John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls Help interprete
Good morning pastor pls help me interprete these dreams.

2.I dreamt of going to the house of my husbands mistress with a cane.When I got there I saw my husband the lady and her family and I started to shout for her to leave my husband alone I narrated everything to her family and that I am his legal wife and many people came to listen to me and the lady was ashamed.
My husband left her house and the lady went out in shame and people were discussing about the the lady still I left and went back home and saw my husband he was quiet after that incidence.

3.Dreamt of going with some people in a big bus and suddenly we got to a place like a new site with houses and grave yards too.We got down from the bus and some people were been flogged but I discovered something in form of a house but made in a shinning glass beside a grave and I took it then I saw my sister she told me its soo beautiful I told her that is the house I am going to build.
I left there and walked through a very lonely and dark environment that looks like there was storm n fire outbreak I came out of there and I was with my two kids in a better environment then we were waiting for their daddy
later I called him and he gave us the number to yhe house he stays number 52 and told some one to open the gate for us.We got into the compound and we were told his flat as we were moving towards the then

7.Dreamt of pumping water into a well then suddenly the water became filled up and I quickly switched it off and some kids came to help with containers to fetch then I saw 2 kegs with two men and i told them the kegs were mine with the water in it and they gave them back to me and I started fetching the water from the well with the kids helping me.

8. I was going on a journey with my sister and my mum was washing meat and wanted to give us to take along cos we were going to my sisters new place.We got to a house and I saw 2 men in a drunk like state and a lady was in their middle and suddenly they stood up and took her in to a room and her senses came back and she came out of the room then my aunty was saying we must nt receive any cash gift from them so we dont die.
The men wanted to give me the money in their hands but I told them to give their daughters instead.
One of the men was standing on the wall of the house and he was held there by something after I rejected the money then he started to scream he would kill me n I told him I serve God and he would bless my bread and water and take sickness away from me that he cant do anything to me.
Pls help me with the interpretation of this dreams
1. Every woman head/hair is a symbol of her "GLORY"
That is, each time you apply the wool attachment among other on your head your glory suffers.

2. Indeed, I see a strange woman around your hubby. But the power of--your fervent prayers has disgraced her and humbled,defeated your husband over the spirit of adultery.

3. You went through hell and all thanks to God and you for the prosperity of your marriage,your husband success,financial freedom et al.
I see a very strong woman, who will do anything, walk miles and through the thins and thorns to see her marriage,husband successful.
You are indeed a woman of virtue, power and honour both in spiritual and physical.

In essence, the success of your marriage, husband lies within you. Without you? He's nothing. He's who he is today because of you.

4. (such but)Natural hair it is daughter : you beauty come forth and your glory shall burst forth before mankind.

In essence, I see the hand of God upon your glory,mending and beautiful you/it.


5. These salon/worldly hairstyle has done more harm than good to your glory,beauty and your heaven than good.
Daughter, all that glitters is not Gold. Stop living under another woman's shadow. Stop copying the world lest you continue to harm your glory and your heaven.

6. Your grace,holiness,deliverance is so sufficient that even your neighbour are now benefiting from it now.
You are a living testimony indeed, the light of God and source of salvation to your environment/households.


7. This confirmed your no6 dream.
You are a source of salvation,grace,heaven, deliverance and presence of mercy to everyone in your environment.
Many will experience the presence,power of God and experience the taste salvation through your sufficient/over overwhelming grace.

Truly, you are a living testimony and fountain of grace to your environment,everyone around you and even those who associate with you will experience the power of grace,resurrection and salvation through you.


8. Even though the lord assured you that no weapon fashion against you shall prosper.
But be warned daughter, it's not a must you attend every family/friends parties, celebration, burial ceremony, gathering et al especially such without the approval of the holy spirit.

In essence, I see evil agenda over your soul,life disgraced and the evil doer destroyed.

Bible ref : psalm 91,23.

Bless u
Quote:2. Indeed, I see a strange woman around your hubby. But the power of--your fervent prayers has disgraced her and humbled,defeated your husband over the spirit of adultery.

Be rest assured that the lord will bring the above dream to pass. The lord has heard your cry for mercy.

Quote:We live like flat mates and my hope have faded away.
That day I had a revelation of growing through hell a black snake was killed by my 
husband around 11;50pm and he was told by the white garment church he attends that
the snake is a blessing

Snake a blessing? O jesus of nazerethiiiiiiiii

What kind of madness is this for crying out loud? Who are those people lying against the living God?

• Daughter, I think your deliverance lies within the interpretations above.

Look again. Did you know that applying these worldly hairs alone could have been the reason while you heaven has been blocked and the demons in the heaven's had for years been stopping your prayers from reaching the lord?

You should give me a call one of these days you need spiritual enlightenment and guidance such that will open your eyes to the mystery of spiritual realm beyond your spiritual understanding.

But I will leave you with this for now, do read it a-Z :

Above is your assignment for now as I will be following you henceforth.

Cheer up the lord is here to restore you. The lord is able here!

Bless u
3.I was in party n playing with a man then the man started snapping himself with his phone and suddenly it dawned on me he is not my husband.Before he stood to take pictures I thought he was my husband and he wanted to sleep with me.Then a man walked up to me and told me that is nt my husband then he pointed to my husband in the room and I left to go and join my husband and I told him what happened.When I got inside I saw a middle aged woman she said she came visiting from my husbands family and she was eating with her children.Then I wanted to talk to my husband but I told him we would talk in private the woman said I should talk now I said no that she is a visitor and I cant talk in her presence.I was telling my husband later that if he marries any lady the lady would die because God has a covenant with me.He said that is a lie that the lady wont die.

4.I dreamt we were goin out and we were to enter a train and I had to look for my husband and my kids saw them as the sound of the train became very close and i woke up when we were on the queue to board.

5.I dreamt I was in our church I sat down and our general overseer told me to move forward that where am sitting is far behind.So I stood up and he gave me to small glasses he had given those sitting in front.I got a space in front but I had to go back and get me things I left there.So I went and got small bag but I also saw some slippers 2 pieces where not my size one was like 2left legs the other one was not my perfect size but the 3rd one was new and my right size.Then I saw beautifully Ironed clothes too in the nylon I dint even know the one to wear.Then I noticed must member were wearing new clothes too so I branched the bathroom to bath and wear something new.In the bathroom I saw my mum and another woman my mum said she dint come with me that I deserted her and her begged her that where I sat the pastor asked me to leave there.So I started fetching water to bath and I saw some ladies in the bathroom too and I was telling them to serve God wholeheartedly and not be like an hypocrite then I woke up.
1. The lord consider your husband as one who's spiritually insane and foolish.
He's indeed been manipulated and caused to inflict himself in the name of seeking deliverance that doesn't exist nor tally with the holy God.

Quote:2.I was sitting on my bed just finished a vigil over the phone with my pastor then suddenly I saw my husband coming out from under my bed he was not wearing a top just trouser. Then I asked him why is he sleeping on the floor under my bed he said that he was told to be sleeping under my bed and also eat out of my food but he was going back to his room and he opened the door and left for his room.

Well,the embolded and/or your second dream has just confirmed the number.

Once again, the lord say, your hubby is spiritually : foolish, mad and insane. But daughter, this isn't ordinary as your husband is under captivity,he's been subjected to self affliction,infliction,spiritual,mental,emotional and psychology slavery,and in chain.

What an unfortunate case we have here.
He's become a slave, he's been brainwashed and subjected to an spiritual insane fellow.
Infact he's become zombie and reduced to unstable personality,spiritually---otherwise too? Hmmmm.

In essence, the lord say, I have heard your cry for mercy and have placed him/his god along with his fake/demonic prophet under your feet. For they shall be terrified by your God,they shall flee when they see you and submit to your God. At the end what does this translate into? Victory and testimony for indeed in no time the lord shall return him back to you,he will submit to the authority of the God you serve at last!

3. Surely, there is a strange woman assigned to separate,break this marriage apart--to destroy this marriage and take your husband away from you. But rejoice for the lord has heard your cry for mercy and has risen to crush and destroy the strange woman.

That is, the lord has taken up your battles over your marriage and this strange woman. You shall see, you shall hear and witness the hand and power of God over these case : your marriage and the evil/strange woman. If it's death is her judgement, infliction or disease? So be it! The lord has spoken. Just sit back and watch as things unfolds. But do not cease in your prayers.


4. You see? The lord say, I shall bring this family together again. You shall all find one another,embark on the train/journey of life together again, and the lost bones shall locate or found themselves.
What a great assurance from the lord.

Thank You Jesus!

5. Praise God!
For decades your grace has been confined aback and your deliverance has remained a mirage. But to God be the glory as I see your grace,deliverance propelled and catapulted into unprecedented greatness, altitude of heaven and power.

You've just been catapulted into the presence of God, for honour, grace, favour, power, anointing to speak for God, glory and to experience the full presence/power of God and deliverance unprecedented. For truly, today you've been renewed, washed, resurrected and redeemed to experience the power of deliverance, prayers, presence of God et al like you've never had ever before.

Praise God iii


Bless u
Maybe you need to read your interpretations again but patiently this time.


And get back to me if you still do not see or understand the message clearly.

Bless you.
Praise worship

Scripture Reading - 1 Samuel 17

Confessions - Isaiah 49:25-26

1. Every garment of bondage, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
2. O God arise and catapult me to a greater tomorrow, in the name of Jesus.
3. Thunder of God, arise, waste my enemies, in the name of Jesus.
4. Every tree planted in my life by the strongman, die, in the name of Jesus.
5. Strongman of poverty, assigned against me, die, in the name of Jesus.
6. Every power delaying my success, die, in the name of Jesus.
7. Every power hindering my progress, die, in the name of Jesus.
8. Every strongman frustrating my breakthroughs, die, in the name of Jesus.
9. Every strongman blocking my chances, die, in the name of Jesus.
10. Every strongman diverting my blessings, die, in the name of Jesus.
11. Every power destroying my business and blocking my opportunities, die, in the name of Jesus.
12. To every strongman in charge of my case, I invade your domain and put you under arrest, in the name of Jesus.


CONFESSIONS: Psalm 102:13: Thou shalt arise, and have mercy upon Zion: for the time to favor her, yea, the set time, is come.


1. O Lord, remember me for good and begin to manifest in my life by your name called wonderful in the name of Jesus.

2. All my divine helpers, wherever you are, appear, in the name of Jesus.

3. O Lord, connect me to my divine helpers, in the name of Jesus.

4. O Lord, let me find favor, compassion, and loving kindness with my helpers, in the name of Jesus.

5. Every activity of jealousy and envy fashioned against my life be disgraced and be dismantled by the blood of Jesus.

6. You God of miracles, arise in all Your might and command Your unstoppable miracles into my life, in the name of Jesus.

7. I command my money being caged by the enemy to be completely released by the blood of Jesus.

8. Every mark of hatred upon my life, be erased by the blood of Jesus.

9. Let the fire of the Holy Ghost, purge my life from any evil mark put upon me in the name of Jesus.

10. Every evil garment limiting my goodness, be roasted, in the name Jesus.

11. O Lord, generate my love and favor in the hearts of my divine helpers.

12. Lord Jesus, arise in all your power and destroy anything working against my favor, in the name of Jesus.

13. I break the backbone of spirits of conspiracy and treachery working against my life, work and family, in the name Jesus.

14. Every power of bewitchment working in my life and work, be destroyed by the blood of Jesus.

15. Every enemy of my testimonies, die, in the name of Jesus.

16. Any power that does not want me to raise up my head, die, in the name of Jesus.

Both can be done separately or same night.

This should be your daily routine until something begin to happen.

You will testify be rest assured.

For me prayer points you can visit :


Bless u
1. Yes! Everything about this dream is the future and it's NOW!
In essence,the lord say,i caused my spirit to make you drowsy that I may deposit in you my anointing for the manifestation of your prayers and greatness.

Therefore, I have established/instilled in you greatness that your glory may shine forth. For I have come and opened doors of overseas, wealth, glory,favour,honour and opportunities before.

That is, everything I have told you,you saw in that dream I will bring them to pass. I see you abroad,i see a wealthy woman,the bread winner,a living testimony and blessing to her extended and immediate family.

For you shall become a living stone. I have answered your prayers and unleashed your glory to shine forth.
Therefore, put your house in order as something big and uncommon greatness await you now. The future is here!

2. Amazingiiii
It's called " spiritual/physical cleansing".
The lord has visited your home/life wiped out,crushed every household powers, evil agents,agents of darkness, and established presence therein.
That your life,home,marriage may experience eternal,internal,external peace and prosperity.

Praise God !

Bless u
Happy Sunday Pastor
How are you and your family doing sir?

Pls help me with these dreams.

1I had the dream two days ago but remembered just a part of it

I dreamt that I was in a place among some people and A woman came and I started speaking french language and she smiled and said she is impressed and I was taken out of the people to another place.
I saw my husband rejected me and he wrote a name of my ex boyfriend then in the dream I was praying to God to give me a good husband then I had 4 options but one of them that I thought was good for me had a very bad temper and I saw my husband say I was his wife again
Then I saw some people standing and I joined them on a journey we were walking through a path that had bushes but the path way was clear A guy was leading with 2other ladies and I then we got to a higher place the guy held my hand and helped me to get up and we continued the journey

2. I dreamt of a woman she was saying something to a man but I couldnt hear clearly suddenly something was shot like an arrow or so then I woke up.(I cant really recall this dream much)
3.I dreamt of a lady given me a paper with the contact of an MD in kpmg nigeria that I should go and meet the person concerning the job I am looking for.

4.I dreamt and I heard the scream of my sister in law been beating in her apartment by a man but I dint go there I continued to walk then I got to a house and discovered a strange woman n her kids were staying there with ny husband and I was living there too.Then I started to fight her and gave a hell of a time after awhile my husband started beating me and was treating her right with her kids.
The last time he beat me in the dream I cursed him he ll never do well and he told me to leave his house(that is what has been happening in the physical for like 3 yrs now d only thing is dt d strange lady doesnt stay with us.
So I went out and immediately got an offer to stand in for absent brides and I was to be paid 20k per work daily.Went I left in the dream I heard d lady left too when my husbqnd couldnt provide for her needs.The people were not paying those that worked with them after the wedding so I dint go and work with them again
I was walking on a foreign road then I saw my mother in law in front of a building receiving call (she is in america now)she wanted to know where I was going I told her I was going for a walk then I saw some cartoon and dispenser plastic n wanted to assist her drop it down the road.As I went down the road to towards a mall I was directed to the shop to drop it suddenly I heard my name n I saw my university friend infront of her office
I went to her she is a air hostess with Arik and while in her office I was asking her to describe her job role to me n also told her I was looking fr a job then I saw a lady talking with passengers then I woke up.
1. He was never the wrong choice.
But be rest assured now that every past sins and wrong doings contending with your marriage shall henceforth be silenced. And your husband,marriage shall be won back to you.

2. Every evil woman,voice contending and declaring evil and firing discord into your marriage shall be dealt with and her evil arrow shall go back to her.

3. Your prayers has been considered and your cry for a job has been answered.

I see job breakthrough here for the lord is about to connect you.

4. The lord say, be still, leave your marriage battles to me do not fight anymore. I have come to bless,lift you high and separate you husband and the strange woman. I will inflict them with hunger and cause you to be ahead and become the bread winner so that your husband in shame turn a new leaf. I shall uplift,favour and bless you. For I see you connected to your helper soon and moving/travelling within and without nigeria(i see you abroad) at will, and financially upgraded/blessed beyond your expectations.

Higher you are going and you will become the bread winner so that your husband may know that you serve a faithful and living God indeed!


Bible ref : psalm 1, isaiah60

Bless u