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I Need God's Intervention
1. I don't usually have dreams. Prayed about it, someone says it's abnormal for a Christian, others says it doesn't matter.
2. My elder sister is sick. We've prayed. Someone says it's brideprice issue, but I feel it's my step mum that may be behind it.
3. I am 39, but still financially embarrassed and not married. My state refused to pay my one year salary.
4. There has been revelation about secret family idols somewhere, but I don't know where it is hidden.
5. Both my father and mother family members are poor, failed, premature death, miserable, unexplained disappearance. I have prayed all prayers, visited MFM, etc., but still have challenges.
6. My wicked boss (so called Reverend) at office frustrates, insults & reduce us graduates to cleaners and messengers, summuns us back from home at close of work, but junior staff don't do anything, even when they don't come to work. Pls interceed for God to save us and disgrace/uproot this agent of satan.
7. Someone had severally shared a revelation about a lady with me and even went to the extent to informing my Pastor about this: a vision of lady that is the will of God for my life. She didn't want to disclose her name but ask me to pray for God to show me. I latter discovered the lady's name as Deborah. Although physically, I have not met her before. I sincerely want to know whether she is truly God's will for me. All my previous marriage attempts failed. I need help here. I have been warned severally, that my step mum vowed that I will never marry.
Oliveyard,Welcome to DreamsTorchlightMinistries, the family

It's not normal.
From what I am seeing here you need spiritual guidance,especially thorough and serious deliverance.

But how can you even overcome this battles when you have no idea of it source?

Therefore, I shall give you 3days to pray.

Set your alarm to 2am.
Read : psalm 119,24,8,19 and Joel 2:28.

• Let God arise and take me to the root of my affliction.

• O God that sees everything, knows everything arise in your power, mercy and unravel these mysteries surrounding my life and family.

• Fire of the living God light up my path & take me to the journey of my life.

• Merciful God arise in your mercy and send your angel to take me the foundation of my inherited affliction and the strong man behind them..

Will be following you..

Bless u
Thanks Pastor,
Please be aware that I had concluded the 3 nights spiritual exercise as directed. I kindly await your kind response.
Prayers, fasting without any sign of--revelation or dreams is inconclusive.

Bless u
I can't say whether it was a dream or I was conscious. I was on a straight tarred road. There was a branch off the main road that appears leading to school - because I saw two of my former colleagues, teachers (in reality both has been transferred from the school where we use to be together to my another town & before then, I had had another job and left teaching). Both wore bight new gowns as they were walking together to work in the dream. As I was moving ahead on the main road, I just turned and saw them. That's what I can recall.
• I shall cause and make your path to be smooth.
• You shall overtake those who have left you behind.
• Your life shall henceforth move forward.
• You shall experience unprecedented breakthrough soon.
• Forward ever..backward never as I see you walk out of retrogression,stagnancy,failure,setback..


Note : Always number your dream if it's more than one.

Bless u
Many thanks . I appreciate
A sister in Christ just called to share these dreams:
1. > About someone came to inform her in her house that I am dead. Her husband went to my compound and met my landlady - who complained that I am just living quietly in the compound. That I'll just go out to work and return without mingling with anybody, that had it been I mingle with them, she would have hinted to me that there is a charm in the compound that I am living and that the unfortunate development would have been averted. She wept in the dream and woke up (in reality, there is a church in the compound, operated by my neighbour. I am already aware that he had buried charm in the compound and sometimes, I do by chance observe him doing incantation especially before church service and Saturdays in the evening or midnight. However God has been giving me victory against their operations. This pastor family gave me oranges sometimes ago, I collected but later discarded it secretly. Later, I heard him preach that from his church. Also, recently, another neighbour in the compound lost his new born baby last Saturday. He said the baby was pre-born. Actually, they hid the baby's birth from my knowledge until 2 days ago. The mother must have informed this pastor about her labour challenges, because I remember I overheard the church praying for women in labour not long after she disappeared from the compound. Also, I have been looking for a house, since my rent has expired. All the ones I found had issues)

2. > She also dreamed where I was brought fainted to her house. She prayed for me and I gradually revived. I was asked, what is the problem, I replied no problem.  

Pastor please help me out. Thanks and God bless you.
Indeed, I see arrow of death neutralised and failed over your life as confirmed in your second dream..that truly your soul shall become weary and drown but shall/have rise again.

Who's behind this? Of course within the compound, the demonic/native doc who claim to be a pastor/prophet.

Why you? People you,your prayers has become a threat. But fear not you have overcome.

But it's time to leave that house/environment as soon as possible.

If you have to squat with somebody do so until you find the right place.

May the lord help you as you embark on this change.

Bless u
Pastor, I will herewith acknowledge that this website/ministry is among the most profound online resources in this generation. Thanks to your dedication and the good thing God is using you to do. May God sustain and supply you abundantly through Christ.
• Someone shared this dream where she saw me with a sister ( a chorister in another parish) - holding hands and praying.
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