the physical you must, with all seriously take it serious and do away with every distraction lest it takes the power of grace,prayer and time to witness such opportunity again.

2. This one also confirmed your number one dream.
Yes! Prepare,I see a breakthrough,an open door of opportunity online.

3. Hold no grudges,keep no malice against your hubby brother or any. The lord is already fighting for you. In essence, I see the current/manipulation from which your husband's brother has been robbing your family to prosper cut off and retrieved/recovered back to you.

4. Despite the amount of temptations you'd had to leave your husband and from men outside you'd refused to be distracted or cheat your husband. The lord is pleased with you,your holy as a sacrifice unto God has finally be accepted. Therefore, be rest assured that your reward would be great/fat.

Bless u
Good morning Pastor
Please help me interprete this dreams
Thank you Sir

1.Dreamt I was with my mother in law some young girls a 2guys and my husband.We were in an apartment together.My mother in law and my husband was asking me about the contact of guardian I knew when I was i france but I told her I lost it she said I should not lose such then I told her it wont happen again but I can get it through my sister or when I go back to france I would get him because he is the head of nigerian in diaspora group in Paris.Then the other people staying wanted to eating the food stuff I bought and the guy too so I told me husband and my mother in law they I cant be feeding those people because they have relied on me they dont want to work or look for food.We continued to manage with the food then I went out and saw the guy and my husband playing with my toyota camry and the back was bashed.I told him I dnt want the car touching my car when he told him to repair it.I told them I will repair it myself.Then I left the place,I went out to look for my husband after I saw a guy who got a job I later saw him in the midst of the people have been looking for him so he can have a job too and not be lazy.

2.forgot the begining part
Dreamt and saw a couple they sat in a customised car the husband stood up first then the wife followed.They started wqshing clothes in the washing machine then my daughter jumped in playfully in the soapy water and she wanted to play in it but I brought her out and put her on the floor.Then I heard the voice of my neighbour talking to husband.I went out later and he was talking about if I still remember french language and I should learn I was unhappy and went inside.Then someone was telling me I should not lose hope.Then I stood up and a friend of mine came and I followed her with my daughter.
Suddenly I got to a new environment of elites saw 2 ladies they said they live in Tinuba Are estate the houses there are beautiful and classy.They showed me their apartments and I was to follow them but I told them I need to see my daughtee first then they gave me their contact and collected mine too and they called my line to confirm my number.
I came back and I saw myself walking with my former neighbour she was talking about a job she got and as we were walking in the heavily guarded environment We passed by securities carrying sophisticated weapons
I was scared at first but as we continued to walk the more the security was getting tighter but the security men did not bother to stop us.
Later I got to a place I saw some youths and I joined them( cant remember the end.)

More Grace Sir...
1. I see great connection that will catapult you into a great level and work overseas. I see you become the head,bread winner whom many will look up to to survive.

2. Cheer up and wipe away your tears. For I have come to connect you to your destiny helpers, that will catapult you unto the seat of glory,power,wealth and authority.

Bible ref : Isa 60

Bless u
Good morning Pastor,
How are you and your family Sir?

I dreamt I was with some people and we were meant to wear uniform to sew skirts to wear the skirts mon to friday my late dad told me to pray for an hour after the clothes.I with some people and I got materials for the skirt we were to be wearing and gave out 3 to 2 other ladies and the tailor that sewed it got one.Then we wer corporately dressed and after a while we wanted to have lunch.I took my husbands car key and gave one of the two men with us to drive us to buy good.We set out and some got food in a place but I dint buy later we got to a bread and beans seller I dint buy.So my self amd another lady wanted to walk down a street to get what we felt Like eating.The guy gave me back the car key and I started walking with the lady.We removed the suit because of heat and the others were looking at us they said why cant we eat what they bought but I told them am going to have my lunch and I continued going the other lady was following me too.Then my late father called me that I should get in touch with some one for him I went to check the person but people on the queue were too much so I dropped my husband car key with my.mum that I dint tell him before I took the car and I cant drive it back.The car was parked at my mum place and I went to run the errand fory father but I left and saw some people greeting their family and a woman looking at the album of a young boy.I passed by husbands elder brother then I saw his wife wearing slippers she stood infront of my mothers gate and was playing with her fixed nails.I greeted her but she dint respond.When I got in my mum told me my husband just came to pick his car that he was passing when he saw it and branched to check with my mum.

More Grace Sir