John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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I Need God's Intervention
1. Those are people/soul in captivity. Thank God for your life you were not found among them..those in captivity.

2. The "She",as you put it, in question may never give you peace of mind as a partner or..

3. What an unserious man, tenant you have.

4. You need to take this to God, wage war against contract termination or disappointment in your career life. Ps 19,119,65,8,24 an 42.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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1.) I saw a white keep in a stationary mode.
2.) I saw a dog.
3.) I saw a young man that appears to to wear the roller shoes on the road.
4.) I am on fasting. A young man call my line and I refused to answer because I know his is evil. He was the one that you gave me 3 days prayers on the case of robbing of virtue. He called over 7 times in the morning hours. Later on, I saw another call from another line which I felt is one of them, I equally ignored it as well. In the afternoon, yet a different no called, I still feel it has to do with this Wizard, I ignored too. On Saturday, one person called that his phone that he bought was faulty. I told him I will give him the seller's contact for him to contact the seller directly.
1. Power to see vision, dream prophetically.

2. It's called " spiritual wolf ". The lord saw it approaching hence called you to wage war against it now.

3. Again, your spiritual eyes and understanding has been unleashed.

4. You've learnt a great lesson from your mistakes and the experience you had with the virtue robber hence you trust nobody no more. Yes, keep it up, be wise and trust nobody and always be on alert so that you won't fall victim to what happened to you in the past,again.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

[Image: 728x90.gif]
1.) I saw a pot with red stew being dropped into the sea by a concrete platform/Jetty.
2.) I saw a very long red lift being used to ferry people from one part of Abak town to a far distance away to another location for onward movement.
3.) The lady handed 3 phones to me - requesting me to help her repair. She said that the red Phone among them belongs to a male collegue. I immediately returned the red phone back to her. The previous day, a friend mentioned the existence of a colleague who feels because I don't go about lamenting; that I must have been making much money from my business, and out of envy arranged a sarbourteur to spoil my busines. I was trying to imagine whether the owner of the red phone has anything to do with the sarbourteur. Also, I was reflecting whether the lady the brought the phone for him was innocent or is a hidden enemy too.
4.) A friend told me on phone that she lacks a wardrobe in her newly rented apartment. I promised to give her my unused one. She was so happy when she meet me for first time and received the gift. She later shared more personal information about herself with me on phone chat latter. I was checking to see how different her character is from her sister who is my colleague.
1. Wage war against altar of marine, sacrifice against your life and soul. Yes! I see your name taken to the altar of marine prince for sacrifice.

2. Again, you shall cry out against powers, personally traveling miles and convening one thing and the other to destroy you.

3. You are right as your consciousness and spiritual alertness has saved you from evil plotted/designed to attack and incapacitate you.
Hmmm.. you are surrounding by the enemies, people who want to see you fall and destroy at all cost.
And yes, you are right and the lady in question might not even be aware of that she was being used for evil. But above all, the lord averted and saved you. But watch your back, always be on alert and pray without season because your enemies never sleeps.

4. The lord said, the power to,continuous be in victory and expose every work of darkness uncover evil plot and evil attack fashioned against you is to open your hand and be a source of blessing to people especially whom you find a bit committed and honest with you.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

[Image: 728x90.gif]
1.) I saw a pot with substance inside.
2.) The new friend who is a cook, and fat, likes using the term: I celebrate you. I was like, how compatible can this one be with me?
3.) I saw a drum with red oil, then three spill on the ground.
4.) A drum with a pump bringing water through pipe into the drum. Looks like my backyard.
5.) A tooth cracked when I chewed bone. Next day, phone screen was damaged. After then freezer lost gas. I was wondering whether it has spiritual undertones in order to affect the money I kept in bank for settling down.
6.) I saw something like Ag. Director in my department.
1. You must wage war, cry out against every and evil sacrifice targeted at you as every cross road.

Ps 119,65,8.

2. Do not judge a book by it cover but apply wisdom before you choose.

3. I see that evil sacrifice, table of the enemy,evil pot against you scattered.

4. I see redemption, restoration and power of life and hope visit that household. Therefore,there shall be peace,hope and life therein again.

5. Yes, it does. Your heaven was incapacitated, attacked hence the attack or physical manifestation. Pray for the restoration, recovery of your broken heaven now. Ps 19,51,8,24, 42.

6. Something new is here, at your work place.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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1.) While at office I saw a very long library metal book shelf from two dimensions.
2.) My Cousin from Abuja ask for my bank account but didn't refund as pledged. A friend was trying to tell me whether he is not seeing him inside the private university that we assume he is working. He looks too casual and always claims he is on the road and busy.
3.) A friend was cold in responding to chat this morning after I posted: God bless you in response to her greetings. She only said thanks to my advice with silence. Maybe her expectations was high. Change in attitude so dramatic & unusual. Before now she said she was told at fellowship that her husband will be from a stronghold family and she should not look for an already made man. It was as if she consulted spiritually to check whether she has seen her man.
4.) I was informed about a particular flower vase in office that has spiritual connotations. I couldn't really fathom the exact room where it was kept.
5.) Repeated mentioned was made about an officer around me, who is secretly nursing the ambition of sleeping with his female boss. The description of the person appears like that of the former chaplain in my office. I pointed out that he is a pastor and attends DLBC. It appears my surprise increased when more descriptions about where he is from, appears to confirm that he is the culprit.
1. The lord wants to show you something. You will encounter something new, unusual, soon.

2. He lives another person's life,a weak life, full of deceits,manipulations,and untrustworthy. What a cousin you have.

3. Don't judge her as she's lost, confuse and doesn't know are right from the left at this point in her life yet.

4. I see a demonic, satanic exhibition,exercise within your work environment. But the lord warned, don't partake lest you ignorantly enter into satanic covenant.

5. Don't get carried away nor be what you see as many are wolfs and agent of satan amidst (some so) gentle man,and especially within the household of God.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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1.) It was like a discussion going on inside a friend's church. A big bottle of olive oil was brought to me.
2.) A friend says that she dreamt seeing someone laying hands on her, once she opened her eyes, she realised that it was me. That I laid hands on 3 ladies in that dream.
Please is that dream true or make-up story to fetch my attention?
3.) When I called the madam on two occasions, concerning our conversation, to tell her I have changed my mind, she didn't pick. I moved on. After a long while, she called me one day. She claimed not to have noticed my call. Also, she stated that she couldn't get the phone no of the person she was looking for. This appears as if she was not straight-forward with me.
4.) A colleague informed me that boss wants to see me. When I met Boss, he said that he was rather looking for Dan. Latter the colleague came and said, he was surprised that he said he wanted me because he earlier said that till he leaves there, I will never touch his laptop again. After, another colleague, came & ask me what's the reason for boss offense against me. I said I don't know. She said I should go and beg him. I told her that he had been his attitude against me that ever since he came. She said ok.
5.) In your last reply, when you cautioned me against partaking in a satanic exhibition/exercise at my place of work: please was this revelation referred to the office fellowship?
I observed that member hardly said Amen after prayers unlike the practice in other offices.