John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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I Need God's Intervention
Whether what you wrote up there was a there or not?
I see a monitoring spirit, agent of witchcraft around you.
But, here is the way out,make sure you download and watch the videos :

You will be glad you do.
Mind you,i will be following you dreams, progress as you embark on these.

Bless u
Thanks Man of God.
Please I saw myself parked a car on a tarred street, I saw one small boy not far from where I parked. Later I saw one man came and requested to see the vehicle papers & entered the vehicle, I responded that I will show him, but searched for the papers diligently till I woke up without finding them.
• Pray you don't have issues with gov officials and/or authority.

• Be diligent on how you park, fix or do things.

• Don't break the law and be conscious of your actions.

• Pray and wage war against any power that want to frustrate your day, oppress you and fire back arrow of stagnation.

• You want to be careful and pray as you set to go out to day lest this dream come to pass today.

Ps 91,23,8 and 19.

Bless u
Greetings Sir,
1. ) I dozed off briefly and heard the voice of my father saying I'll give you tomorrow. (Meanwhile, I was meditating on how to obtain Power of Attorney to help manage my dad bank account upon discovering that the old man is being swindled by his wife).
2.) I saw my father's wife daughter, she initially refused to greet me and her son did likewise, I was wondering what was amiss that induced that attitude.
3.) I was told that she was the one, but I should not go now, that I should not meet the mother but the father.
1. Your decision and meditation is indeed highly needed now, and you will be greatly rewarded for it.

2. I see them keep malice with you.
Could it be as a result of you above action or decision to protect your father's wealth/properties?

3. Wisdom,diligence and patient must be apply in all you do.

Bless u
1. Immediately after prayers I saw a dark complexioned man walking both legs and hands on floor approaching me closely.
2. I saw a table with rice and beans cooked and appetising but appears that it has been partly eaten.
3. A woman in the neighbouring compound started singing a song after she saw me coming from work.
1. The lord had just exposed household,monitoring spirit. Therefore, you shall wage war against household agent, monitoring spirit, and also sanctify your house.

Ps 8,24,119. It's a night prayers.

2. It's called " temptation and infliction of night caterers". But to God be the glory you didn't fall for it as the attack was disgraced and aborted over your life.
Praise God!

3. You will be celebrated soon. Could it be for promotion, benefits, breakthrough or..?
All I see is you being celebrated.


Bless u
A friend held my hand and requested me to be Church administrator in his church. That he need helping hands in order to be able to assist manage funds and save for future projects.
Myself, I was wondering within me - whether if I accept, if I will not latter end up as a disappointment, especially as I am still struggling to start in life. This is based on previous experiences, in other churches where I was initially held in high esteem, only for them to be much disappointed and despise me when they discovered afterwards that I am not rich or do well in life (materially) nor have spiritual gifts to demonstrate - as they as they had previously assumed.
Please help me with insight on this.
..Such is life child of God but cheer up.

In essence 'The lord said, a friend or something you know might call to serve again but don't! until the lord approve of it,assured you of his backing and/or back you up with concrete and strong sign lest...

Bless you.
1. He saw that the tenant was surprised seeing me in court. Apparently, there was mischief. He vowed not to pack out. He keep coming with surprising receipt of payment of rent. (Actually, the case with the 2 tenants reached the magistrate).
2. The step mum brought another tenant into the boys quarter while battling to remove the first two evil two. The lawyer initially said that he will look for a strategy to remove him.
3. Boss was transferred from office for incurring wrath of many superiors, after a while, expected new person didn't report. People keep asking. I remembered that nobody is seeing the vacancy as serious manipulation.
4. He saw my cousin planning an attack or so on me, when I wondered, he asked me: don't you have a cousin?
5. There was a debate among my siblings whether to rent a new place for Dad and rent out his own house out so as to take him away from the multitude of enemies he is surrounded with