John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Please,help interprete this dream sir.

Bless u
Ok sir.
Good morning and a glorious Sunday to you sir!

Had this dream where I saw my younger brother apply for a job (in reality he is currently working) but was rejected.
Then sensed he was supposed to get the job,but some forces prevented him to.

Thank you very much sir!
Good afternoon sir,please help for this is getting too much.
Slept this afternoon and had this dream.

Saw myself with my paternal grandmother who is late and a few family members, she was sitting in her usual position, with a phone in her hand.
One of my female cousins was about to go out,when my grandmother told her to buy something for her when she is coming back,that it's been a while she did.
My cousin bought garden eggs for her,the others with us took,I did too and on taking a bite,it tasted a bit bitter.
There was only one remaining, my dad's cousin came and wanted to take it,he then asked a paternal cousin who was standing away from us with a sad look on his face to come and take.
(The thing is this my paternal cousin dead,saw him not as he did but a small boy)

Thank you sir!
Quote:Good morning and a glorious Sunday to you sir!

Had this dream where I saw my younger brother apply for a job (in reality he is currently working) but was rejected.
Then sensed he was supposed to get the job,but some forces prevented him to

Your brother may not be able to secure a job even if he's the most qualified for such job because the powers of his father's house,evil forces are all out to frustrate his destiny and breakthrough.

Your brother need deliverance, he need to crush these demons frustrating his breakthrough and blessing lest? Failure, frustration and disappointment after another continue to be his lot.

2. The word " bitter " means : sorrow, affliction, infliction".

Daughter, it's time to wage war against powers of your father's/mother's inflicting your blessing,life and manipulating your joy with sorrow/bitterness ".

2days fasting and prayers :

Psalm 119,19,8,27,exodus 15:23-25-- into a bottle water for 3days duration after which u will drink and bath.

• Powers of my father's,mother's house infliction my life with sorrow,killing my life,destiny slowly I part way with you today,release me and die.

• Every gathering of sorrow, death,affliction and arrow of frustration contending with my life, catch fire by fire.

• I hereby, from this day onward refuse to be a partaker of inherited sorrow, shame,death,failure,sorrowful blessing in the name of jesus.

• I turn every inherited sorrow, marah water,affliction of death in my life into testimony,& I set their their source of powers on fire in the name of jesus--scatter by fire nowiiii

Will be following you up!

Bless u
May God's grace continue to avail much for you sir,thank you very much.

Please need more clarification on the prayers :

1. What time is the fasting?

2. The prayers can be said anytime or specifically midnight?

3. After the prayers in the bottled water,I just need to add some into my bathing water right?

God bless you sir!
1. Break at 6pm.

2. Set your alarm to 2am.

3. Yes.

Bless u
Thank you sir.
Good morning sir,wishing you a gracious new week.

After completing the first prayer you gave me,had this dream:

1. I was with my sister,can't remember what we were chatting about,when her husband came back (can't recall if it was from work or church), so went to him and told him I want to discuss something with him,he asked me to give him a few minutes to change.

2. Saw a particular part of a house in my family compound in this dream,it was dark and quiet. (It belongs to the other related family,but of different surname)
My mum's elder sister came for a visit,so my maternal cousin (her daughter) rang her brother's number,to enable their mum speak with him. (in reality,he has tried reaching her on phone)
My cousin also gave her the money,the brother asked to give to her.
Jokingly told my cousin that we should leave both sisters,cos it is certain they will discuss the issues in their paternal home.

3. Was with my maternal cousin and sister's friend watching a movie, it turns out a man beat his wife up again (the man and his family lived on the same street,in our former first place of residence).
Said to my sister's friend and cousin that the man's mental health needs to be checked,and that if care isn't taken he would kill the woman cos a flash of the man's face that came to me,showed him not knowing why he hits his wife.
We went back to our movie,got to a scene where the lead actress (Oge Okoye) 's father was killed,so she raised her hand to swear vengeance against those who did it,then her hand wriggled.
Don't know why but said to myself,it seems a snake scene is in this movie,so not watching again.

Then the dream changed to :

4. Seeing myself in the movie,was walking on a path with small bushes on the side,saw my maternal cousin and she seemed to be walking towards me,though we were a bit away from each other.
Saw a costumed lion though it was moving,sensed it was worn by the actress to seek vegeance,it lay in wait with a bundle of firewood beside it,when I saw a snake there too,hidden in the small bush.
Made to shout a warning to my cousin to be careful,when something made me look downwards to where I was and saw another one,almost close to me.
I couldn't meet up with my cousin cos all of a sudden, sensed danger around,I started calling on the Blood of Jesus,didn't know if I was saying it out.Then felt lifted through the air,pass a tree that had another snake,through a clogged gutter,kept pleading the Blood of Jesus,till I saw myself at a small wall,separating the gutter from the backyard.
There I saw a young man with his hand on a small boy,praying for him and speaking into his life.
I went over as the young man brought out a prayer card,on it was written prayers for the boy.
Seems the boy has a call to serve God.

Thank you sir!
Please sir,had this one this early morning.

I was waiting for my sister and maternal cousin, they want to escort me to the market for some clothes,when my paternal cousin came to where I was,touching the clothes I was putting on and saying look at what I was wearing,that I don't even know how to dress.
I told her it's none of her business and I didn't even bother telling her,I intend going to the market for clothes.She took it to a level of insults,I ignored her for a time then told her if she doesn't desist,I will give her a slap and teach her a lesson.
As we were there,her younger sister entered into a white jeep and was about to drive off,when I saw my sister and maternal cousin almost to the spot I was.
Then looked to the vehicle and saw my Aunty (my paternal cousins' mum),beckoning on my sister,was surprised cos I didn't know she was in the vehicle. My sister felt reluctant to go answer but changed her mind, we got into the jeep and discovered there was a separate space in the car, where she was sitting on a black chair with brown boxlike stand and has been watching my sister since.

She asked my sister how she was doing and her baby,she (my sister) told her fine.
She collected my phone,took it apart and was searching for something,what I don't know cos she was still at when her youngest daughter came into the car too.
My sister asked her (youngest daughter) about her academics,she told her she was awaiting a result, without it she can't move to a higher institution.
This was surprising to me cos in reality,she is already in the University.

2. My dad,wants us to forcefully accept another woman he married.

Thank you sir!