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Pls Help interprete
Good morning Sir brother sent me a note to forget all that happened and how he reacted to me then he added money to it for me to start catering school.when my mum gave me I was confused as I have gotten a job but didn't inform any of them and I tried to speak in parables to my mum about a friend who just got a job but I didn't know what the reply to my brother. a house with a man and some other guys they were looking for ways to date me but I didn't agree later I got to know their plans and how they're my husband friends. a house with a man who I was saying was my husband but I discovered he takes hard drugs and also collected money from my siblings to be nice to me.i read everything on his diary and I stepped out.on the way I found some ladies crying seems he has done some things to them too before .Then I felt something in my pocket and when I brought it out it was a gold chain with tiny set of 4 earrings and a pendant and I said so this was what our took from me but now I have found it back.then I got home and saw the man oye fixing some things in the ceiling.i was waiting for him to come back to the bed to sleep but I discovered he left and everyone was rejoicing and they set a table that Oye had been the one robbing us financially and he is finally I decided to continue my fasting and prayer I was doing.
Sir I don't know this man
1.◄ Proverbs 16:7 ►
When the LORD takes pleasure in anyone's way, he causes their enemies to make peace with them.

Above ; exactly what the lord would do because you've found favor and mercy before the lord so tha t your stone the builders rejected shall become a beautiful stone.

2. Be wary of those wayward single and married men as, they may come for you with sweet words especially at your work place,environment and...

3. Who's robbing who? Your husband it is. But surely, his ungodly ways and source of income had denied your marriage,home her benefits of blessing,and robbed you but today the lord has shown you mercy and your home for your same.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning Sir a house my friend and a family friend were dating each other and showing love to one another then the man went to inform his friends and family I was angry with him then he called for a meeting like 8 of them came and he introduced me to my friend as his first wife while she will be the second.i said what rubbish is he not a married man and when did I start to date him when I am also married.he said he doesn't have a good wife,I told him so what happens to praying to God for intervention and yet he is a redeem pastor. I said I am not interested in such and my husband has changed so he should also pray for his wife he said no way his cousin too said no way then my friend asked him how much will he give her monthly.he said the amount and she said she would marry him.i walked away angrily and told my friend she doesn't know the trouble she is getting herself into.I then send a mail to daddy G'o about the man but I decided to leave him to God and I left them.I got home and I was telling my husband what happened.i told my husband the wife doesn't trust the husband cos her father left her mum that is why she behaves in such a manner but he is meant to pray with his wife has his own father too never had a stable wife at home.

2.outside with some women in our church don't remember what we were doing but we started to wash our clothes and then poured the water on our feet on the road also.forgot the rest

3..dreamt I was in a place not Nigeria with some African people later I was given a list of the things I would need for my journey and I picked my clothes.then I was called and given a message written in English but I was speaking French to the person beside me and laughing then it was written for us to return some of the cartoon books for kids we lend to read .i called the guy with me to bring them and they were turned and we were talking about going abroad to UK or evil sister sent an information to a former friend who we don't talk.i told the guy assisting me I am not going to a stranger UK is better cos I have my first sister and brother he cut off from the lady and my evil sister .then he said UK is what we would do then I saw the call of my brother coming in.i didn't know I had picked it before I said hello and it cut off again. a place saw a city under construction very beautiful with high building a Chinese company was incharge then I also saw them bringing in imported new cars and packing them one by one I was standing watching all the while people were doing.then there was an area that was not developed I said this is age or fagbq area in Lagos state
1. It doesn't matter how you view or see your home/marriage now but this is how the lord sees her ; " your marriage has been restored and your husband has been humbled".

2. Some activities at the church for God and or spiritual benefits.

3. This new job will take you places and open doors of opportunities to travel abroad so that you'd even have the power to choose whom you want to or don't want to work/travel with.
Yes , I see you on a business/job trip overseas..

4. ...even within Nigeria. Yes, it will take you places within your home country.
In essence, I see you on a business/job trip in no time.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir church with other church members our G.o was there too we were given some instructions to follow.when we were done
The deacons son was playing forgot the rest. work there was meant to be a meeting then one of the men came to meet him we should not start yet I should give him just like 5mins because he just came.later the founder was saying my big eye glasses needed to be changed to something more sophisticated and small or into contact lenses because of the brand of the company.i was thinking is this one am using big and not sophisticated enough. my mum's place in my father's house my mother in-law was around in my husband cousins house which is beside my father's house in real husband and my kids were with me.he was telling me to take the kids to play with her but I was not really interested.later his mum came over to us and I sent the girl with my mum to take the kids to the place.then my mother in law was talking about visa from Nigeria and the price for a business visa.she wore a very high heel and walking with caution.later as she was leaving I decided to escort them and also bring my kids back.then I discovered I had two new beautiful dresses with me and I wore the two because the one untop was short it became a beautiful style the front had diamond studs design on it and I was walking gracefully.Then I got to the entrance of his cousin house and my husband was standing with his cousin.i saw my church person outside there I greeted him my mother in-law also greeted and wished him a happy birthday.the cousin blocked the gate so I decided to take another route but she also blocked the gate I became violently angry and started to insult her she said I don't have a husband I told her she is married but not living with her husband and she is also an ssce holder even though she lives in UK but she is an illiterate.she was shocked and suddenly re move my nice dresses and went to hide them.i tied a wrapper so I don't be naked and then I saw my church pastors come inside the house. I went inside the gate now and told my husband I will deal with his cousin.then I saw her I dragged her outside and stood on her head then I saw my evangelism partner and I told her to see one of the enemies in my husband family who has always envied me even though she was a friend before she turned a church pastor too was around and I told the cousin sternly that I am an ordained minister of God now and I will go to the mountain over her case if she doesn't return my beautuful clothes with her and I give her 7days or she would die.immediately her mum or so returned my clothes and even my daughter clothes and socks with water bottle.i didn't even know they had that before.then I told my husband it's time to go,my daughter was crying because of the whole drama and I carried her.the cousin was still on the floor
1. I see you on the match for God,for your church.

2. There would be some adjustment and/or some changes at your work place which might not really go down well with you or your lifestyle.

3. There is a strong man in your husband's father's house ( this isn't the time to mention name) and s/he's the force took your marital glory and held it captive which has plunged your marriage for almost a decade now. But to the glory of God I see that strong man within your husband's family defeated at last and your garment of marital glory recovered.

Congratulations !

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir

1.dreamt I was in a place then a building was under construction and very fast it was on the second floor too.i was incharge suddenly I became a famous person such that I could nolonger work on the street without people coming to me to hail me so I quickly ran from the environment.Then I got to a place with something in my hands and I gave an influential person and introduce my self as the sister to celebrity or so that thing then I gave him something that looks like a small staff that could turn around then he called the monitoring unit to go and check the gadget to be sure I was from the influential person I said. a house with our former neighbor like we were sharing the kitchen she segregated her things i told her I can't use any of her food stuff or her cooking items as I don't do such. later she relaxed .I cooked and gave my son drugs white in colour I gave him plenty.he is sick in real life then the drugs was okay I stopped.forgot what happened next.

3.on a road about to take a bike the bike man wanted to take a man with me I said no the other bike man too said he should not so the man who wanted to follow me to where I was going had to turn back I don't know the man but he stood right beside me like we are going out together.then the bike man carried only me and the bike turned into a car and I got to a place they sell hot bread I brought two and started to eat.the driver too got a drink and fish roll he said it was very nice so I decided to buy for my kids and take home. night with a customer care staff where I work I was monitoring their mails on the system and I asked if any one comes there at night.later I was writing my daily report and I later remember another task I had completed and I quickly added it to it.

5.left the house we were sharing with the neighbor as my kids and I left the big buildings in the area started to collapse and I was saying God please have mercy on nigeria and we quickly left the area. got to another environment and I met two friends who asked why I don't do Ghana weaving or braids I did not answer them.then they introduced me to the lady incharge of the book club were membership was 7k per year but the woman is paid in dollars she inherited the place.then I was excited but I asked again what kind of books and it was like Catholic stroke worldly romantic books I told her am not interested as I don't read such books.the lady then got out an alcoholic drink in small pack and the so called friends too were sipping with her I said no I don't do such and moved away from them saying I would use the money to get my kids stuffs when going back home. church with the Go and memberd the women were told to pray in groups I stood up telling them one by one other women joined me informing others in the church
Forgot the rest
1. I can see your detest for limelight but this is where God is taking you. Why trade it?
Daughter, when the time comes , don't trade it as it's the lord will lest another man/person shine with your glory.

2. You chose your son wellbeing above what to eat and the things that perishes. For this reason the lord shall show mercy and bring him out of his retrograded health.

3. You labored for it, you paid the price and suffered for it. And now that your blessing cometh no man shall the lord allowed have his way to share it with you except he whom the lord used to lead you there.

4. By divine wisdom and grace the lord will henceforth perfect your work at your work place and hold you by hand so that you may find peace therein and ease in your tasks.

5. Don't join in the group of those wayward or worldly women so that you and your children may continue to enjoy divine grace and protection in this falling and destructive,unsafe country.

6. You are a leader in that household of God as I see you doing so on behalf of the church voluntarily.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir a house I had my natural hair and some other church members too then my hair was th fullest.some one came and showed me a natural hair that fell but it was not mine.
Later the lady evangelist made a very nice hairstyle I woke up and she was in our house her husband too was around and my husband'i really like the natural hair style
I got up from yet bed and charged my phone.
They left and the scene changed someone was prophecing to the evangelist she doesn't take care of her husband only makes herself beautiful but denies her husband of her body she knelt down apologetic and said she would change.

2.the dream continued my mum was helping the prophesying team to record the message.later we were meant to go to the mountain with our kids but I know my husband won't allow so I was in church with my mum and my kids.then the G.o came and told me mum does she remembers the man who came to her over her kids a long time ago and told her somethings.she said yes.looks like the man told her I am the most glorious of her children and yet the last born.maybe something was done not clear but the GO started to speak in tongues over the mum had the names of all her children on a paper with the level of glory written.once the GO was done he brought out a big pure water and drank to half then he told me to keep the rest in some containers on the altar.i went to pour the water in those containers with white cloth design and I knotted the bow tie design.a former choir leader came that can he drink I said no .I filled the 3 containers one was bigger and two smaller ones.then the GO was abit weak after what he did and he sat down to rest and became okay again.
Immediately I got down from the altar I saw my bag and an iPad working and I told the church member Infront of it it's mine and I want to work.i took the bag opened it and found my old African earrings I had before made of plastic and wood but very beautiful.told them before I prefer African material for earring than gold and all because it made me different and unique.

3.dreamt I was with the G.o can't remember what we were doing but I felt a touch and suddenly something came of my body looks like an earthworm on the floor forgot the rest
1. Now that the lord has restored your glory and the peace of your marriage,home your holiness,righteousness and anointing would be of no use to God should you continue to deny your husband your body.

2. Indeed, your mother is the author of your lost glory, your life's battle,your marital problems and struggles. This is due to her ignorance,lack of discernment and inner blindnes----and you lost your glory to that.
But to the glory of God the lord has restored the glory your mother blindly and ignorant gave away.

I thank and bless the name of God for your life.

3. Congratulations !
Another encounter with the lord ; removal of evil arrow,affliction and deliverance indeed.

Thank you Jesus !

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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