John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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I Need God's Intervention
You edited your dreams it was initially 7.

Paste the dreams I didn't replied for interpretation,do remember to rearrange them.

I don't want to be confused with another edited/ scattered dreams this time.

Bless u
He told me that he saw: (1. ) A Tennant burying juju in my father's compound that originated from Ohafia.
2. When I told my father that I will bring and show him whom I want to marry, he changed the topic of
discussion to something else. (Actually, my father used to pester me to marry before)
3.He saw that my father has something like an injury in his heart.
1. It's called " internal enemy ". Indeed, I see a strange one among your father's tenants waging spiritual war against him and his house.

2. There is a great disconnection,chaos between you and your father. Hence, he and/or the powers of your father's house might contend/frustrate marital life,manifestation.

3. I see your father inflicted(may be in the future or soon but it's there already) with disney or heart disease.

Bless u
Calvary greetings and Merry Christmas.
1). I dreamt this morning where I was instructed to go to an area/street named Udosen Nkanta or so (in reality, such street name is in another town) but in the dream, I was given precise description on how to locate the street in my town after, Utu Etim Ekpo street. It appears that the adventure was embarked upon by me and my younger sister. It appears that there were 4 wild and dangerous men in a jungle but we bypass them and went and kill their leader and came back and were amazed about the killing.
2). When my father was told that my elder sister and later on my younger sister has relocated to USA, he exclaimed, and was making some statements.
3). I spotted some of my colleagues changing their countenance whenever they see me. This includes some members of the office fellowship. I was wondering at the meaning of such.
4.) My friend says he saw something like a shaking in my office.
5.) She saw my father's wife (whose marriage to my father was arranged in the spiritual realm) being disgraced.
1. Congratulations,as the strong man of your father's house troubling,plaguing,affliction you & your sister maritally,financially,career wise et al for decades has finally confronted,caught defeated-through the power of your prayers,spiritual warware.
You are both now FREE!
Congrats again.

2. Whatever you all want to do always endeavor to carry your father along,and above all,put God first & his seek the face you do or inform anybody about it even your father.

3. I see envy,jealousy & backstabbers. As I see so much envy,jealousies around about you among people you call your friends,colleagues et al. Be careful among them, watch your back &trust nobody lest you are caught unaware.

4. They want you down,they would do anything to attack you spiritually,physically at your work place as you are surrounded by enemies who claim to be your friends,colleagues.. watch your back,pray without season & trust nobody at your work place.
Always pray,watch your back,trust nobody at you step into your office. Watch what you eat,sit on,drink..,& lastly,pray for your work place lest there be a shaking/storm therein soon.

5. I see the lord's judgment upon the wicked one. For the lord shall repay for all her hiding evil deeds & expose her.

Bless u
1.I saw someone by the outside passing by but observing me in my bedroom and talking with the impression that he is busy complaing about a child in the next compound.
2. My friend said that he saw a slim chocolate man doublecrossing me by keeping something by the wall of my newly rented house to cause me to walk in crutches on my left leg. Pains on my left leg after waking up. (In reality, the description of the man appears like my colleague in office who help me secure the new accommodation close to his community)
3. Seen me supplying all the schools in my state something.
4. He saw my Inlaw helping me.
5.Was telling me the advantages of Accounting certification.
6. Saw curses on the bed where my 2nd student nephew use to sleep in the family house.
Your 1 and 2 dream fall into one :

I see a monitoring spirit,person in that environment, house and at your work place lurking around to waylay and set a evil trap for you.

This is more than real, as you are being monitored.
You shall embark on 2days fasting and prayer vigil :

Ps 119,42,23,27,24 and 8.

• O God arise and expose,disgrace,destroy every monitoring spirit,person spying on me to waylay and destroy me by fire.

• O evil eyes monitoring me from my place to work to my living place in the name of Jesus, be expose,dispose,dislodge and die.

• My Father X 3 how long shall you allow the evil doers,my enemies, those plotting to waylay & destroy them? Arise in your anger & consume them by fire now!

3. I see a new door of business opportunity before you.

4. Help will come for you,and you won't lack one when you seek help.
In essence, you will find favour before you in-law(s).

5. Cast it all out by the blood,name of jesus!

Bless u
Greetings Man of God.
1.) He saw my father's Tennant concocting mischief. Also, a baby was seen buried where the tenant lives. That my father's wife and tenant are together. A charm from Ohafia was seen on the building foundation. The second tenant was pressurising my father's wife to pester dad to accept rent (in reality, I gave a court quit notice to the 2 tenants in that compound that my father's wife brought).
2.) He saw an issue concerning me and my colleague staying in the same community between now and March. (in reality I don't feel like picking this person any longer with my car).
3.) A colleague knocked on my burglary proof, called my name and checked the padlock, but I ignored him from inside.
3.) He was praying against any plan for my demotion in office.
4.) I use to see my dad chasing away birds that perched on the TV pole and I was wondering why he is bothering himself about birds
And who is this " He" that you referred to three times in your mentions? Anyway :

1. Yes, away, dispose those two as they are both fetish,and if possible will anything to hijack your father's properties.

2. If your spirit don't feel like then heed to it warnings,but make sure this isn't born out of hatred.

3. S/He's not to be trusted.
Watch your back.

4. Do,and continue to as the lord himself is given you this order.

5. He's spiritually conscious than you thought.

Bless u
Thank you pastor for your ministrations and affection. The Lord most high will reward you for your love and compassion.
1.) A particular bird was fond of perching on a tree at a particular location & has been making distinct noise of evil birds at night for some period of time before going and I found myself wondering at a later moment, is it not for my sake that it has been coming for and how I am sure, is this not my so called friend that knows me well in the locality that is actually behind this mystery?