John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Please,help interprete this dream sir.
I was in our room with my mum and two of my cousins(one is paternal and the other maternal),when my mum decided to place a call to my Aunty.I wasn't okay with it.
The call wasn't picked,so I gave a try,it also wasn't but I got connected to seeing what was happening at my Aunty's end.

She was sitting in her shop and was in tears,there was an Hausa man who was there to help her run an errand,he was asking her what she wanted done but she lashed at him in anger and told him he can as well go and die.

Two of her sons came and asked why she was in tears but she wouldn't answer,even when they insisted,then all of a sudden she slumped.

I told my paternal cousin who is her daughter,to call home and find out what is happening.
She was informed that a carton of goods,dislodged and fell on her.

That was where it ended.
Ebube,Welcome to the family,ministries in jesus name

..But why is everybody,including yourself often avoid and distance yourselves from her?

What's it about her that no family member want to associate with her?

In essence, I see, destruction or judgment befall this woman. Yes, her life/business is about to (or being) frustrated.

You will witness this.

Bless u
Thank you very much sir!

Was shocked when I read your reply,because it really struck home.

Do you need me to answer the questions sir?

More grace upon you sir!
Not at all daughter/son.
It's the way the lord interpreted the dream..with a question mark,ofcourse.

Bless u
Good afternoon Pastor,wishing you a gracious new week.

Please sir,I had this dream last night and would be very grateful for an interpretation.

My younger sister came to me for financial help,told her I can't do a transfer but have it in cash to give to her.
The scene changed to the secondary school I attended,where a fight was going on between two guys and she went to separate them,I was standing on the outside but could see what was happening.
In the midst of trying to separte the fight,she lost the money I gave to her.
She felt so bad cos she needed it for something important,I told her we would go search for it the next day but she felt all hope is gone that we can't find it.
When we got there the next day,the scene was a small bush.
I prayed and asked to be guided to where the money is and it was found.

Then the dream changed to seeing myself in a bus with some other people,we were singing and praising and prayed too.
We were surrounded by thick green forest but the bus made it's way through a well cleared path,drove for a long time till we finally got to the end,where we saw a house.
As we got there,felt it was where the mission we are on is to start.I looked up and saw something like two stockfish heads,tied and hanging on a thin rope at the entrance of the house.

That was when I woke up.
Hmmm.. What a mysterious world.

Truly, the deliverance of your sister lies in your hand.
In essence, I see the power of spiritual robber and retrogression robbing and inflicting your sister hence helping financially and guiding her without spiritual guidance and help? Your effort and investment in her life would yield nothing but failure and wastage.

She needs your spiritual support(too) and guidance before she can be free this affliction of failure and spiritual robbery plaguing her prosperity and frustrating her effort.

Bless u
I greatly appreciate sir,may the Lord continue to light a lamp unto your path in Jesus mighty name...Amen

Please sir,I need you to guide me on how to go about the spiritual support and guidance for her.
Also interpretation for the second dream,cos I feel that one pertains to me specifically.

God bless you sir!
Your dream was considered one because you didn't numbered them like I often warn.

And yes, it's all been interpreted.

As for your sister :

Everything you've learnt and learning under this ministry should be apply or serve as a guide to her spiritual growth and development.

• Encounter to pray at night often.
Visit prayer points" thread and Spiritual click " there is a video for spiritual growth and living a victorious life.

• She must surrender her to jesus if she's not yet.
• You can also encourage to visit the ministries forum as well.

• She should embrace fasting and prayer lifestyle, read her bible often and lead a holy life.

Bless u
I am very sorry for the mistake,it won't happen again.

Thank you very much Pastor,may you always be blessed in Jesus name...Amen
Good afternoon sir,I hope you are doing fine and day going well.

Please sir,I would be grateful for an interpretation to this dream I had,in the early hours of this morning.

1. I saw myself in my village,went to buy something with the intention of hurrying,so that I can follow a few of my family members who were in my cousin's shop (it's near to the house) back to our compound.In reality the way that leads to the house from the shop tends to be quite dark and a bit frightful for one.
On my way back,I was alone and the whole place was dark,with only a few houses lighted.When I got to the entrance of the way that would lead me home,noticed that my family members already left the shop for home and didn't wait for me.
I was afraid to take the way as it was all dark and I had no torchlight with me,was contemplating going back to the main road,to take the other way when I suddenly started reciting Psalm 27 vs 1 and Psalm 23 and it gave me courage to take the way.
As I was about to,something made me look up and I saw a very thin rope,tear into two.

2. I was holding my phone when a message from a woman (who gives me prayers in reality)came in,not too sure but I think I sent her a message to explain why I have been off Whatsapp.
So she replied:
'no problem'
'terrible judgement is coming.'

3. Saw this actress Oge Okoye,she wasn't too decently dressed (later turned out she had a jacket that would make her well covered,which she wore on her way out),she was scolding a boy who seemed to be her son in the dream,telling him to emulate his father in being a lover of Jesus Christ.

4. Saw my maternal cousin mopping a tiled verandah (in reality,the old tiles has been replaced for new ones),she wasn't cleaning it very well and I felt another of my cousin(paternal) would have done a good job.

Sorry sir that it is a long one,felt to add 3 and 4,incase they mean something.
Thank you very much sir!