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Please,help interprete this dream sir.
God bless you sir,may His grace continue to abound in your life in Jesus name...Amen

I give God the glory for the forum,it is a huge blessing to us.
Good evening sir,this should have been posted earlier but I assumed it might not mean much.
Reading your words to a member that dreams shouldn't be discarded,even when we don't think much of them cos danger might lie therein, changed my mind.

I had this dream after I talked to God in the early hours of the morning, concerning the money I borrowed my cousin and his reluctance in paying it.
Goes thus:

I walked into a place that seemed like a shop,saw my paternal cousin sitting on a chair with his arms folded and had a leg crossed over the other.As I stepped in,wondered why he couldn't make a success of the business that was established for him.
There was a shelf with some goods on one side,then plenty old books on the other.
Infront of him was a table,quite a number of old shoes was on it.

Thank you very much sir!
The lord doubts if your cousin will ever be able to refund the money he borrowed completely or at all from you.

As I see a failed business,and one who despise the power of hardwork. Yes, the lord called him : Lazy. Hence the lord refer me/you to the book of :

◄ Proverbs 24:33 ►
A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest
and poverty will come on you like a thief and scarcity like an armed man.

It will take the grace of God to have your money refunded.

Bless you.
Thank you very much sir.
Good morning sir,wishing you a blessed day.
My dream goes thus:

1. Saw myself in a backyard in my village,a female cousin was moulding and pounding cassava in a mortar,her mum sitting beside her,they were chatting.

2. In our current place or residence, was watching tv with my maternal cousin,when an advert was run about a soap opera that was coming to an end, when the head of a snake appeared on the screen twice.It was flicking it tongue.

3.Saw myself with some of my family members in our first former place of residence,went to my youngest brother to ask him for the money he was owing me,he asked me to bear with him for some time,that he will give me.
Told him in anger and with tears in my eyes,that I am tired of sacrificing, that I need the money to pay for an examination,of which the time to register for it is almost elapsing.
As I left the sitting room and went outside,looked towards the stairs of the first floor, saw my paternal cousin who is owing me (dreamt about him days ago), shirtless and carrying a white travel bag.
When he came downstairs,he was without the bag,so I met him outside and asked him how many days it is now that he has refused to pay my money,he smiled mockingly and said he is still counting.
I told him that the Holy Spirit will fight him and in anger,pointed a finger upwards and slapped my palm on the ground and declared,that heaven and earth will judge him.
I looked upwards to the second floor of the building,saw his parents (my dad's older brother and his wife). Turns out they've been watching all these while,but didn't do or say anything.

4. Saw a friend visited someone who gave birth,I was there too,as she was about to leave she gave the woman money for her baby and also gave me too. I was surprised cos I wasn't expecting.

5. Saw someone I know (in reality,he is being held for a drug related offence), he was shirtless and in the driver's seat of a car,he had some bruises. Someone was in the car and talking with him,but I couldn't see the person.

Thank you very much sir!
1. That family might experience setback soon.

2. Most of these soap operas are demonic and inspired by marine/serpentine powers hence bring about spiritual and physical retrogression into the lives of their viewers. You want to watch your back and do away with every addiction with these soap operas on TV.

3. The lord warned you few days ago that it would be difficult to retrieve back your money.
I can see anger in your spirit and thought towards the said cousin. But be still already and let it go as your spiritual anger(prayer) will fight for you--judge him.

4. Your lost shall be replenished -- talking about the money your cousin is owing you.
The lord shall replenish that/your lost. Just let it go as I see a blessing and unexpected favour before you.

5. That wasn't a dream but the reality of how much he's been tormented and/or suffering.

Bless u
Thank you very much and God bless you sir.
Good afternoon sir,wishing you a blessed weekend.

Please sir,had this dream during my afternoon sleep,woke up and prayed about it but it still leaves me worried.

Saw myself at a place in our former first place of residence,was with a few people when a former neighbour said she wants to go and make vegetable soup, she took one piece of meat from the one she wants to cook with and was eating,then she brought out a part from the one in her mouth and gave me to eat,of which I ate before I realized what was happening.
Don't know if I spit it out cos that was when I woke,and started praying.

Thank you sir!
Meat : witchcraft attack, initiation.

Former place of residence : retrogression.

Psalm 119,24,27,4 and 8.
Set your alarm :

• Evil arrow fired into my life & assigned to frustrate my progression,prosperity, catch fire and go back to your sender.

• Witchcraft initiation,affliction of failure and attack I am not your candidate go back to your senders.

• O God arise by fire and visit the messenger,attacker and their source of power with fire.

• I vomit every witchcraft deposit, infliction,property, initiation and retrogression deposited into me, I shake u off, come out by fire now!

Bless u
Thank you very much sir.
Please how many days will the prayer be for?